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Arbaline's 6th Gate Gallery

On May 29, 2004 about 54 people activated the 6th Gate of the 11:11 Doorway at the Master Cylinder! This was in County Kerry, Ireland, on Clogher Head at the tip of the Dingle peninsula. Here are pictures from our journey. :-) Additional 6th Gate pictures can be viewed here. (For other Gates, see also the 7th Gate Gallery, 8th Gate 1 Gallery, and 8th Gate 2 Gallery.)

Dingle Skellig Hotel

1: Skellig Hotel: Arbaline before the Dingle Skellig hotel on Dingle Harbor, on the evening of arrival to Ireland. Notice the rock fence common to this part of the world, with the narrow gate allowing people to pass through but not livestock.

Dingle Skellig Hotel circle

2: Skellig Hotel: A circular courtyard with a large rock in the middle next to the Dingle Skellig hotel. The conference room where we met is through the door.

Dingle Skellig Hotel shed

3: Skellig Hotel: Bonnie before one of the satellite buildings of the Dingle Skellig hotel. This neat storage shed was right outside my room, off picture to the right. The hotel's water tower was also covered in rock like this.

Cows by Dingle Skellig hotel

4: Cows: Livestock fields are everywhere, including right outside our hotel. If you get close a cow may kiss your fingers. ;-)

Streets of Dingle, Ireland

5: Downtown Dingle: A typical narrow street in Dingle, Ireland. Notice the blue paint store on the right with dolphins on the front, in honor of Fungie, a local dolphin that lives around Dingle Harbor.

Docks in Dingle, Ireland

6: Docks: The boat dock area in Dingle, Ireland. Tourists often take trips out into the harbor to see Fungie the dolphin.

11:11 Anchor Groups

7: Anchor Groups: Getting in touch with our anchor groups around the world in our conference room at the Dingle Skellig hotel. Here we are placing stickers corresponding to the location of each anchor group on a map of the world.

Water element dancers

8: Water Element: In the meeting room we practiced our Sacred Dances, such as the Dance of the Four Elements. Here dancers representing water "flow" into position.

Stuffed Lions at 11:11 6th Gate

9: Lions: In honor of our Golden Lion dance, stuffed animal lions were available for sale. By the end of the week, most everybody had one! The lions liked doing the One Heart mudra as much as the rest of us. ;-) From left to right: Solara, Ama, and Kalasara.

Solara's Gifts

10: Sharing: People would give Solara gifts at times, including flowers, a stuffed cow, and a tennis ball. Embodying "living lightly", these and other things were soon passed on to others. I took one tennis ball with me to Ireland, and somehow returned home with four. ;-)

Hussey's Folly Tower, Dingle Ireland

11: Hussey's Folly: Bonnie in front of a tower called Hussey's Folly, a short about 1/4 mile walk along the beach from the Dingle Skellig hotel. The tower has windows but no door, so there's no easy way to get inside it.

11:11 Sand Labyrinth

12: Evolutionary Labyrinth: Bonnie in the middle of a sand Labyrinth Arbaline made on the beach, half way between the hotel and Hussey's Folly. Part of an Activation involves acknowledging previous Gates. The keynote of the 4th Gate was reconfiguring our evolutionary Labyrinth. "Fáilte" is Irish for "welcome" by the way. Another picture of the Labyrinth can be seen here.

Countries of the World

13: One World: "Let's activate our One Being in..." The day before the Activation before lunchtime, we went through all the countries and regions of the world, sending the energy of the One to each, and laying a card for each on our anchor group map. This was the point where most really felt the 6th Gate energies start to come in!

Eask Tower, Dingle Ireland

14: Eask Tower: Arbaline at the base of Eask Tower, at the top of Carhoo Hill across the harbor from Dingle, about four miles away. The tower was built in 1847, is 40 feet high and 15 feet thick, and is solid rock with no entrance.

Sheep by Eask Tower

15: Sheep: If a field didn't contain cows it probably contained sheep. :-) Here sheep are roaming by Eask Tower. Notice the "finger" sticking out of the tower, meant to be a navigation aid pointing to the narrow entrance to Dingle Harbor.

On way to 11:11 6th Gate

16: Ready To Go: Our Starry Family clad in white (with a few warmer layers in different colors ;-) on the morning of the Activation in front of the hotel, ready to head out to the tip of Dingle peninsula.

Bonnie and Walter

17: Ready Again: Bonnie and Arbaline in the hotel lobby, ready to activate the 6th Gate. :-)

11:11 6th Gate Activation Site

18: The Site: We've arrived at the very windy site of our 6th Gate Activation.

11:11 6th Gate Activation Space

19: Sacred Space: The space where we did our Sacred Dances at the Activation site. Notice the door-like cave in the large island.

Ocean at Dingle Peninsula

20: The Ocean: The sea went right up to the fence surrounding our field. This inlet allowed the spirits of the ocean to come right up next to us.

11:11 7th Gate Medallion

21: Medallion: Around lunch time on activation day it looked like it was going to rain. Here Solara holds up a special sun face medallion from India, where the 7th Gate of the 11:11 will be. We only felt a few drops before the sun came out again, continuing the pattern where it's almost always good weather for a Gate Activation. :-)

One Earth / One Being dance

22: One Earth: This is right before we did our One Earth / One Being dance, the keynote of the 6th Gate Activation. Guardians are maintaining the energy around the circle of the Earth, drawn with flour and flowers.

11:11 6th Gate group photo

23: Group Photo: Our magnificent One Being together for a group photo, minus only a couple souls who had to leave early.

11:11 6th Gate dinner

24: Dinner: The day after the Activation we celebrated with a nice dinner. From left to right: Barvel, Solara, Elara, Indigo, Kalasara, Ama, Anastra, Sebastian, Karin, Nova, and Araya.

11:11 6th Gate dinner

25: Dinner: More starry beings celebrating at dinner the day after the Activation. Notice some still want to do the Golden Lion dance. ;-) From left to right: Collette, Alberto, Mary, Szilvia, Susannah, Uwe, Brigitte, Christian, and Charessa.

Solara's Birthday Cakes

26: Solara's Birthday: When you're part of our One Being, it's hard to hide things from others, such as your birthday! ;-) Here we're celebrating Solara's birthday a few days early with a couple chocolate cakes. From left to right: Indigo, Nova, Solara, Ama, and Kalasara.

Our radiant Chairbeing

27: Our Chairbeing: Kimberly, a radiant being who has stepped into her mastery, holds up peacock feather and tennis ball scepters. If you need anything, she'll lovingly approve and sign for it. ;-)

Arbaline at LAX airport

28: Airport Gate: Being involved with the 11:11 involves spending lots of time in airports. Here Arbaline is at LAX, ready to go through future "gates" no matter how many there are. ;-)

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