Selena's 3rd Gate Gallery

On August 17, 1997 around 60 people Activated Part II of the 3rd Gate of the 11:11 Doorway. Its keynote is "Insertion Point of the Greater Reality into the Present Moment" with that of 3rd Gate as a whole being "Expanding into One Being". The Master Cylinder was at TA-ANUA, Solara's former 120 acre Island of Light near Eureka, Montana, USA. Kae, Linda, and Selena traveled from Seattle to attend this, where here are pictures from Selena's camera, showing our journey into the 3rd Gate. :-)

3rd Gate meeting room

1: Rehearsal Room: Every Master Cylinder features several days of preparation, to practice the Sacred Dances and merge into One Being. Here the meeting room is in the lodge at Big Mountain Ski Resort.

Mara at lake

2: Mara: Selena, Linda, and Kae were roommates in Montana with Mara, who came all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark. They became very good friends where Mara later visited Seattle. :-) Here Mara can be seen by a large lake in the area. A different lake on TA-ANUA played a role in the Activation, where everyone evenly spaced themselves around the lake, while a few went in the middle and blew a conch shell!

Solara's dinner table

3: Dinner: A nice dinner is almost always part of a Master Cylinder, which is often to celebrate after the Activation, or in this case happened beforehand. Here's Solara's table at dinner, in the restaurant the top of the Big Mountain Ski Resort.

Funny dinner table

4: Dinner: Another table at dinner. Notice the 11:11 sweater with the funny caption "Shift Happens". ;-)

Solara's cabin

5: Cabin: Activation Day started by going to TA-ANUA, where here people are at Solara's mostly constructed log cabin .

Solara's cabin

6: Cabin: A closer view of the cabin. You can tell this is Activation Day since everybody is all dressed up in white. :-)

3rd Gate site

7: Site: From the house everyone went to the 3rd Gate Activation site. A couple people are stretching together in preparation. Already Guardians can be seen holding the energy.

3rd Gate site

8: Site: Another view of the beautiful site of the 3rd Gate Activation Part II.

Linda at 3rd Gate

9: Linda: Linda from Seattle is ready to Activate the 3rd Gate in all her One-derful radiance!

3rd Gate sky

10: Sky: From the billowing elemental clouds of 6th Gate, to the indescribably vast night sky during 7th Gate, the sky is always an interesting sight during a Gate Activation! Here's a beautiful view looking up during the Activation of 3rd Gate Part II.

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