The Spiralstorm Maze Gallery

This is a gallery of hand made Mazes I've drawn over the years. They are in my personal "Spiralstorm" style composed of interlocking spirals, where such Mazes look like a storm of wind or water, or a maiden's hair. I came up with this when I was eight years old, where the style and Mazes produced have changed little since then, except I now draw the lines neater! Most of these Mazes were drawn on 8.5" by 11" paper. Some were drawn in color, but the scans are all black and white. Most of these are perfect Mazes with only one solution and no inaccessible areas or passage loops, but there are exceptions. Some Mazes had stickers on them or other things that don't show up in a monochrome picture, and stickers are of course not my own artwork, so such areas have been edited. Other Mazes were done as gifts for people, and in such cases personally identifiable information has been removed for privacy. They know who they are! :-)

Hearts 2gether Maze

0: Title: Hearts 2gether, Date drawn: August 11, 2009. This Maze was my first attempt at creating a "braid" Spiralstorm Maze without any dead ends, meaning it has many intentional passage loops. It also has one inaccessible area within one of the spirals.

Twin Souls Maze

1: Title: Twin Souls, Date drawn: December 23, 2004. This Maze both starts and ends in the middle. It has one intentional passage loop around one of the hearts, meaning it has two solutions, and can't be solved with wall following.

Web of Life Maze

2: Title: Web of Life, Date drawn: April 4, 2003. This Maze has a couple passage loops which surround the central goal, meaning it can' t be solved with wall following. It therefore has multiple solutions.

Thirteen Spirals Maze

3: Title: Thirteen Spirals, Date drawn: June 5, 2002. This Maze features a small spiral embedded within a larger one. It also contains four separate passage loops in various places, intentionally created to make the Maze more difficult. Can you find them?

Fairies Meeting Maze

4: Title: Fairies Meeting, Date drawn: July 3, 2001. Start at one fairy (doesn't matter which) and make your way through the Maze to the other fairy. This Maze contains one large inaccessible area, where one of the spirals can't be reached by any path. Can you find it?

Ivy Maze

5: Title: Ivy, Date drawn: June 13, 2001. Make your way through the twisted vines of ivy. This Maze contains one small passage loop.

Spiritual Seeker Maze

6: Title: Spiritual Seeker, Date drawn: December 2, 2000. Seeking to grow and evolve and find your way along a spiritual "Path" is not unlike solving a Maze. Find your center! :-)

Moon and Sun Maze

7: Title: Moon and Sun, Date drawn: February 9, 2000. This time start in the center and find your way out. There are 12 stars around the outside to symbolize the zodiac.

Amaze Me

8: Title: Amaze Me, Date drawn: December 15, 1999. This Maze has a long roundabout solution, where you'll first find yourself near the exit, then back near the entrance, before finally reaching the exit.

Find Your Heart Maze

9: Title: Find Your Heart, Date drawn: September 4, 1999. Finding true love is like a Maze too. ;-) This Maze contains one passage loop.

A Dozen Roses Maze

10: Title: A Dozen Roses, Date drawn: October 16, 1998. The spirals can look like flower petals too. :-) This Maze contains one giant inaccessible section, where two whole spirals can't be reached by any path, and inside that area is a large passage loop.

Sarah and Jareth Maze

11: Title: Sarah and Jareth, Date drawn: May 26, 1997. Pretend you're Sarah in the movie "Labyrinth", and find your way to Jareth's castle at the center. This Maze contains one oubliette, or large inaccessible section that you can't get out of. Fortunately there's no way into the isolated section either. :-)

Three Entrances Maze

12: Title: Three Entrances, Date drawn: February 9, 1997. Only one of the three entrances into the Maze leads to the exit. Note the signature seal with my initials W.D.P. merged together, surrounded by the initials C.O. for "Cruiser One". Note also the extra walls on the boundary wall to prevent one from cheating by going around the outside of the Maze altogether. :-) This Maze contains one standard passage loop, and another intentionally configured in a manner you can find yourself.

Winter Solstice Maze

13: Title: Winter Solstice, Date drawn: December 21, 1996. The spirals can look like a swirling snowstorm too! This Maze contains one small intentional passage loop located between spirals.

Life's Journey Maze

14: Title: Life's Journey, Date drawn: May 28, 1996. Life is a Maze! Have a good one! :-)

Swirling Dreams Maze

15: Title: Swirling Dreams, Date drawn: July 31, 1995. The flowing spirals are like a dream. This Maze features the entrance and exit near each other, just as one (usually ;-) wakes up near where they go to sleep. There's one small inaccessible section near the entrance.

Fourteen Spirals Maze

16: Title: Fourteen Spirals, Date drawn: February 7, 1995. Notice that even though the Mazes are in chronological order, this happens to be the 14th in the list! Or at least it was initially, until new Mazes were added to it. ;-)

Modern Spiralz Maze

17: Title: Modern Spiralz, Date drawn: August 1, 1989. Find your way to the girl at the center. Even though this is one of the oldest scanned Mazes in the gallery, it has a "modern" title, and was my first attempt at a Spiralstorm Maze containing only straight lines. It contains three separate inaccessible sections, where one of the spirals is unreachable, and has one large passage loop.

Missed Subconsciousness Maze

18: Title: Missed Subconsciousness, Date drawn: March 2, 1989. Unlike all the other Mazes on this page that were drawn with pencil or pen on paper, this Maze was originally drawn with dry erase markers on a whiteboard. It contains one small inaccessible passage.

Other Hand Maze Mazes

Here are some additional hand made Mazes, be they not in the Spiralstorm style, or just of a different size:

Special Frame Maze

19: Title: Special Frame, Date drawn: November 17, 2005. This Maze contains a large, square, central goal area, making the Maze itself appear to frame it. The middle can be used for different things, such as a place to have a hidden town in a computer game, a place to write a special poem to a loved one, and so on. :-) It contains 30 spirals, and one large passage loop around the middle area.

Curly Hair Maze

20: Title: Curly Hair, Date drawn: January 14, 2000. Bad hair day, or beautiful hair day? You decide! :-) A Maze with no straight lines (excluding the boundary wall) or sharp wall intersections. It contains two passage loops.

Broken Heart Maze

21: Title: Broken Heart, Date drawn: January 2, 2000. A hand drawn crack style Maze with random walls, making the heart look like it's surrounded by broken glass. This Maze contains one inaccessible section near the center.

The Hunt Maze

22: Title: The Hunt, Date drawn: June 8, 1999. Enter the Maze, find each of the four checkpoints (doesn't matter in what order) and then exit.

Think Labyrinth

23: Title: Think Labyrinth, Date drawn: March 3, 1998. The title says it all! :-)

The Blue Star Parchel Maze

24: Title: The Blue Star Parchel, Year drawn: 1981. This picture is of a Maze I drew in third grade. It was the largest Maze I ever made until 1986 when large computer generated printouts overtook it. It contains 122 spirals. The name of this Maze comes from my finding a piece of blue glitter by the entrance soon after finishing it, and yes I misspelled the word "partial". :-)

Spiralstorm sand Maze

25: Title: Sand Spirals, Date created: September 22, 2007. A Spiralstorm Maze doesn't have to just be a drawing, but can also be life size! This picture shows part of a Maze that was scratched in ocean beach sand near Moclips, Washington. It contained 15 spirals, where the exit can be seen in the upper left.

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