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On February 11, 2007, about 130 people from 36 countries, along with about 50 mostly local people acting as Guardians, activated the 8th Gate of the 11:11 Doorway at its Master Cylinder! This was on the island of Mallorca, Spain, in the central mountains north of the small town of Alaró. Here are some pictures of the event, taken from Arbaline's camera. This page is part 1, showing our preparations. Part 2 about the actual Activation can be viewed here.

Hotel Mon Port grounds

1: Hotel Grounds: This is the Hotel Mon Port, where we stayed for our week of preparations before the 8th Gate Activation. In the pictured building, the top floor is where we held our preparation sessions, and the bottom floor is the hotel restaurant, in front of which Alanah can be seen doing the One Heart mudra.

Hotel Mon Port pool bridge

2: Hotel Bridge: The Hotel Mon Port features an outdoor swimming pool (actually three levels of pool), with a fountain in the middle, and this beautiful arch bridge crossing it. It's a bridge to the New! :-) Other views of the bridge can be seen here and here.

Hotel Mon Port lobby

3: Hotel Lobby: This is the fancy lobby area of the Hotel Mon Port, featuring crystal chandeliers, flower arrangements, and more.

Hotel Mon Port mirror

4: Hotel Lobby Mirror: Another example of decorations in the hotel is this mirror. Here Alanah is "reflecting" on the meaning of love. :-)

Hotel Mon Port restraurant

5: Hotel Restaurant: The dining in the Hotel Mon Port restaurant was always outstandingly delicious. Here Alanah shows that we weren't just nourishing ourselves on food, but also on love! :-)

Hotel Mon Port rooms

6: Hotel Rooms: This is one of the hotel buildings containing the rooms we stayed in.

Hotel Mon Port room

7: Hotel Room: Alanah shows an example of the rooms we stayed in at the Hotel Mon Port. You can tell this is Alanah and Arbaline's room, because of the tennis balls on the nightstand. ;-) In spite of the nice accommodations, our rooms weren't the only good places to lie down, as can be seen by Alanah demonstrating Total Surrender here. :-)

Preparation session meeting room

8: Meeting Room: This is the "L" shaped (or rather heart shaped :-) meeting room where we held our preparation sessions, usually three each day. The room was a bit tight and odd shaped, but that helped us at the Activation site, which was similar. Other views of our One Being in this room can be seen here and here. A section of this picture is used as the banner at the top of this page.

One Heart greetings

9: One Heart: Upon entering the meeting room, each person would be greeted by one or more people doing the One Heart.

8th Gate translators

10: Translators: The 8th Gate Master Cylinder had people from all over the world, and speaking many languages. We had translators for Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German, and French. Whenever someone would speak to the group, they would pause after each phrase, and then the translators would echo around the room, sounding like chanting.

Taanua Dance of the Greater Love

11: Sacred Dance: Here we're demonstrating one of the Sacred Dances, the Taanua Dance of the Greater Love, inspired by the Kalahari Bushmen where we embody stars hunting for True Love.

Earth element dancers

12: Earth Element: Here we're demonstrating the Elements Dance, which featured the four elements plus eight dancers representing the Lotus Heart. The Earth element dance featured people sprouting forth like trees.

Air element dancers

13: Air Element: The Air element dance featured people using their pareos like wings, and flying in the four directions and around in pinwheels.

Fire element dancers

14: Fire Element: The Fire element dance featured people humming in increasing volume and then bursting forth like a volcano!

Group photo

15: Group Photo: Here's some of our One Being relaxing between sessions. Another picture of people in a circle can be seen here.

View from meeting room

16: Meeting Room View: Look out from the meeting room, to see this beautiful view of the hotel grounds (notice the arch bridge) and Port d'Andratx in the background. Another picture of the view can be seen here.

Port d'Andratx dock

17: Port d'Andratx: Hotel Mon Port is located near the town of Andratx. Here several of us have ventured out on a waterfront dock. Note during this outing, on our very first day of sessions, Arbaline found a tennis ball. :-)

Port d'Andratx lighthouse

18: Lighthouse: In the middle of the Port d'Andratx harbor is this lighthouse. Here Arbaline and Alanah help hold the "beam" in front of it. ;-)

Port d'Andratx anchor

19: Giant Anchor: On the waterfront in Port d'Andratx can be seen this large anchor. Here Alanah helps "anchor" the Lotus Heart. ;-)

Flowers for Solara

20: Flowers: On the fifth day, several people got Solara flowers, including a large arrangement with two red heart decorations that many chipped in for. Notice the tennis ball holding up the flowers in the cup. ;-)

8th Gate Anchor Group map

21: Anchor Map: At each Master Cylinder we get in touch with our Anchor Groups around the world, by placing stickers corresponding to the location of each Anchor Group on a map of the world. Here Annu, Arbaline, Alanah, and Ken hold the beam in front of it.

8th Gate Anchor Group map

22: Anchor Close-up: Here's a closer view of our Anchor map. Notice the larger red sticker over Rajasthan, India, site of the 7th Gate Activation, to represent the stone giants there.

Countries of the World

23: One World: Like at the 6th and 7th Gate Master Cylinders, we went through all the countries and regions of the world, activating our One Being and the Lotus Heart in each, laying a diamond shaped card for each around the flower arrangement. This was when the 8th Gate energies really start coming in. Another view can be seen here. Eventually people added lions and sea creatures (including one with a smiling tennis ball :-) around it, as can be seen here.

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