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Arbaline's 7th Gate Gallery: The Activation

Here is another page of pictures from the 7th Gate Master Cylinder of the 11:11 Doorway at Udaipur, Rajastahn, India. The first section showing our preparations can be viewed here. A 3rd page of pictures taken by E*An*Na can be viewed here.

Jagmandir Lake Palace

1: Jagmandir Palace: The site of our 7th Gate Activation. Notice the beached boats, where usually the palace can only be reached by boat, and the dressed up people on horseback awaiting our arrival.

11:11 7th Gate procession

2: Processional: We traveled across the lake bed in grand style. Solara, Ama, and Sebastian are on the elephant in front, while people on the camels behind can be seen doing the One Heart. Notice the dirty line on the palace in the background, which is usually the water level.

Camel in procession

3: Camel: Most people traveled to Jagmandir Palace on carts pulled by camels, however some went by other forms in the procession, such as actually riding camels, as Kimberly and Jaivatur are doing.

Jagmandir Palace courtyard

4: Sacred Space: We entered Jagmandir Palace at about 4pm in the afternoon. Here can be seen the main courtyard where we did our sacred dances.

Flower Petal Mandala at Jagmandir Palace

5: Petal Mandala: A close up view of the far end of the main courtyard. The circular design is a Rangoli mandala, having been made completely out of flower petals!

Elephant Statues at Jagmandir Palace

6: Palace Elephants: The outer wall of Jagmandir Palace features these four statues of elephants (with four more on the other side), each slightly different. Elephants represent prosperity and luck in India. (Horses represent strength while camels represent love.)

Fountain at Jagmandir Palace

7: Fountain: A beautiful fountain next to the main courtyard in Jagmandir Palace. E*An*Na brings down the Diamond of the Unseen. :-) 

Resting Area at Jagmandir Palace

8: Rest Area: This cushioned room near the courtyard in Jagmandir Palace was where we would rest between sacred dances, or even sleep/dream later at night. For a picture of Aljai, An*Nu*Tuk, and E*An*Na doing a 3-way version of the One Heart in front of this part of the palace, click here. :-)

Countries of the World

9: One World: We set up our inflatable globe and pieces of paper for each country and region in the world, next to the fountain in Jagmandir Palace, to carry the energy of our One Being having been activated in each locale earlier in the week.

Jagmandir Palace at Night

10: Palace at Night: We started our sacred dances as the sun set. Jagmandir Palace is beautiful during the day, but positively enchanting at night! Notice the ball of light to the lower right of center. I know it's just the flash reflecting, but it looks like a spirit guide. :-)

Guardians at 11:11 7th Gate Activation

11: Guardians: Our ever watchful Guardians held the energy in our sacred space the whole Activation, even in the middle of the night when nobody was dancing and many were sleeping/dreaming.

Playing Music at Jagmandir Palace

12: Omashar's Gazebo: Omashar played music throughout the activation, both the music for our Sacred Dances and other music for the spaces in between, in this fancy gazebo next to the main courtyard. Visit http://www.omashar.com to see his albums.

Dinner at Jagmandir Palace

13: Dinner: We had a nice Indian dinner at one end of the main courtyard in Jagmandir Palace, at around 9pm in the evening.

Solara's Table at 7th Gate Activation

14: Solara's Table: Solara and the rest of her table catch me trying to take their picture during dinner. :-)

Start of Sacred Spiral Dance

15: Sacred Spiral Dance: I sat out the Sacred Spiral dance (it started while I was in the bathroom ;-) so I had the opportunity to take some nice pictures of it. Here's the beginning stage of it, showing the two lines spiral in, each person keeping their eyes on their partner across from them.

Stepping during Sacred Spiral Dance

16: Sacred Spiral Dance: Both line steps sideways together at One, as if there were a membrane connecting them.

Sacred Spiral Dance

17: Sacred Spiral Dance: The two lines spiral in closer toward the center. Guardians can be seen holding the energy, as always. Upon reaching the center, each couple would spiral out together, as can be seen here.

End of Sacred Spiral Dance

18: Sacred Spiral Dance: The end of the Sacred Spiral Dance, where everyone's spiraled out with their partner and formed one large circle. Ultimately everyone is our Lover From Beyond the Stars! :-)

Rose Petals After 7th Gate Activation

19: Rose Petals: Upon leaving Jagmandir Palace and taking our procession back to the Udai Kothi, the friendly hotel staff showered us with rose petals as we reentered the hotel. :-) Here Aljai and E*An*Na do the One Heart together soon after.

Jana's Birthday Cake

20: Birthday: Jana's birthday happened to be October 31st, the second day of i.e. the day we returned from the Activation. That evening we and the restaurant staff celebrated it with a delicious cake! :-)

Solara with Cake After 7th Gate Activation

21: Solara's Cake: November 1st, the day after the activation, was our last full day in Udaipur. To celebrate we had this three level cake. Solara blows out the candles with her whole being. :-) At this exact moment, the hotel staff honored us by setting off a sequence of fireworks which lit up the night sky!

Solara With Rose Petals After 7th Gate

22: Gratitude: We weren't done thanking Solara yet. :-) We stood around the edges of a diamond, with rose petals in our hands. Solara approached while several people gave her speeches of appreciation. She entered the diamond walking on the spiral path of rose petals, upon which each side opened into the One Heart letting rose petals fly. Soon everyone was playfully showering each other with petals! ;-)

Indian Dancers

23: Indian Dancers: The evening wasn't over yet! Traditional Indian dancers came and performed in our circle.

Indian Dancer Balancing Bowls

24: Indian Dancer: The dancers featured this gentleman who was able to dance while balancing upon his head a cup on which was stacked 11 pots! He kept on adding more pots until the stack was brushing the top of the tent, and was able to do this while standing on plates or blades, spinning bowls on knives in his hands, and so on.

Group With Indian Dancers

25: Indian Dancing: Eventually everyone joined in, Indian dancers and our group spinning around as One. :-)

Bikaner Palace Hotel in Mt. Abu, India

26: Palace Hotel: The next day most of our group went on to Mt. Abu, about 4 hours from Udaipur. Here's a view of the Bikaner Palace Hotel we stayed at there.

Treehugging in Mt. Abu, India

27: Tree at Mt. Abu: Mt. Abu was cooler with more vegetation than Udaipur. Here several people are hugging a large tree at the Bikaner Palace Hotel, where it takes several people to wrap their arms around it. A picture of Mt. Abu seen through foliage from the hotel grounds can be seen here.

Monkey by Bikaner Palace Hotel in Mt. Abu

28: Monkey: There was lots of wildlife to be seen throughout India. Here's a monkey right next to the Bikaner Palace Hotel. I was able to see monkeys from my hotel room back in Udaipur too.

Playing Musical Chairs

29: Fun: Part of our group plays musical chairs at the Bikaner Palace Hotel at Mt. Abu. Who says we don't have fun at Master Cylinders? ;-)

Bikaner Palace Hotel gate

30: Gateway: After Activating 7th Gate, many things look like portals, like these wall decorations on the hotel grounds. ;-) Here Arbaline sees things from a shifted perspective. A related picture of E*An*Na going through the gates (with diamond shaped tiles on the ground!) can be seen here.

Council of the One Being

31: Council of One: And the Council of the One Being is now in session! Our main activity at Mt. Abu was planning the future of our One Being in Action. Here's our conference room at the Bikaner Palace Hotel.

Shopping in Mt. Abu, India

32: One Heart: Six people doing six One Hearts while shopping in Mt. Abu. A picture of six of us doing one giant One Heart on the Birkaner Palace tennis court can be seen here.

Starry Processional Dance in Tent

A: Starry Processional: Our activities were featured in India newspapers several times during our stay. This article pictures us demonstrating the Starry Processional in our tent at the Udai Kothi hotel, during the week before the Activation.

Lotus Dance in Tent

B: Lotus Dance: This article pictures us demonstrating the Lotus Dance in our tent at the Udai Kothi hotel.

One Heart at Hotel

C: One Heart: This article pictures us doing the One Heart on the front steps of the Udai Kothi hotel, right before leaving for the Activation.

Entering Jagmandir Palace

D: Activation Procession: This article pictures Solara and Indigo at the front of a double line, showing our entry into Jagmandir Palace.

7th Gate Diamond at Activation

E: Activation Diamond: This article pictures us making the Diamond of the Unseen gesture to claim our sacred space, upon our arrival at Jagmandir Palace.

Circle at Activation

F: Activation Circle: This article pictures us raising our arms in a circle, soon after our arrival at Jagmandir Palace.

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