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Arbaline's 7th Gate Gallery

On October 30-31, 2004, about 63 people from 28 countries activated the 7th Gate of the 11:11 Doorway at its Master Cylinder! This was at Jagmandir Palace in the middle of Lake Pichola, in the city of Udaipur, in the district of Rajastahn, in India. Here are pictures from our journey. :-) This page is part 1, showing our preparations. Part 2 about the actual Activation can be viewed here.

Mumbai airport

1: Mumbai Airport: Our One Being started coming together while traveling to Udaipur. From left to right: E*An*Na (Bonnie), Araya with a picture of Sai Baba, Mary with two lions, and Ti*Mon*Ra (Angie). A related picture of An*Nu*Tuk (Collette), El*En*Ra (Susannah), E*An*Na, and a butterfly awaiting the plane to Mumbai on the way back can be seen here.

Udai Kothi Hotel entrance

2: Udai Kothi Hotel: The entrance to the Udai Kothi hotel where we stayed for our week of preparations before the Activation. In the doorway are Sebastian, E*An*Na, and Yolanda.

Udai Kothi Hotel foyer

3: Udai Kothi Hotel: E*An*Na in the beautifully decorated foyer of the Udai Kothi hotel. Notice the bowls of flower petals in water to either side.

Pool at Udai Kothi hotel

4: Hotel Pool: The pool on the roof of the Udai Kothi hotel. Marc and Mark from Australia (affectionately known as "2Marck2" :-) get cool in it.

Gazebo in Udai Kothi Hotel

5: Gazebo: Offset from the open air restaurant where we had breakfast and dinner was this octagonal gazebo, which was a popular place to eat. Here El*En*Ra, E*An*Na, Arbaline, and a tennis ball share Oneness in it. :-) A related picture taken in the gazebo can be seen here.

Gazebo Ceiling at Udai Kothi

6: Mirrors: The gazebo has a ceiling decorated with numerous mirrors. Look up in it and this is what you see!

Overview of Udaipur, India

7: Udaipur: A view from the top floor of the Udai Kothi hotel facing west.

Overview of Udaipur, India

8: Udaipur: A view from the roof of the Udai Kothi hotel facing east. Notice the tall temple on the right skyline. Some of us visited it on one or more occasions to pay our respects.

Udaipur People

9: Local People: E*An*Na makes quick friends with a local woman. :-) Note the three arches behind can be seen in distance in the middle of the previous picture.

Elephants in Udaipur, India

10: Elephants: Locals offer elephant rides under one of the arches seen in the previous picture. People from our group would often bring bananas for them, where the elephants would gracefully pick them out of your hand! In front can be seen E*An*Na, Kimberly, and Kathleen.

Streets of Udaipur, India

11: Streets of Udaipur: A typical narrow street in Udaipur. Omashar and Yolanda can be seen in the middle of it walking toward you. A related picture of this street be seen here.

Udaipur Lake Palace

12: Lake Palace: E*An*Na in the lake bed before one of the nearby palaces. Rajastahn was affected by drought this year, where the lake was much lower. Usually the palace is completely surrounded by water, but here one can walk to it from the city.

Cow before Udai Kothi hotel

13: Sacred Cow: Cows are sacred in India, and can often be seen roaming the streets. Here E*An*Na has just fed one in front of the Udai Kothi hotel. There was lots of wildlife to be seen around the hotel, for example a closeup of a crow getting a handout during breakfast can be seen here.

Tent Entrance at Udai Kothi

14: Meeting Tent: We held our practice sessions under a large tent on the Udai Kothi hotel grounds. Here E*An*Na is at the well-decorated entrance to it, before a statue of Krishna.

Entering Meeting Tent

15: Tent Greeting: Each time we entered the tent, we would have rose water to cleanse with. That was followed by someone standing in the middle greeting each person with the One Heart gesture as they enter. Here Indigo greets Solara with the One Heart expanding into an embrace of the Universe. :-) A related picture of Solara greeting Kathleen during a different session can be seen here.

Circle In Meeting Tent

16: Our Circle: Under the tent, we'd all sit in a circle. From left to right: Anastra, Watanabe, Solara, Ama, Christiane, and Lorenzo. Notice the leis or flower necklaces we were all given each day, and the dozen lions in a row in front of Solara. :-)

Circle In Meeting Tent

17: Our Circle: A picture of more of our One Being in the circle. An alternate angles showing the shack above can be seen here, an angle facing the other direction can be seen here, while a picture of our circle during an evening session can be seen here.

Dancing Feet

18: Dancing: Nova and Anastra dancing. There's a 6th Gate picture on nvisible.com titled "Elara with her dancing feet". Although many things have changed for the 7th Gate, some things are joyfully the same, as can be seen with Anastra and Elara dancing here. :-)

Dancing at Night

19: Group Dancing: Solara and Indigo hold the beam while others fly free and dance after an evening session.

Petting Scooby the Dog

20: Dog: Daisy, the owner of the Udai Kothi hotel, has a very friendly dog named Scooby, who will jump into your lap if given a chance. Here E*An*Na plays with her new friend while a lion and Ti*Mon*Ra watch. A related picture of the dog at E*An*Na's feet can be seen here, while a side view of the dog can be seen here.

7th Gate Anchor Group map

21: Anchor Map: Indigo and Elara hold the One Heart in front of our Anchor group map. At each Gate we get in touch with our Anchor groups around the world, by placing stickers corresponding to the location of each Anchor group on a map of the world.

7th Gate Anchor Group map

22: Anchoring Love: Ama and E*An*Na (wearing a rose petal bindi) express love in front of our Anchor group map. :-) Notice all the stickers over Turkey, since there are so many anchor groups there.

Countries of the World

23: One World: Like at the 6th Gate, we went through all the countries and regions of the world, activating our One Being in each, laying a diamond shaped card for each around an inflatable globe. That evening the surrounding lions were turned to face outward, as can be seen here.

Earth element dancers

24: Earth Element: Here we're demonstrating one of our sacred dances, the Elements Dance, featuring the four elements plus individual dancers representing the Sun and Moon. The Earth dancers moved very slowly, and ended up expressing growing trees.

Water element dancers

25: Water Element: The water element dance featured bringing in water and rain to help drought affected Rajastahn. The invoking was requested at a reasonable rate of course, as we don't want flooding.

Fire element dancers

26: Fire Element: The fire element dance represented a starting fire, as is often done with this element. However it ended up expressing the rays of the Sun, which is also fire energy.

Air element dancers

27: Air Element: The air dancers formed pinwheels and ran around at a rapid rate, fast enough that you could actually feel a breeze coming from them! :-)

Group with Udai Kothi hotel staff

28: Group With Staff: Kalasara, Asena, and Lale pose with the Udai Kothi hotel restaurant staff.

Group in Udai Kothi hotel garden

29: Group Photo: Part of our group poses around a hand carved wooden swing in the garden of the Udai Kothi hotel. From left to right: Enraya, E*An*Na, Marc, Sue, Solenra, Mark, Mary, Anastra, Ti*Mon*Ra, and Sebastian.

Beings dressed in white

30: Wearing White: On the morning of the Activation, we all dressed up in white. Pictured from left to right are Jaivatur, Arbaline, An*Nu*Tuk, and El*En*Ra.

11:11 7th Gate group photo

31: One Being: Nearly half our One Being can be seen in this picture. We're on the front steps of the Udai Kothi hotel, ready to make our procession to the Activation site!

On to 7th Gate Gallery: Part 2 - The Activation!

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