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On June 5, 2009, about 119 people from 25 countries, along with around a dozen local people acting as Guardians, activated Part 2 of the 8th Gate of the 11:11 Doorway at its Master Cylinder! This took place on Isla de la Luna and Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, with our preparations beforehand taking place in Puno, Peru. Here are some pictures of this event, taken from Arbaline's camera. This page is part 1, showing our preparations. Part 2 about the actual Activation can be viewed here. Pictures from Alanah's camera can be viewed here.

Puno and Hotel Libertador

1: Puno: This is the town of Puno, Peru, on the shores of Lake Titicaca. The Hotel Libertador, where we stayed for our week of preparations before the 8th Gate 2 Activation, can be seen on Esteves Island, which is connected to the mainland by a causeway road. Above and to the left of Esteves Island can be seen the Floating Islands of the Uros people and their reed buildings.

Hotel Libertador from Lake Titicaca

2: Hotel Libertador: Our hotel as seen from a boat, reflected in the water. Windows of the dining area can be seen on the bottom floor, above which are three floors of rooms.

"Man Rock" on Esteves Island

3: Large Rock: Esteves Island on which Hotel Liberator is located is an interesting place. A walk around the island reveals large rock formations. Alanah greets you from in front of what some called the "Man Rock".

Alpacas before Hotel Libertador

4: Alpacas: Upon the island is a herd of alpacas, which amble around including right up to the hotel itself. Friendly alpacas would sometimes come up very close to you!

Magenta poncho in Puno market

5: Shopping: George, Trude, Arbaline, and Alanah (taking picture) visit the crafts market by the docks in Puno. Arbaline shows off a magenta poncho that adopted him. See Solara's book The Legend of Altazar for the significance of magenta ponchos.

Puno Musicians

6: Musicians: Three days before sessions began, 22 of us ate dinner in Puno, and were entertained by these local musicians. They have a CD titled "Pachamama: Música de Los Andes". The pipes are called a siku or zampoña, and the small mandolin is called a charango.

Aramu Muru Gateway

7: Aramu Muru: Ernesto from our group arranged a few outings to Aramu Muru, a large 20 foot (7 meter) Gateway carved into a rock cliff by a pre-Inca civilization. Alanah sends you a heart from in front of it. :-) Legend says if you approach the Gateway properly, you can pass through it into other worlds! A close up view of the Gateway can be seen here. Notice the seven frosted crystal singing bowls being laid out.

Aramu Muru rock formations

8: Gateways: The enchanting Aramu Muru area is actually filled with Gateways of all sizes, with the carved one just being the one most readily apparent. Count the portals in this picture! ;-) Trude can be seen looking down from the cliff top. Some rocks feature natural arches which look like Dragon Eyes.

Uros Floating Island

9: Floating Islands: Another outing was to the Floating Islands, which are created entirely of woven reeds. Arbaline is holding a reed model boat bought there. The boat we traveled on to the island can be seen to the left.

Uros people on Floating Island

10: Uros People: The Floating Islands were created by the Uros people, who live there year round. Here we are greeted by local women in colorful traditional garb. An image of Bekoim before a path to reed houses on an island can be seen here.

Reed boat on Lake Titicaca

11: Reed Boat: The Uros people make boats out of reeds too. Kalasara, Sebastian, and Hoku enjoy a ride on one. Sebastian took the opportunity to float into the Ultra Greater Reality as can be seen here. :-)

Resting on Floating Island

12: Sacred Pause: The high energies of 8th Gate 2 made us often want to rest. Alanah takes the opportunity to enter Quantum Deep on the reed surface of one of the Floating Islands.

Sebastian's birthday present

13: Birthday: With over 100 people present, someone's birthday was celebrated every few days. Sebastian shows off a plate present he received, showing the symbol of An or the balanced unity of Sun and Moon. A picture of Paula's birthday a couple days later can be seen here.

Hotel Libertador mirrored elevator

14: Worlds Within Worlds: Alanah and Arbaline reflect on themselves in a mirrored Hotel Libertador elevator.

8th Gate 2 registration table

15: Registration: Elara and Indigo send you a smile while registering the participants of the 8th Gate 2 Master Cylinder. :-) Another picture of Indigo and Elara sending love to the world, as represented by an inflatable globe that's been to previous Master Cylinders, can be seen here.

Ankasha and Annu

16: Session Room: The conference room where we held our sessions to prepare for the Activation. Annu masterfully conducted several sessions, while Ankasha translated everything into Spanish.

Opening the Lotus Heart

17: Lotus Heart: Upon entering the conference room, each person would be greeted by several people opening into the Lotus Heart.

5th Gate mudra

18: Mudras: A circle practices the eight mudras for 8th Gate. Pictured is the 5th Gate mudra, representing personal freedom and responsibility.

Guardian training

19: Guardians: Several people demonstrate being Guardians. "No matter what happens during an 11:11 Activation, the Guardians always remain Larger than any activities in the center."

Spinner Wheel

20: Spinner Wheels: In one session we did Spinner Wheels, a fun activity where groups of 11 or so would speak in Star Language. :-)

Water element dancers

21: Water Element: The Elements Dance featured the four elements each awakening two sleeping Dragons. Here the water element dancers flow around the two water Dragons.

Fire element dancers

22: Fire Element: The fire element dance featured people throwing their pareos into the air, which looked a lot like dancing flames!

Air element dancers

23: Air Element: The air element dancers practice outside in the air, on the lawn in front of the Hotel Libertador.

Countries of the world

24: One World: Like at the 6th, 7th, and 8th Gate Part 1 Master Cylinders, we went through all the countries and regions of the world, sending Pure Heart Love to each, and laying a diamond shaped card for each around the globe. A view of the completed mandala which has been decorated with scarves, flowers, and stuffed animals can be seen here.

8th Gate 2 Anchor Group map

25: Anchor Map: At each Master Cylinder we get in touch with our Anchor Groups around the world, by placing stickers corresponding to the location of each Anchor Group on a map of the world.

8th Gate 2 Anchor Group map

26: Anchor Close-up: A view of our completed Anchor map. Notice the large number of stickers over Chile, which has the honor of the most Anchor Groups for this Activation. :-)

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