8th Gate 2 Starry Processional

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Hotel Libertador and Puno

1: Puno: For the 8th Gate Part 2 Master Cylinder we stayed at The Hotel Libertador for our week of preparations. The town of Puno can be seen in the background across Lake Titicaca. The hotel is located on Esteves Island, which is connected to the mainland by a causeway. A picture of an obelisk monument on top of the island can be seen here.

Hotel Libertador sign

2: Hotel Libertador: The main entrance to our hotel. This is perhaps the last picture ever taken of the sign, as over the next few days it would be taken down while the entrance was remodeled. Notice the sunset and lake reflecting off the windows.

Hotel Libertador room

3: Hotel Room: Alanah and Arbaline's room in Hotel Libertador. All rooms had great views of the lake! Results of shopping can be seen, including a magenta poncho, a colored shawl over the television, a reed boat, and a rock carving of Aramu Muru.

Alpacas before Hotel Libertador

4: Alpacas: A herd of alpacas walk right up to the hotel. This unedited photo features an interesting cross of light over the alpaca's head!

Esteves Island rocks

5: Large Rocks: Large rock formations can be seen if one walks around Esteves Island. Arbaline grounds among them to get in tune with Earth energy, to prepare for being an earth dancer in the Elements Dance. :-) An image of a large rock outcrop with a natural face including mustache and bushy eyebrows can be seen here.

Walter among rocks

6: Where's Walter: Walter sends you love from among the rocks on Esteves Island. Can you find him in this picture? :-)

Aramu Muru arches

7: Earth Dragons: Two Earth Dragons, each with a natural arch for an Eye, can be seen near Aramu Muru, a nearby location some of us visited. A wide angle image of the area can be seen here. The large 20 foot (7 meter) Aramu Muru Gateway can be seen on the cliff slightly left of center.

Boat on Lake Titicaca

8: Boat Ride: Ankasha, Sebastian, and Kalasara enjoy a boat ride to the Uros Floating Islands on Lake Titicaca.

Uros Floating Island

9: Floating Island: A demonstration of how the Uros people weave reeds to make their buildings, boats, and the entire island. An image of Arbaline and Sebastian atop one of the island watchtowers can be seen here.

Lake Titicaca

10: Lake Titicaca: A serene view of Lake Titicaca, with wild reeds and a small boat visible to the left. The lake did half of the work of the Activation for us. :-)

Hotel Libertador lobby

11: Cleansing on All Levels: Arbaline, Alanah, and 26 bags of laundry waiting to be picked up send you smiles from the lobby of Hotel Libertador. :-)

Sebastian and Alanah

12: Sebastian and Alanah: Sebastian (with a new poncho he bought in Puno) and Alanah send you blessings from outside Hotel Libertator. Another picture of Trude and Alanah in the conference room where we held our sessions to prepare for the Activation can be seen here.

Opening the Lotus Heart

13: Lotus Heart: Ama and Arbaline open into the Lotus Heart together, as Ama enters the conference room before a session begins.

Tais and Tony

14: Sun Love: Taisia and Tonatiuh embodied the birth of White Dragon in the Elements Dance. Here they share their smiling male and female Suns. :-)

Lion Walk

15: Lion Walk: Nonna and Myong demonstrate the Lion Walk as Golden Winged Lions. Wings outstretched, tails up, hearts like a million Suns, and One with all in every step! A picture of Yana with lions peeking out of her boots can be seen here. :-)

Earth element dancers

16: Earth Element: The earth element dance featured the earth dancers spiraling into and back out around the two sleeping Earth Dragons. An image of the end of their dance can be seen here.

Water element dancers

17: Water Element: The end of the water element dance featured the two awakened Water Dragons at the head of a line, swaying like water while offering Pure Heart Love.

Fire element dancers

18: Fire Element: Sebastian, one of the Fire Dragons, awakens in the middle of the fire element dance! Notice the numerous light orbs within the unedited picture! Dozens are visible here, where over 200 can be counted in higher resolution versions of it!

8th Gate 2 Anchor Group map

19: Anchor Map: Alanah and Arbaline place a heart sticker for Selena's Seattle Anchor Group on the 8th Gate Part 2 Anchor Group map.

Isla de la Luna

20: Isla de la Luna: Taisia and Tonatiuh hold up a heart shaped rock on the shores of Isla de la Luna, the first site of the 8th Gate 2 Activation. A picture of Arbaline and Alanah at the same location can be seen here.

Isla de la Luna temple

21: Temple Gateways: The 8th Gate 2 Activation site was within an ancient temple, which featured several gateways like this in the outer wall. Notice the small opening above and to the left of the main gateway.

Starry Processional Dance

22: Starry Processional: The Starry Processional Sacred Dance surrounded by a large ring of Guardians, at the Isla de la Luna Activation site. A banner view of this picture can be seen here.

Sun and Moon

23: Sun and Moon: A common symbol in the Lake Titicaca area is the Sun and Moon united together in one face. This is the true symbol of An, a higher form of the older An symbol which had the Sun and Moon separate but still equal.

Boats at Copacabana, Bolivia

24: Sunset: The Sun sets in Copacabana, Bolivia, after our return from Isla de la Luna and Isla del Sol. Notice the rising Moon in the upper left, and the boat with a heart on the front deck in the lower left. :-)

Sharing experiences

25: Sharing: The day after the Activation, we shared our experiences. Arbaline thanks the red, orange, and yellow butterflies (along with blue dragonflies and bees) that happily danced in the middle of our sacred circle during the 8th Gate 2 Activation. Pure Heart True Love to the Core! :-)

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