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Magic is Technology which is applied science of life force, plain and simple,
and on this site you are going to find out why this is so,
and what's more important: Magic is extremely easy to master.
This means that you too can be master of this exciting technology very soon
and consequently you can achieve manifestation of your deepest desires !!!

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Now - what do you think is magick? - is it spiritual? is it metaphysical? is it religion? is it rooted in faith? is it "higher knowledge?"  Is it something, for which to master you need to be a life long slave of some "secret lodge, sacred coven  or other cult?" ... or does it have to do with these very nice modern fairy tales of Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings?  Quite naturally, like in traditional fairy tales and mythologies, in those "modern" fairy tales too the very effective assumption persists that only a few "gifted" people are capable of performing this art, while all others are happily following the rules of their enslavement by the society to which they belong.
In fact, magick is none of the above !!!

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In fact, magick is a skill as natural as walking, seeing, hearing and talking, and therefore almost all of us have this skill naturally - we were born with these skills, and, because of vested interests of folks in power, we have been "educated out of it," and that at a very early age!  Consequently, this skill of magick is extremely easy to master, in a few weeks rather than many months, years or decades.
Advanced magick then is technology, plain and simple, and this technology is based on the science - or physics - of life force, the energy of life - Chi, prana, orgone, od, mana, or whatever other name this universal energy has been given!  As is the case with any technology, any person willing to do so can have access to it.  In fact, it is extremely easy for you to set up magickal operations !!!
Click Here and you can get the evidence of it on this web site, and, what's still more important, this
is experience for you, plain and simple: experience, which is worth more than a thousand words !!!
Because magick is so easy to master and at the same time it has been used to control large portions of the population throughout history, there have been very strong vested interests by those in control:  by people who shamelessly were and still are using it, and quite naturally they lie about magick, they label it evil, etc., and consequently we have been "educated out of this" and the word itself was vilified in many "cultures" throughout the ages, and all of these fairy-tales, which were hammered into us by way of forced-upon education, they are the result of the power of folks and groups of people who have vested interests in keeping this knowledge away from the bulk of the population while using it extensively for their own purposes:  purposes which are unethical most of the time ... or, as they attempt to make you believe quite often and routinely ...
"we are doing this for the greatest benefit of all human beings, you included ..., etBS, etBS, etBS ..." !!!
Result of this approach? .... See above, at the beginning of this web site ... !!!

I am certain that you may want evidence right now, and YES, you can get this experience now !!!
Perform the free transfer test - read some of the instructions, and you rapidly will realize
how easy it is for you to perform such operations and that it's extremely easy for you
to have your desires become reality, and you can DO THIS NOW !!!
Simply click here for the FREE TEST and for you this experience of results will be worth more
than a thousand words !!!


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Keep on reading this page and find out about the importance of life force in all action at a distance (in many traditions this is called magick) and how it works.   You can also click the links below and find out right away how you can use this exciting new technology to achieve results wherever you desire positive permanent change!

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Understanding magick and AAD Life energy bridges any distance magick_facts:  Magick and radionics
Basic characteristics of Chi energy Magick Facts: About Magick and Radionics™ Power Magick™: How you can Use it!
Life energytech past and present magick facts: Importance of Trend and Target More about power magick
The scientific approach to magick magick facts: importance of life force Free Transfer Test of Life Energy
important characteristics of magick magick_facts:  More about life force Free Course, Books, Manuals

The links below lead you to many applications of this extraordinary new technology, applications, which are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Chi Generators®, orgone radionics™ devices and software.  Click below on the links of your choice for more information.  Naturally, there are infinite many more uses, many of which you certainly will find and explore.

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A Gigantic Step into the Future !!!

Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented the orgone accumulator, which is a device that accumulated life force from its surroundings.

In 1991, I invented the Orgone Generator®, wich is a device, which in fact generates life force, and this naturally was a first in human history!  One year later, in 1992, I invented a new material that attracts and accumulates life force, which I called orgonite®, and which is exceedingly more effective than the Reichian alternating layers of organic and metallic material.

These inventions certainly marked the beginning of a new era in magical technology as well as in human history, and this is so, because there is no technology of humankind, where this life force technology cannot make a significant improvement.

Therefore:  WELCOME TO this exciting new technology that can mean for you the difference between average results and TOTAL SUCCESS !!!

This web site delivers extremely powerful applications of a new method of magickal technology.

This certainly is exciting news for all who are practicing magick of any kind, including traditional methods (ceremonial magick, voodoo, shamanism, wicca, santeria, religion-based methods, etc.) as well as more recent methods that are inherently magickal , such as radionics, motivational techniques, self improvement, vision boards, affirmations, and Silva mind control.

You can also safely call this extremely powerful new technology the ultimate unfair advantage!  Unfair, because spiritual training and intitation become secondary, as far as success of your magickal operations is concerned.

This new technology is extraordinary, because it opens up for you a whole new world of magickal powers that will leave you entranced, enlightened, and empowered.  You will actually be equipped with what is certainly the most potent technology of effective magical impact !!!

For you, this can well be the first time that learning about a technology will not only be useful, ir will be used.  It will be a natural step in the right direction of the success that you were striving to achieve in the past.  In the following, you will find an amazingly powerful new technology to boost your magickal performance to the max.  It is here that you can probe the deepest in your journey to the top. 

I am going to lay out this exciting new technology for you so that you can gain immediate evidence, from where you will proceed step by step to an increasingly deeper grasp of its far reaching new magickal applications!

Here you can find an easy and very effective way to help you improve all your prospects for the future.  It is specifically designed to provide you with powerful means to enhance your performance in all areas of your life, especially those that you feel need to be strengthened.  Whatever the line of your work or field of endeavor is, be it business, politics, high performance sports, education, volunteering, spiritual matters, or anything else, this highly effective magickal equipment from HSCTI is designed for a great many uses, while providing you with successful outcome whenever you use it appropriately.  Now you certainly can take your destiny into the best possible hands: your own!

With the Chi Generator®, magick is easy, it is exciting, and you certainly can be laid
back and relax while you expect assured success!

Magick for Everyone, Results for Everyone!!!
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Understanding Magick, which is Action at a Distance in time and space
Click Here to see my video to understand better the action at a distance

The purpose of Magick is to help you in all aspirations to acquire the good things in life: power, wisdom, knowledge, success in business and personal relations, peace of mind, and many more.

I am going to show you here that the use of magick for your success is much easier than you ever have been conditioned to think about and believe.  It is an easy to understand technology that is accessible to every person who has the will and the open mind to do so.  Furthermore, I am going to show you that the technology of magick makes use of life force (chi energy, orgone, prana) and structural links (structural connections) to generate specific trends, i.e., to generate inclination, motivation and action towards envisioned goals.  You can generate such trends for yourself as well as for others. I am going to show you here how this works and how you can use this technology to put you on the road towards your personal success.  See also my free course "Magick of the Future!"

Life Energy and Magick
Click Here to see my video about the importance of life force for magic

First let's explore a few basic facts concerning life energy and life energy technology

According to Wilhelm Reich, orgone energy (as he called life force) is a primordial cosmic energy.  It is universally present and it can be demonstrated visually, thermically, electroscopically and by means of Geiger-Mueller counters.  In the living organism: bio-energy, life energy, Chi energy, personal magnetism, prana.  Most people can actually feel this energy without prior training.  You can get the evidence of this in our free test:  charge water and taste the difference, charge yourself and use the life force for more power of your affirmations, vision boards, magick, and any other method to bring your desires into manifestation.

As far as we can look back in history, humans have been using life force for many purposes. This use of life force was result of practical experience. In fact,

The use of Life Force is a Characteristic of All Living Beings!

It is an obvious fact that a basic characteristic of all living beings (and of life itself) is interaction with the environment.  A set of signals (internal or external) pass through various levels of abstraction that eventually lead to some form of action.  Typically, a wealth of perceptions are streamlined into fewer abstractions.   In humans, this process is generalization.  With evolution, the capability of sensory perception increased as did the complexity of abstracion processes and generalizations.

Some form of life force "technology" can be observed in most animals.  A good example are various species of moths and butterflies, which, according to some folks, "smell" the "scent" of a female even when it is miles away.  At such huge distances a chemical scent would be thinned out to an extent that there are simply no longer any molecules of the original substance in the small air-samples surrounding the moth.  A high-school kid could calculate that there is virtually no molecule of that scent at a distance of a couple of miles; yet some "scientists of academia" and elsewhere still prattle about the moth "smelling" the other!  Perhaps it would be good for those folks to take a course in elemental math!  As you will find out soon, this type "ESP" can be explained with ease as a function based on the structural transfer characteristics of life force.

Advanced Magick Courses - they are all for FREE !!!
Magic of the Future
Autogenic Training

The following applications of this extraordinary new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Chi Generators®, orgone radionics™ devices and power radionics™ programs.  Click below on the links of your choice for more information.  Naturally, there are infinite many more uses, many of which you certainly will find and explore.

agriculture, plants, lawns break up electrosmog, DOR, gaming management pet care sports
artistic inspiration business, office energy geopathic stress marketing politics supplements
attachments charisma esp and psychic herbs meditation popularity living water
attacks children family intelligence mind control profession weight control
balance competition fitness intuition money relationships weight loss
body building customers friendship lawsuits music skin care well-being
brainwaves defense gambling love NLP speed-learning  

Being at the basis of one of the first methods of interacting with an extended environment, which was practiced by humans, life force naturally became part of humans' religious creeds and therefore also part of religion-based magick.  This approach was very similar to the use of fire, the making of metals, and most natural phenomena, which humans back then simply could not explain otherwise.  Consequently, the practical application of life force was linked closely to the religion of the culture where it was used.  Moreover, whenever certain applications of life force such as magickal operations were successful, such success was mistakenly considered to be proof of the religious belief system of the practitioner, and whenever it did not work for whatever reason ever, the "gods" in control did not want it to work.  Oddly enough, even in our otherwise enlightened times there are still traditions out there, whose truly faithful followers claim to be the only true guardians of life force and its many applications.  Although they may claim differently, you will find out soon that many "academic" scientists and pop-scientists belong to that same category of humans, whenever you take the time to analyze logically the stuff that they utter.  This is so, because most of them were incapable of removing their thinking from the religious ideologies that defined their interaction with the environment originally during their own experience and process of forced-upon education, or brainwashing, when they were kids.

Life Force Technologies of the Past
Click Here to see my video about life force technologies of the past

Human beings have acquired much of their knowledge of the universe as a result of experience that they gained when handling energies that were invisible to their eyes.  To handle energies that are not visible is an important characteristic of the human species.  Obviously this characteristic is the result of the human capability to abstract. The practice of magick (a form of life force based technology, see the free course "magick of the future") with its theories (usually obscured in religious creeds), formulas, and rituals is no doubt one of the oldest human ways of handling energy, which is invisible to the eye, and of having impact upon the environment and, quite naturally, also on other human beings.

It was this continuous probing into what is beyond the scope of everyday experience, which eventually has led humankind to modern technologies and to modern concepts of space-time (elecrtromagnetic energy - life force - time).  For instance, the knowledge (and speculations) of the laws that govern electromagnetic energies is at the basis of practically all contemporary academic theories of the universe, from descriptions of majestic galaxies all the way to sub atomic physics.  Visible light is but a small section of the large spectrum of electromagnetic vibrations.  Most of this electromagnetic spectrum is invisible.  Analysis of the concepts of visible light and the expansion of these concepts led to knowledge of the electromagnetic energy and its many applications in modern technologies: from power plants to computers and space craft.  We can explain most of the phenomena of heat, acoustics, chemical reactions, etc., as being expressions of electromagnetic energy.

As I mentioned already previously, there is another energy that humans have worked with for as long as they have roamed this planet.  We cannot see it as easily as we can see visible light nor can we feel it as markedly as heat or electricity, yet humans could sense its presence very well and they have learned methods to generate and to direct it already eons ago.  From this knowledge they developed practices and technologies to help them deal with their inner and outer environments.  This energy is life energy!   It is everywhere around us just the same way as electromagnetic energy is all around us.  In other words, we are living in an ocean of energy of both life force and electromagnetic waves.

Throughout history, life force has received many names.  People of ancient India called it Prana.  The practices of pranayama and yoga evolved from the knowledge of prana.  The ancient Chinese called it Chi.  The practices of Tai Chi and Chi Kung developed from this knowledge.  The Polynesians called the mysterious life force Mana.  They derived from it the practices of Kahuna.

Most religious practices contain elements of releasing and using life force for many purposes, such as dealing with environmental challenges, for healing, and to develop favorable outcomes of human endeavors.  Very often, these methods are concealed in religious ceremonials.  Naturally the representatives of those religions have a vested interest in keeping the explanations of this energy as being part of their religious belief structures and therefore they consistently oppose any scientific explanation of the methods in which life force is used.  Such approach guarantees much more financial support from true believers.

Practitioners of Tai Chi and Yoga generated life force within themselves.  So did magicians (shamans, conjurers, priests, etc.) of various religious backgrounds.   Other methods consisted in building up strong emotional forces in a group (think of charismatic church meetings), walking and dancing in circles (also used by many religious groups) and animal sacrifice.  The latter is an effective, yet very primitive and crude, form of releasing life force that is practiced by many religious groups.  We know of more than 20 passages in the Bible in which the Lord tells his followers how to correctly sacrifice animals.  In fact, if the animal ends up as a roast, and in fact this method of butchering is a lot more humane than the horrors that are practiced in your friendly neighborhood slaughterhouse, horrors which most people support by purchasing the meat coming from such houses of horror!

The Scientific Approach
Click Here to see my video about the scientific approach to life energy

Practitioners in the West used many words for life energy: animal magnetism (Mesmer), Solar ether (Korschelt et al.), Od (Baron Karl von Reichenbach), orgone (Reich), psychic energy (magicians), eloptic energy (Dr. Galen Hieronymus), personal magnetism, and many, many more.

One of the first pioneers of a scientific approach to an understanding of life force was Franz Anton Mesmer, a physician from Stuttgart, Germany, who lived two centuries ago.  He studied and practiced medicine in Vienna, the same city where Wilhelm Reich studied under Freud a bit more than a century later.  Eventually he moved to Paris.  Mesmer experimented with life force, which he called animal magnetism.  In our days, his followers use the word "personal magnetism."

Franz Anton Mesmer´s scientific approach to and understanding of life force led him to the invention of an accumulator of life force!

Franz Anton Mesmer´s accumulator of animal magnetism was a wooden barrel that was filled with iron filings.  His patients held on to iron rods that were immersed in the iron filings.  Having studied in Vienna with Freud and his studies included hypnotism, Wilhelm Reich certainly knew the work of Mesmer, of course, whose name appeared as one of its pioneers in practically all publications and books in German language concerning hypnotism!

More than a century ago, 1897, Korschelt invented a "Solar Ether Radiation Apparatus" that he used for healing purposes. It was in principle a life force accumulator.   I have built and tested this rather large (6 ft long) Korschelt device and it worked well.  It is used the same way as Wilhelm Reich's orgone shooter and it has very similar effects.

The more recent life force (orgone) accumulator that Wilhelm Reich has designed has alternating layers of organic and metallic matter -- usually wood, celotex, fibre glass or wool and steel wool.  This is a significant improvement compared to Mesmer's and Korschelt's devices.  Alternating layers increase the capability to accumulate orgone. Reich had people sit inside the accumulator while Mesmer used iron rods to direct the energy outward.

Orgonite® and Orgone Generators®

radionics energy transferI have developed a material that is extremely more effective in accumulating life force (orgone) than the Reichian layered arrangements, and I called it orgonite®. Before that, I have invented and built the first device in human history that actually generates orgone energy (life force), the Chi Generator® (Orgone Generator® or Prana Generator®).  I also found out that which magicians and shamans knew all along: namely that life force (orgone) transfers at any distance instantaneously by way of near-identical structures (I called them "structural links")The test of life force and its effects that you can perform is proof of this fact. Furthermore, in December 1996 I succeeded in sending signals accross the Atlantic from machine to machine (with no human sensor at all), using life force only.  As I had expected, no amplifying device was needed for this operation.  In fact, I have solved the problem of signal transfer machine-to-machine with life force as a carrier medium several years earlier, when I sent signals "locally" at a distance of a mere 20 miles.

As a natural consequence of the structural transfer capabilities of life force: If you want to energize your body with life energy, you need not to sit inside the large multi-layered contraption of an orgone box, nor need you hold on to iron rods (personally I would prefer that to sitting inside a box).  In fact, all you need is a small structural link such as a transfer disk or a chi-card®, which connects you with an orgone generator.  With that disk on yourself, it does not matter at all if you are sitting in front of the Chi Generator®, if you are a few miles away, or if you are half around the globe:  you get the life force full power!  The structural transfer characteristic of orgone (life force) is also the reason why you can direct life force mentally -- see instructions and practices in the course "Magic of the Future", and you can get direct evicence of this fact by following the instructions of our FREE TEST.

Most humans of our times are unaware of the existence of life force, let alone of the natural laws governing it. Many of the people who know, on the other hand, have been indoctrinated with very restrictive, religion-based, views and rules concerning life force.

Characteristics of Life Force
Click Here to see my video about characteristics of life energy

It is obvious by now that life force is a type of energy, as is electricity and time.  This means that, knowing the natural laws, which govern this energy, we can now determine or predict its effects.  Furthermore, we can now explain in simple scientific terms why and how magick and all other methods of action at a distance (such as radionics) work.  Naturally, this is the basis for many extensive and powerful technologies, such as magick, in which life force is used: technologies whose roots can be traced back to the remote past of human history and whose potential goes way beyond the narrow scope of the more traditional uses of life force, thanks to my invention of the generator of life force, the Orgone Generator®.

Scientists of all ages knew of life force.  Recently, starting with Mesmer, they formulated some very basic natural laws that describe life force, chi, or orgone. They realized that there are considerable differences between life force and electromagnetic energy. In some way, both energies can be viewed like opposite polarities of one and the same basic principle.

Of both forms of energy, human beings perceive only a small fraction with the apparatus of their senses.  Both energies pulsate. That's what these energies have in common.

Very important are the differences between the two energy forms.  Energies that belong to the electromagnetic spectrum of light tend to achieve a balance when a higher potential gets in contact with a lower potential. For instance,whenever you bring a hot body in contact with a cold one, a heat exchange occurs until both bodies have the same temperature.   Physicists call this process entropy.  With Life force, the opposite is the case.  When a body of high life force potential comes in contact with a body of lower potential, a process takes place that we call negative entropy, or reversed entropy.  In this process, the stronger potential is drawing energy from the weaker one until saturated, and it becomes stronger.

Still more pronounced is the difference of the space in which both energies act. As we all know, the electromagnetic energies diminish in intensity with the square of the distance from their source.  They are totally part of the three-dimensional space of our visual and most kinetic perceptions.  That's why we need amplifiers of considerable strength if we want to pick up radio waves from a very distant transmitter, which, in the light of the potentials of life force (bio-energy) physics is a rather clumsy and primitive approach.  This principle is valid for the space time continuum of the physicist.  People of all ages who used life energies knew of the power of "psychic" links, or identical structures.  Once a person who is working with life energies (such as a shaman, magician, or healer) has a psychic link to the target of his or her operation, he can bridge the physical space that separates him or her from the target, no matter how distant it may be.  Therefore it is obvious by now that work with life force requires a new model of space-time. This model of space-time is essentially different from the space-time that the physicist describes, yet it interacts with it. It is a hyper space in which identical objects establish warps, or direct contacts.  The natural law of action of life energy is simple.  It states that DISTANCE IS A RESULT OF STRUCTURAL DIFFERENCE.

The problem that traditional physicists of the establishment (including most of the folks of the "orgone establishment," i.e., Reichian epigones) and of academia have with life energy lies exactly in these differences.  Life energy is mainly generated and used by living beings.  For the past two hundred years, pranayama, chi gong, and other practices with life energies, stayed outside of so-called hard core science. This is so because up to now there were no machines available that measured or generated life energy. Academia prefers to ignore the fact that millions of people successfully used and use this energy.  Hyper spaces and warps are way beyond the narrow minded conceptions of a typical mentally dried-up academic scientist and big bunk creationist.

I have solved this problem. Not only did I develop new instruments that can measure life energies, but also the first instruments in human history that generate life energy: the famous CHI GENERATORS®.  The first commercially available Chi Generator® was the EDGE Power Generator, or EPG 2000.  The EDGE was a machine with truly amazing potential.  You can use the Chi Generator® in any application that requires the generating of strong fields of life force.


the magickal orgone shooter

The CEG 1000
is an orgone generator®, built as a shooter, and as such it is ideal for any type of magickal work.  For instance, you can point it at your magickal setup of magickal operations - "the magickal altar" as some call it.  Boost the power of the CEG 1000 to the max, even to the extreme, by connecting it with two Chi Generators®!  Click here and get additional info about this amazing new machine - You can also video call us for a demo!  In addition to its capability to project life force to persons, animals, etc., to which you point it, the CEG 1000 is also great to optimize water or food at a distance and charging food, beverages or water with magickal properties!

Magick for agriculture, plants, lawns

Magick to boost artistic inspiration

Get rid of unwanted attachments, demonic forces, spells

About magickal attacks

precision frequency orgone generator for magick

The PFC 2000
is an orgone generator® (Chi generator®), with which you can set the life force (chi energy, orgone) to precision frequencies of your choice.  As you know, specific frequencies are at the basis of well-defined modes of interaction with the environment:  from somnambulistic-hypnotic states, deep meditation, all the way to persistence, stamina, precision, aggression in sports, charisma, planetary energies, etc.  Check out the frequency list in the manual, which you can find in The PFC 2000 isMiddle of the Line Power, and it works great in combination with the CEG 1000 or the CEG 2400! Click here and get additional info about this amazing new machine - You can also video call us for a demo!

use Magick to achieve balance

brainwaves and Magick

break up bad relationships with the help of magick

pchd machine for the magick of affirmations

The CEG 2400 Magical Orgone Power Shooter
is a heavy duty orgone generator® (Chi generator®), which you can use as an orgone power shooter very much like the CEG 1000, with two transfer disks to connect it with the power of other generators.  It has an audio input (stereo) for looped affirmations from an MP3 player or from the sound output of your manifestation software, and this sound too can be an affirmation with every position of the software, and this sequence of affirmations then will loop as long as the software is active on your computer. Click here and get additional info about this amazing new machine - You can also video call us for a demo!

Magick to enhance business, to generate a productive office atmosphere

Show more charisma, be outgoing with the help of radionics

How to help winning in competitions

magickally draw customers

defense against magickal attacks

Magick and Radionics have a CFP (Common Functional Principle), and this is "permanentization" of intent or trend energies
The difference is in the type structural link.  The Magician uses physical structural links, such as incenses, symbols, hair and finger nails, while the radionics operator uses settings of the dials to establish linkage to trend energies or to targets of the operation.  Precise frequency settings (PFC 2000 and 2400, Performer, RAD 5 and ATG 12 too can be understood "radionically."   Click here and get additional info about the "magick of radionics" - You can also video call us for a demo!

Counteract electrosmog, DOR,

more energy with the help of magick

Magick to help develop esp and psychic skills

starter device for magickal radionics

The RAD 1000
is an great starter orgone generator® with built-in radionics capability.   Click here and get additional info about this amazing startup orgone radionics machine -

The magick of friendship

A magickal approach to gambling

herbs, magick and orgone technology

magickal radionics heavy duty

The RAD 2400 HD
is the most popular orgone generator® with radionics capability.  It is heavy duty.   Click here and get additional info about this extra powerful chi boosted radionics machine

intelligence and intuition

How to use magick in lawsuits

Magick and love

ideal machine for power performance

The Performer
An HD orgone generator®, combining radionics, precision frequencies, affirmationb input and a great selection of 12 pre-set frequencies for performance -
It is Super Heavy Duty, twice the power of the RAD 2400 HD!   Click here and get additional info about this extra powerful machine to boost magickal performance on all levels - You can also video call us for a demo!

The magick in marketing

Use magick to block mind control

Magick and money

rad 5 magick radionics machine

The RAD 5
Very popular top of the line orgone generator®, combining radionics and precision frequencies on five positions, which are ideal for very effective magickal work:  Basic action, trend, trend in the environment, target and alternate target.  Great for complex spell work as well as protection - and all simultaneously.  2 audio inputs for affirmations.   Click here and get additional info about the RAD 5 and its use for very powerful magickal work on all levels - You can also video call us for a demo!

musical creativity and success with the help of magick

Magickal work in politics

popularity with the help of magick

magickal astrology machine

The ATG 12
Top of the line Device with 12 orgone generators® in the ring, ideal to set up any astrological trend energy that you desire.  This is the top of the line "astrological greenhouse" in which astrological settings help decisively in achieving the desired outcome of your magickal operations.  Also great for complex spell work on multiple targets as well as protection - and all this you can do simultaneously.  2 audio inputs for affirmations.   Click here and get additional info about the ATG 12 and its use for very powerful astro-magickal work on all levels - You can also video call us for a demo!

Help your profession and career

How to help relationships with magick

all about speed-learning

You can use magick in sports

boost supplements

living water

weight control

weight loss


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Magick and Structural Links
Click Here to see my video

Magickal practice became possible as a result of the characteristic of life force to transfer at any distance.  As you can find out in the course "Magick of the Future" (free on the net), traditional magickal methods of every kind are technologies that require life force to function, and so do all methods related to it that sprung up recently, such as treasure mapping, creative visualization, radionics, vision boards, etc. In other words, the practitioner who is aware of the basic function of life force (chi, orgone) and of its laws can harness it systematically and consciously in order to achieve the envisioned success faster and more reliably.

Therefore Life-Force-Boosted Magick is a technology that is based on exact science with precisely formulated principles.

In the course "Magick of the Future" you can learn the principles of this science and you will find out that there is a common functioning principle (CFP) to all methods of action at a distance that we can label as "magickal," including the more recent ones, namely that all these methods are based on the use of Life Force (orgone, chi energy, prana, etc.) and Structural Links.

What are Structural Links?

Structural Links are established by objects (= structures) that are either identical (see the test below) or equivalent (such as magickal sigils, radionic rates, Reiki symbols, and other things representing abstractions) in nature. Identical or equivalent structures allow life force transfer from one point to another without significant loss of energy.

Yes, you did read correctly:

With the help of identical or equivalent structural links life force can be transferred at any distance without loss of energy!

Yes!!!  You can get the evidence if this Now:  Click Here and Test the Transfer of Life Force at any Distance, charge yourself, charge water and use it for your magick and other methods of manifestation, action at a distance, remote viewing, etc.! This is a FREE Test !!!

This exciting test most certainly will be a surprise for you!

Before you continue to gain a deeper understanding of the amazing new technology of Chi-Generator® boosted Power Magick and its many uses, perform this experiment. This certainly will provide you with the evidence that you wanted !!!

Life Force Bridges any Distance!
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The following test most certainly can be the greatest surprise in a lifetime, even when you are well versed in methods of magick, radionics, or similar methods of impact at a distance!

I am certain that you have heard of spells that follow people half around the globe ... usually resulting from some form of magick that they think they cannot escape, no matter how hard they try. Quite often the story goes that a skilled conjurer, shaman, or magician of their hometown had something in mind for them ... for good or for bad.  The bad stories, of course, are a lot more popular "news" than all the good that such folks are performing.

How is such powerful work done?
In other words ...

    You want to know how this powerful magick works...
    You want to understand how it is possible that spells can follow people for decades, even if they are thousands of miles away...
    You want to know it, because ...
    You want the power to meet all your challenges, to solve all problems, and to be a total success in all matters!!!

Most importantly, now you can experience how our amazing technology can do it all for you! Now you can actually gain deep insights into the working of life force! You will find out that life force is the source of power of all radionics, ESP, and magickal work. Therefore, you are about to penetrate one of the most ancient of secrets! What follows now is the rare opportunity for you to have an eye-opening look into the workshop of the most powerful magicians, conjurers, and shamans.

Find out for yourself by now! Click here and perform the FREE, easy and truly amazing test !!!  This easy-to-do test will certainly help you make decisions that can put you well on the way to positively change and greatly improve your life for the better !!!

As I said previously (later I am going to show you why), life force is the subtle energy, or psychic power, which is used in all methods of magick, spiritual-religious work and miracles, treasure mapping, self-motivation, vision boards, affirmations, shamanic practice and any other psychic work, and, as you certainly know by now, there is a scientific explanation for all of these practices that work.

You can feel life force emanating from the printed diagram (some people even feel it off the screen!), because an identical diagram is in front of one of the Chi Generators® in our laboratories. That's extremely simple!!!

This experiment shows that you can use technology to harness and direct Life Force !!!  Technology that is extremely easy to understand.

I suggest that you perform a few additional tests with life force: First, hold your hand above the chi card®, then above any other surface that is at least at a distance of 16 inches from the diagram. Notice the difference!

As is the case with all experiments of this kind, it is important that you perform it in a relaxed state of mind. If the main focus of your attention tied up to other important or urgent situations, and especially if you are not relaxed, it may be a bit challenging to feel subtle energies.

Using this exciting new technology, the devices from HSCTI (Hyper Space Communications and Technologies International) generate and project life force (orgone) that you can harness for your overall success!

The Proof

This extraordinary test proves to you first hand that which sensitive and powerful persons of all ages (among them tai chi masters, reiki masters, yogis, shamans, conjurers, magicians, and priests performing spiritual work) knew all along: namely that life force (chi, prana, mana, etc... every culture and language has its own name for the same energy) transfers at any distance. Moreover, it does so without loss of energy. All that’s needed is the right structural link (some professionals prefer to call it “psychic link”) to establish contact! This fact makes their magick possible, even easy! In fact, it is so easy that everybody is now capable of working their magick!

This has been one of the reasons why many of these professionals decided to guard their powerful secrets like precious gems, making them available only to a few hand picked people! Under no circumstances did they want to lose their lucrative sources of income.

The Conclusion

You have just experienced one of the most guarded secrets of all ages, namely the transfer of life force (“magickal energy” or "psychic energy") at any distance!!! More importantly: you have just realized that many secrets of ancient cultures are technology, yours to use !!! You have just experienced that the effects of any type of magick or spiritual work, such as changing your life for the better, can be achieved by you easily with the help of our powerful technology!!!

By now it is obvious that this new technology can give everybody access to the power of these secrets because…

It is powerful technology in your hands … for lasting success and for positive permanent change !!!

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