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Free Courses:

Magic of the Future Scientific Course (by Karl Hans Welz)
To gain a better understanding of magick, radionics, and orgone technology.
Free on the Net
A Course in Cosmic Consciousness (by Karl Hans Welz)
Aligning the four elements for more effective magickal work. Free on the Net 
Autogenic Training (by Karl Hans Welz)
Free on the Net 
Astrology Course (by Karl Hans Welz)
A keyword based introduction to astrological interpretation. Free on the Net
Rune Magick and Rune Readings (by Karl Hans Welz)
Free Rune courses: The Basic Rune Course, Rune Yoga, Rune Readings
Books: Rune Magick and Runic Ceremonials
Also: Knights of Runes Information
Talisman Magick (by Karl Hans Welz)
Free Course on the Net
Tarot Spells (by Karl Hans Welz)
Free Course on the Net
Free Grimoires
The Key of Solomon the King, the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, the Faust Grimoire, and others.

Other Orgone Sites

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- German language magick course
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powerpsionics.com - sports performance enhancement
powerradionics.com - radionics site, download programs
proformanceenhancer.com - sports performance site
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runemagick.com - rune magick, rune readings, rune yoga, rune ceremonials
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welz.net - personal web site
zeisele.com - to get acquainted with the finest spirits of the world!
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bec.or.at - The Bio Energy Corporation
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galerie-welz.com - art by Gertrud Welz

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