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I love Mazes and Labyrinths! That includes creating them, solving them, sharing with other enthusiasts, and most everything else. This site is dedicated to Mazes and Labyrinths, and features interactive Maze software, information on the movie "Labyrinth", galleries of Mazes, pictures of life size Mazes and Labyrinths, and more. Labyrinthink! :-)

The Labyrinth Oracle

A card deck divination system based on the symbology of Labyrinths and Mazes.

Daedalus 3.3

Download Daedalus, an extensive program to create, solve, and do much more with Mazes.

MazeMaker 1.0

Run a Java applet that allows you to create Mazes, and solve them from a 3D first person view.

The Movie Labyrinth

Movie files, memorabilia, pictures, and links to other "Labyrinth" movie pages.

Computer Mazes

Computer Mazes I've made, a gallery of Maze images, and links to related Maze sites.

Hand Made Mazes

The Spiralstorm Maze gallery, containing pictures of hand made Mazes I've drawn.

Maze Algorithms

Lists of Maze generation methods, Maze solving methods, and classes of Mazes in general.

Maze and Labyrinth Glossary

Lists and definitions of terms dealing with Mazes, Labyrinths, myths, and the movie "Labyrinth".

Maze Psychology

Tips on how to create difficult and fun Mazes, and how to solve and analyze them.

Life Size Mazes

Pictures of life size Mazes I've made and visited, info on the world's largest Mazes, and related links.

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