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The Labyrinth Oracle

The Labyrinth Oracle: Cards for the Spiritual Path is a divination system for people interested in personal growth, seeking a tool to assist them on their spiritual path. The word "path" in "Cards for the Spiritual Path" is meant to have a double meaning, representing both the spiritual Path as well as the path through a Labyrinth or Maze. Most cards are named after and picture a thing, activity, or person from mythology that's related to Mazes or Labyrinths. They use that image to represent an archetype or facet of the spiritual Path and the labyrinthine depths within.

"The Labyrinth Oracle" is authored by Walter D. Pullen with card art by Kathy Pullen. It contains 109 cards, with about 30,000 words of interpretations, spreads, and background information.


"The Labyrinth Oracle" is available at the following locations:

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"The Labyrinth Oracle" is a unique and effective divination system for the following reasons:

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Number 109

There are 109 cards in the Labyrinth Oracle. This isn't an arbitrary number, because the number 109 has special energetic properties:

Labyrinth Oracle card backs

The Perfect Labyrinth

The back of Labyrinth Oracle cards is a unique nine ring Labyrinth, with circuit sequence 349852167. This Labyrinth is called "The Perfect Labyrinth", because it's the smallest standard full circuit Labyrinth (with the least number of circuits) without any limitations or blemishes. More specifically, it has all of the following properties:

"The Perfect Labyrinth" is also visually aesthetic. When the entrance and exit passages are merged to be aligned on the same radius, there's an enclosed middle area three passages long, which nicely divides the nine circuit Labyrinth into 3 groups of three circuits. If the center area is three passages wide (as seen above) then the entire Labyrinth is 21 passage units in diameter, or 7 groups of three. The four wall endpoints where passages make U-Turns compose a square, with each vertex (5, 2) passage units away from adjacent vertices (5 + 2 = 7). The Labyrinth Oracle has 109 cards, or 12 groups of 9 cards each + one extra card, which aligns with the zodiac (12 signs) and this Labyrinth (9 circuits).

Labyrinth Oracle all cards


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