Astrolog Features

See the complete feature list of Astrolog 7.40. Also see new features added to version 7.40.

Screen shots

Astrolog is a full featured astrology program, and includes a number of astronomical, esoteric, and other charts. A picture is worth 1000 words:

Special features

Astrolog offers several unique major feature areas, most of which can't be found in other programs. Each of the below links is its own subpage:

GIF animations

Astrolog offers chart animation, and animations can show off its abilities in additional ways. A video is worth 1000 pictures:


Astrolog charts aren't just static images, but can also be 3D perspective interactive experiences, as seen in these YouTube videos:


Astrolog has been available for over 30 years, and has been reviewed by various printed sources over that time. For example:


Astrolog has received various Web awards over the past three decades:

WOWZodiacal Zephyr's Zenith AwardsChiron AwardWeb Fest Best of Web LogoStarlight AstrologyStarlight Astrology

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