The Starry Processional

Starry Processional

The Starry Processional features the Point Shift, where at each half-revolution inner points and outer points trade places.

The Lotus Dance

Lotus Dance

The Lotus Dance has the inner circle maintain the purity of the Lotus Heart, while the outer circle expands the Love outward to the world.

The Sacred Spiral Dance

Sacred Spiral Dance

The Sacred Spiral Dance features the Circle of the One Heart, where after spiraling out each pair enters a large outer circle, which continues circling after everyone has entered it.

The Pulsating Star Dance

Pulsating Star Dance

The Pulsating Star Dance originated as the center part of the One Earth / One Being Dance from the 6th Gate Activation, but soon became its own unique dance.

The One Eye Dance

One Eye Dance

The One Eye Dance involves each group in the center doing the All Seeing Eye together. Note the number of people in each line does not have to be the same, which is nice since that allows a different group of people to meet in the center each time.

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