11:11 8th Gate Gateways of Initiation

Arbaline's 8th Gate Gallery: The Activation

Here is another page of pictures from the 8th Gate Master Cylinder of the 11:11 Doorway in Mallorca, Spain. The first section showing our preparations can be viewed here.

Activation Day clouds

1: Clouds: The day of an 11:11 Gate Activation always features special clouds. Here Alanah does the One Heart at sunrise before clouds that look like a large Dragon head.

Bus ride to Activation site

2: Bus Ride: We took a couple large busses and a fleet of cars from our hotel to the Activation site.

Mountain guardians

3: Mountain Guardians: The busses traveled between these two natural sentinels, acting as a Gateway to a deeper energy. Note the angled lines formed look a lot like your arms at the end of the 8th Gate mudra!

Bus transfer

4: Bus Stop: Beyond the towns of Consell and Alaró, in the mountains, the busses stopped and we transferred to shuttle vans that would be able to navigate the road ahead.

Switchbacked mountain road

5: Steep Road: The shuttle vans and cars wound their way across a mountain pass with narrow roads and very sharp switchbacks.

Activation site grounds

6: Activation Grounds: The 8th Gate Activation Site was on a private estate. Here's the entrance near the parking area. It look longer to shuttle everyone than expected, but we were all there by 11:30am.

Activation site lower lawn

7: Lower Lawn: Above the entrance area is this lawn, where we held the Gateways of Initiation. A section of this picture is used as the banner at the top of this page.

Activation site with Guardians

8: Activation Site: Above the Gateways of Initiation lawn is the Activation Site itself. We've just arrived, and are about to begin our Sacred Dances. Notice Guardians can already be seen in position.

Activation site

9: Activation Site: Another view of the Activation Site, this time afterward, once we finished our Dances and the 8th Gate had been Activated. The world looks and feels different now! :-)

People post-Activation

10: Post-Activation: An*Ra, Alanah, and Arbaline are tired yet radiant after the 8th Gate Activation.

Activation Site lawn

11: Activation Site: Here's one more view of the Activation site, a quiet view after everyone had left it. There were a few very special trees on the lawn.

Tree tunnel

12: Tree Portal: Here's a close-up view of the tree on the right hand side above. Arbaline navigates through a doorway under it. ;-)

Return from Activation site

13: Return Trip: After the Activation, we waited out front for the shuttle vans and cars. Here Solara shares yummy Swiss chocolate with whoever wants it. Waiting gave people opportunities to take more pictures, however note that some are shy in front of the camera, as seen here. ;-)

Sharing experiences

14: Sharing: The day after the Activation we shared our experiences during it. Here Indigo and Solara can be seen in front of the lost and found from the Activation. That pile is fun to lie down in. ;-)

Alanah and An*Ra

15: Connection: Alanah and An*Ra show their loving mastery in a splash of brilliant magenta hues.

Sol and Solara

16: More Connection: Sol and Solara (cool name combination ;-) share a tender moment, in front of curtains that would sometimes blow over one like a (bridal ;-) veil.

Thanking Solara

17: Appreciation: The evening after the Activation we showed our appreciation to Solara, where she followed a "lotus stem" formed by people lowering pareos as she passed, where some handed her paper lotus flowers containing letters of thanks. This was planned by Anastra, who always does something special like this after each Master Cylinder. :-)

Solara's wishes

18: Wishes: At the end of the pareo stem passage, before a large lotus display on the ground, three people each presented Solara with a candle. Here Solara makes three wishes, one for humanity, one for the world, and one for her own deepest heart's desires. May they all come true! :-)

Lotus candles

19: Lotus: A close-up view of the Lotus display, with the wish candles in front, each of which was placed in the bowl of candles in the middle.

Solara thanking Omashar

20: Omashar: More people would be thanked this evening! Here Solara calls out the dedicated work of Omashar, who played live music and took care of the sound system all week. Visit http://www.omashar.com/ to hear his music.

Hotel Mon Port restraurant staff

21: Restaurant Staff: A special thanking of the hotel restaurant staff, who fed well over a hundred people and took care of special requests for ten days.

11:11 Doorway

22: 11:11 Doorway: Arbaline, ready to "exit" through the 11:11 Doorway, does the One Heart in front of the doorway to our meeting room.

Couple in True Love

23: True Loves: The 8th Gate has an increased emphasis on True Love partnerships. Alanah and Arbaline are each others' True Loves! :-)

11:11 8th Gate group photo

24: Our One Being: Here's the majority of the 8th Gate Master Cylinder, minus a few people taking pictures. Lotus Love! :-)

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