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It should go without saying that my favorite movie is of course Labyrinth, which I first saw on November 29, 1986 when I was 15 years old, and have seen at least 50 times since. My favorite actress is Jennifer Connelly, who starred in it. And yes, like the character Sarah, I have a poster of M. C. Escher's Relativity on my wall!

Movie Files

A selection of transcripts for the movie I've put together:

More Labyrinth related files:

Movie Memorabilia

I've acquired a good collection of Labyrinth movie memorabilia over the years. As far as I know I have the largest collection in the world. :-) Many items are out of print or at least hard to find now, but things are often sold on the eBay auction site (search under "Labyrinth"). That's where I got most of the things listed here that I didn't buy during the period when the movie was originally playing. Monica's Labyrinth for sale page used to also have memorabilia, but that page is no longer available. No, I'm not selling anything here, sorry! Anyway, here's my list:

New Movie Memorabilia

Most official Labyrinth merchandise was produced around the time the movie came out in 1986, and has long been out of print so is no longer available. Recently however, new Labyrinth products have been made by Henson and Lucasfilm, which can be found in stores such as Hot Topic. Most feature either the ever-popular worm or fairy:

Real Movie Props

Scans of special items I have that were never commercially available, i.e. are real props actually used in or related to the making of the film:

Picture Gallery #1

Scans of each of the 18 movie stills I have, i.e. quality 8x10 black and white photos about the movie. After the links is the text that's printed below each picture:

Picture Gallery #2

Twelve color scans of the lobby cards from the movie. Note lobby cards come in other languages, such as German and Italian.

Picture Gallery #3

Five color scans from a book about Jennifer Connelly I have, that's written in Japanese and came out about the time the movie Labyrinth did, followed by two black and white pictures, followed by three autographed pictures:

Picture Gallery #4

A few cool Maze scenes from the movie. The pictures here originally were "snapped" for me by Stephanie Massick, Grand Master of the Snappy, but they've since been replaced by higher quality versions I took myself from the Labyrinth DVD:

Other Labyrinth Homepages

A selection of links to other sites also devoted to what I consider the greatest movie of all time:


Gone but not forgotten, these links no longer work, but are still listed for history and in the hope they will someday come back:

Other Labyrinthine Links

Miscellaneous links to pages relevant to the movie:

This site won the Labyrinth Award Best of All for January 1998:

This site received Morticia's Labyrinth Award in March 2000:

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