Welcome to Greece!

Arbaline and Alanah's Honeymoon Gallery :-)

Alanah and Arbaline celebrated their Sacred Union and wedding on Sunday August 12, 2007! :-) Some pictures of our ceremony can be viewed here. We then experienced two and a half weeks of No-Time, i.e. our honeymoon, in Greece from August 12 through 31. Below are a few photos from our adventure. Higher resolution versions of these along with other pictures can be seen here.

Us at Parthenon, Greece

1: Parthenon: Alanah and Arbaline stand before the Parthenon, probably the most famous temple in Greece. Notice the bit of scaffolding in the background, which is part of a restoration process currently going on. This of course reflects our inner scaffolding, which is coming off more and more! :-)

View from Acropolis, Athens

2: Acropolis: Alanah sits on the edge of the Acropolis (the hill upon which the Parthenon and other ancient structures sit) with a view of Athens behind her.

Athens overview

3: Athens: A wide view of the large and beautiful city of Athens, Greece, seen from the Acropolis.

Greek ruins

4: Greek Ruins: Alanah before some Roman era ruins. On the upper left can be seen Hadrian's Arch, and on the upper right can be seen the acropolis with the Parthenon peeking over the edge.

Alanah with Aphrodite

5: Goddesses: Greece contains many large museums and ancient artifacts. Here can be seen two beautiful figures in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. One is the goddess of Love, and the other is a marble statue. ;-)

Garden gazebo

6: Gardens: A fountain in the large Athens Municipal Gardens. Notice the star made out of stones on the ground in front.

Alanah dressed up :-)

7: Alanah: Alanah dressed up pretty on a rooftop terrace restaurant. The acropolis is in the background, although it's invisible in the picture due to it being evening.

Pillar at Gortyna, Crete

8: Pillars: Arbaline is in position to start the 1st Gate mudra. These are Roman era ruins of the Church of St. Titus at Gortyna, Crete.

Athens Municipal Gardens

9: Garden Trees: Alanah is in position of finishing the 8th Gate mudra. This is another picture from the Athens Municipal Gardens.

Palace of Knossos, Crete

10: Knossos: After Athens we journeyed to the island of Crete. Alanah does the One Heart in the palace of Knossos. This was the capital of the ancient Minoan civilization, and the site where Theseus faced the minotaur and met Ariadne.

Us at Knossos, Crete

11: Knossos: Alanah and Arbaline do the One Heart together before a pair of pillars forming an "11", at the palace of Knossos. Notice Arbaline's bull head shirt with a strap across it, symbolizing "no more bull" in our lives. ;-)

Us at Phaestos, Crete

12: Phaestos: Arbaline and Alanah together at the Minoan ruins at Phaestos, Crete.

Stairs at Agia Triada, Crete

13: Agia Triada: Alanah waves as she gets ready to climb an ancient stairway, at the Minoan ruins at Agia Triada, Crete.

Inside Lato Hotel elevator

14: Elevator: After stairs comes the elevator! ;-) Alanah is a beautiful soul at all times, even in seemingly "ordinary" places like this elevator at the Lato Hotel, in Heraklion, Crete.

Outside Hotel Grotta

15: Hearts and Smiles: After Crete we journeyed to the island of Naxos. Arbaline sends a heart from our hotel room at the Hotel Grotta on the island of Naxos, Greece.

Swimming at Naxos

16: Beach: Naxos is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches. Alanah welcomes you into the crystal blue waters.

Beach at Naxos

17: Beach: Alanah reflects on life as the late sun reflects off the water.

One Heart at Portara, Naxos

18: Portara: In the main town or Hora of Naxos is this gateway called the Portara, the last remnant of the Temple of Apollo.

Alanah and Portara, Naxos

19: Portara: Alanah playful in the blowing wind. :-) The Portara can be seen in the background on a narrow peninsula.

Smooch! :-)

20: True Love: Alanah and Arbaline share a magic moment next to the Portara at sunset.

Natural arch on Naxos

21: Natural Arch: Greece also features a number of naturally formed gateways. Alanah contemplates one while looking out to sea, very near our hotel.

Base of Mt. Zeus, Naxos

22: Mt. Zeus: While on Naxos, we climbed Mt. Zeus (Zos), the tallest mountain in the Cyclades cluster of islands. Alanah is at the base of the trail, with the mountain in the background.

Cave of Zeus, Naxos

23: Zeus Cave: Part way up the mountain is the Cave of Zeus. According to legend, this is where Zeus, king of the Greek gods, was born.

Summit of Mt. Zeus

24: Zeus Summit: Arbaline and Alanah at the summit of Mt. Zeus, with a view of much of Naxos and other islands visible in the background.

Fields of Naxos

25: Nature: Alanah in the beautiful countryside of Naxos, on the back slopes of Mt. Zeus. Notice the stone wall, where there were often herds of goats ambling about.

Store in Naxos

26: Shopping: Greece in general, and Naxos in particular, are full of enchanting shops along narrow, windy streets. Alanah tries out a hairpin in a fairy themed store we came across.

Boat between Santorini and Naxos

27: Boat Trip: Traveling by boat is always a special experience. We took this boat from Naxos to the island of Santorini.

Wild dolphins from boat

28: Dolphins: While on the boat, a group of at least five dolphins joined us and swam along the bow for several minutes! This view is looking straight down from the side of the boat into the water, where one dolphin can be seen jumping into the air, and two others on either side of it in the water. A magic experience and true blessing! :-)

Fira, Santorini

29: Santorini Town: Alanah welcomes you to the sunny island of Santorini, Greece. The town of Fira can be seen on the edge of the cliff.

Santorini caldera

30: Santorini Caldera: Alanah and Arbaline together at the edge of the caldera on Santorini. Santorini is an enormous ancient volcano, that erupted 3600 years ago and then collapsed into the sea. It greatly changed the world around it, just as we have been greatly changed together. :-)

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