Kelly's gourd

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I'm a big fan of the show Survivor produced by CBS. It combines the best elements of a game show, soap opera, nature documentary, and swimsuit contest. ;-) This page lists some of my creations and acquisitions in this area:

KimP's torch

Kim Powers is one of my favorite contestants. KimP can be an acronym for (K)ind, (I)ntelligent, (M)oral, and (P)hysically fit. :-) I had the honor of owning the torch she carried with her during her 33 days in Africa. After Survivor III was broadcast, many props from the show, including each of the 16 contestant's torches, were auctioned on eBay by the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. I won KimP's torch, and although I later resold it to another Survivor fan, pictures I took of it can be seen below:

KellyG's signed gourd

Kelly Goldsmith, considered to have the highest IQ of any Survivor contestant of all time, is another of my Survivor favorites. Kelly's acronym is (K)nowledgeable, (E)legant, (L)ively, (L)oyal, (Y)outhful. :-) I would have won Kelly's torch, however I waited too long before submitting my bid. As part of the Survivor III memorabilia auction, each contestant autographed a gourd. Most just signed their name, however Kelly really decorated hers resulting in a real work of art! I won the auction for this gourd, which can be seen below:

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