11:11 6th Gate Activation site

Arbaline's 6th Gate Gallery: 2nd Wave

Here is another batch of pictures from the 6th Gate Master Cylinder of the 11:11 Doorway at Dingle, Ireland. The first gallery can be viewed on this page.

Streets of Dingle, Ireland

1: Streets of Dingle: A typical view of Dingle Ireland, with street signs in Gaelic and a pub on every corner. ;-)

Water tower at Dingle Skellig Hotel

2: Tower: Enchantment can be found everywhere you look! Here's a picture of a water tower viewed from Arbaline's hotel room, taken from inside looking out the window.

Dingle Skellig Hotel restaurant

3: Typical Dinner: We would have a vegetarian dinner in the hotel every night. This is different from the special celebratory dinner we had on our last day, the day after the activation. From left to right: Collette, Christian, Charessa, Susannah, and Bonnie.

Expressing Love

4: Loving Beings: Walt, Alix, and stuffed lions expressing love. :-) Few people know each other at the beginning of a Master Cylinder, but by the end everyone loves everyone!

Earth element dancers

5: Earth Element: "Hoo! Hah! Hoo! Hah!" The dancers representing the element of Earth for the Dance of the Four Elements. Everybody knew when they were practicing, due to their loud accompanying vocals. ;-) Notice a couple others with cameras are catching their performance too. The Air dancers on the other hand, took a much more subtle approach where half of them started out acting like sleeping fairies.

Hussey's Folly Tower at Night

6: Hussey's Folly: My first night in Dingle, I got the wild idea to go visit the tower called Hussey's Folly. Alone, at 1:30am, and without a flashlight! Ireland is enchanted enough during the daytime...

Sand Labyrinth at Night

7: Night Labyrinth: Beyond the tower on the beach, I made another sand Labyrinth. The tide came in by morning, so nobody else saw or walked it but the fairies...

Eask Tower

8: Eask Tower: Another picture of Eask tower and what's left of its pointing hand, with an apparent gravestone on the left and a shelter on the right.

Dingle from Carlhoo Hill

9: View of Dingle: Dingle viewed from Carlhoo Hill, with Eask Tower right behind you. The Dingle Skellig hotel can be seen on the far side of the harbor, about 1/5 the length of the picture from the right.

Dingle Bay Cliffs

10: Dingle Cliffs: A view looking down in the other direction from Eask Tower, at the cliffs dropping into Dingle Bay. Follow the bay to the right far enough, and reach the open ocean and Clogher head where the Activation site was.

Quartz Crystal Rock

11: Crystal Rocks: Part way up Carlhoo hill was this quartz rock containing several large crystals. This part of Ireland is impressive in that such rocks were quite common, where quartz crystals could even be found on the beach in front of the hotel!

Friendly Lambs

12: Playful Lambs: Adult sheep wouldn't let you approach them, but groups of lambs would run right up to you! Here are seven lambs (count them!) including an impish "black sheep" sticking his rear end toward the camera. ;-) These friendly (or maybe they were just hungry and looking for a handout ;-) lambs were special since children were a theme of the 6th Gate.

Boarding Bus to Clogher Head

13: Shuttle Bus: In going to the Activation site from the hotel, about half of us took a bus. Here Kathleen boards it with joy and anticipation.

Clogher Head Beach

14: Beach: We've arrived at Clogher Head, where the actual Activation site is a short walk off picture to the right. Although Bonnie was officially a dancer for Air, here's she's more in tune with Water. :-)

11:11 6th Gate dinner

15: Dinner: Another table at our celebratory dinner. Note the tower Hussey's Folly can be seen though the window in the distance.

11:11 6th Gate dinner

16: Dinner: Another table at our celebratory dinner. Kathleen's gesture of holding up two fingers represents unity with the fairies.

11:11 6th Gate dinner

17: Dinner: The table Arbaline was at during our celebratory dinner. From left to right: Gudrun, Omsharee, Ongralea, Ra Maa Lar, and Bonnie.

Cards for Solara

18: Card Present: Sebastian and Collette, two of the youngest people, prepare (with a large escort of lions :-) to present a basket of cards everyone made, as a surprise present for Solara. This was after everyone put their cards in the basket while doing a hip new "2nd Wave" form of the Lion walk. ;-)

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