11:11 Workshops

Alanah       Arbaline

Living True Lives as True Ones

“11:11” is the bridge between duality and Oneness. It is a wakeup call for each of us to release the old, embrace the new, and live real and true lives. Many people are drawn to see 11:11 when it appears on digital clocks and in other serendipitous environments, feeling a triggering within and knowing that it means something important. Even children when seeing 11:11 frequently know to “make a wish.” The 11:11 emphasizes love and the One Being we all form together. We are not separate from each other, but rather each of us are cells in the body of a larger being, petals of a vast flower, and pieces of a beautiful puzzle.

The glamour of duality has been a controlling power on this planet for eons, but it is rapidly losing influence. Duality is an emphasis upon polarity, where people split reality into two or more pieces, choosing one side and disliking the other. Polarities involve halves such as me/you, male/female, day/night, yin/yang, democrat/republican, and even duality/Oneness itself. Oneness is a level of love, respect, and compassion that encompasses and moves to an expanded level beyond polarities. Oneness isn’t just compromise, and doesn’t mean one can’t have opinions, but it does mean one is able to see where others are coming from, and look larger to the evolutionary purpose of our world.

Living True Lives means each person can choose to live differently through embodying love, trueness, integrity, courage and cooperation. True Ones embody Pure Heart Love. This purest form of sacred limitless Love is sacred and real. True Ones carry Pure Heart Love knowing there is no separation between us. Our workshops facilitate and demonstrate ways to awaken this awareness in the core of our beings, and see ourselves as large powerful beings of light walking across this planet with Trueness and Integrity.

Alanah and Arbaline have been following spiritual paths for most of their adult lives. Since meeting and falling in love in 2004, they have explored inner and outer worlds with a wish to promote Love and Oneness. It is their honor to offer 11:11 Talks and Workshops to the public. This is a golden opportunity to gather with other beings and experience profound levels of Pure Heart Love as expressed through simple yet effective exercises and synergistic Sacred Dances. On November 11th, 2011 Alanah and Arbaline facilitated a powerful Silent Watcher ceremony at Emerald Spiral, where the group connected as if they had performed the ceremony together many times. There was an effortless synergy within the group that was felt by all.

Alanah and Arbaline have completed the 11:11 Workshop Facilitator Master Class taught by Solara, visionary of the 11:11 and author of "11:11" and "How to Live Large on a Small Planet".

Living True Workshop

In our Workshop we will learn Sacred Dances, mudras, and tools of transformation to live newer and more real lives in an environment of Pure Heart Love. Participants can expect low key yet sacred sharing, exercises and dances that assist us in being more real and loving within ourselves and within the world around us.

For example: Understand Oneness, non-duality, and the One Being we all compose together. Learn about the numerology of 11:11. Practices to ground, link with our expanded Selves, connect with each other, and expand Love. Subtle transformative Dances inspired by the Greater Reality, to bring forth new energy and transform ourselves and the world.

You can see video demonstrations of Mudras, Sacred Dances, and more information on the NVisible web site.


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