E*An*Na's 7th Gate Gallery

Garden at Udai Kothi Hotel

1: Udai Kothi Garden: The beautiful garden on the grounds of the Udai Kothi hotel, where we stayed for our week of preparations before the 7th Gate Activation.

Statue in Udai Kothi Garden

2: Garden Statue: E*An*Na (Bonnie) standing alongside a statue of Buddha in the garden of the Udai Kothi Hotel.

Pool in Udai Kothi Garden

3: Garden Pool: A smaller statue at the edge of an enchanted pool in the garden of the Udai Kothi.

Gazebo in Udai Kothi Hotel

4: Gazebo: E*An*Na, El*En*Ra (Susannah), and An*Nu*Tuk (Collette) express Oneness in a gazebo on the roof of the Udai Kothi.

E*An*Na with Globe

5: Fun With Globe: E*An*Na in the tent at our hotel where we practiced the sacred dances. Her lighthearted energy makes the world levitate above her hand! Ok, the inflatable globe is actually hanging from the ceiling, but that doesn't diminish the effect of E*An*Na's Love on those around her and the world. :-)

Loving the World

6: One World: Like at 6th Gate, we went through all the countries and regions of the world, activating our One Being in each. We started with our inflatable globe, and here we're giving it some love.

Activating our One Being

7: One World: We've decorated the world with flower leis and a ring of golden lions facing inward. This is just before we started reading the name of each country and placing a diamond piece of paper labeling each inside the circle.

Camel Cart in Procession

8: Camel: One of several camel pulled carts that formed the majority of our procession to and from our Activation site at Jagmandir Palace in Lake Pichola.

Entrance to Jagmandir Palace

9: Palace Entrance: Our procession has reached the entrance to Jagmandir Palace. This is just before we formed a double line to go up the red carpet steps inside.

Courtyard and Carpet in Jagmandir Palace

10: Red Carpet: A red carpet led from outside the palace around a few corners and into and along one edge of the main courtyard. Notice it's flanked by different colored bands of flower petals. We did our Gateways of Initiation forming gateways along this path.

E*An*Na in Jagmandir Palace Courtyard

11: Sacred Space: E*An*Na holds a rose given to people as they entered Jagmandir Palace. Here she's standing in the courtyard where we did our sacred dances.

Fountain in Jagmandir Palace

12: Fountain: A beautiful fountain in front of one of the buildings next to the main courtyard in Jagmandir Palace.

Elephants on Jagmandir Palace Wall

13: Palace Wall: Jagmandir palace is a beautiful place, where flowers, candle trees, and small elephant gargoyles can be seen along this wall. Elephants are a theme for the palace, as there are also elephant statues along an outer wall, and a altar to the elephant headed god Ganesh at one end of the main courtyard.

Aljai in Jagmandir Palace Garden

14: Aljai: Aljai holds the beam in the Jagmandir Palace gardens. She and E*An*Na were snakes together in the Noah's Ark dance. They did a sssuper job of it. ;-)

Ama in Jagmandir Palace Garden

15: Ama: Ama sends forth Love in the Jagmandir Palace gardens next to the main courtyard. Ama helped E*An*Na find her star name during the week, along with several other people.

E*An*Na with Janet's Gifts

16: Janet's Gifts: This is the edge of the resting area next to a row of elephant statues. E*An*Na holds up a chime ball given her by Janet. Janet was at 6th Gate but unable to come to the 7th, so we brought this along to help her connect with the energies. At the edge of the table is another gift, a blue pewter Labyrinth Janet gave to Arbaline.

Christiane and Arbaline

17: Bee Dancers: During our week of preparations, we birthed a new Noah's Ark dance. People would get into pairs, each pair representing a different animal. Christiane and Arbaline were bees in this dance. Here they are bee-ing their fullest selves. ;-)

Arbaline and E*An*Na

18: Rest Area: Arbaline and E*An*Na hold the matrix in front of the entrance to the room in Jagmandir Palace where we would rest between sacred dances.

E*An*Na doing Diamond

19: E*An*Na: E*An*Na in the garden area next to the main courtyard in Jagmandir Palace, bringing down the Diamond of the Unseen.

Ti*Mon*Ra with Globe

20: Ti*Mon*Ra: Ti*Mon*Ra (Angie) holds the whole world in her hands. The globe is actually a jigsaw puzzle which forms a hollow sphere instead of just a rectangle, where we put all the pieces together overnight during the Activation, Ti*Mon*Ra contributing a lot here.

7th Gate T-Shirt

A: T-Shirt: For the 7th Gate Master Cylinder we printed T-Shirts with the above design. The rainbow text helps express the beauty of many as One. The central diamond logo helps show the 7th Gate energies. The inner parts are the Antarion Conversion, the nested diamonds show the expanding Diamond of the Unseen, and the solid line parts look like the One Eye (to See the Unseen). The solid line parts also symbolize the 7th Gate Mudra, with our hands forming the Diamond in the middle, and then expanding out! To buy this T-Shirt, click here.

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