A Course in Cosmic Consciousness
A Practical Guide to Oneness with the Divine in six easy lessons
Karl Hans Welz, inventor of the Chi Generator®, Orgonite®, etc.
A Gigantic Step into the Future !!!
Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented accumulators of life force, a device that accumulated life force from its surroundings.  Masemer called this energy "animal magnetism," Reich called it "orgone."
Karl Hans Welz invented the generator of life force (Orgone Generator®, Chi Generator® or Prana Generator®) the first device on the planet that actually generates life force.  One year later he invented orgonite®, a very effective material to accumulate life force (chi, orgone, prana, mana).
The shortest distance between two points in the universe is a structural link!

Lesson 1
    •  Religion and Technology

    •  The Importance of Oneness with The Divine

    •  Why we Need the Practice of Oneness

    •  About Consciousness and Oneness

    •  The Elements

    •  The Planes

    •  The Material Plane

    •  The Astral Plane

    •  The Mental Plane

    •  The Causal Plane

Lesson 2
    •  The Workspace Outside Yourself.
    •  Protective Measures.
    •  The Altar.
    •  The Workspace Within Yourself.
    •  Astral travel.
    •  Practice: Being One with the Will.

Lesson 3
    •  Elemental Polygons and Cabalistic Structure..
    •  The Divine Name and the Process Manifestation.
    •  Fire and Water.
    •  The Workspace Around Yourself.
    •  The Workplace Within.
    •  Being one with Your Will and with Your Emotions.

Lesson 4
    •  The Mental Plane.
    •  The Interaction with Water and Air.
    •  Your Outer Realm.
    •  Exploring the Air Element.
    •  Being One with the Mind.
    •  Practice of Aligning the Three...

Lesson 5
    •  Exploring the Earth Element Part 1.
    •  The Workplace Around Yourself.
    •  Exploring the Earth Element Part 2.
    •  Being One with Consciousness.
    •  The Practice of the Four Elements.

Oneness of the Divine can be the single most important factor on
your road to success in achieving positive permanent change!

Lesson II

Index of lesson II

The workspace outside yourself.
Protective measures.
The altar.
The workspace within yourself.
Astral travel.
Practice: Being one with the will.

In some of my group sessions I help students align the elements within often without much preparation. This practice will ensure a more thorough result. This lesson and the following lessons will help you to explore the elements one by one. In the sixth lesson you will then bring it all together in your experience of alignment of the elements within. In this lesson you will begin to practice with the fire element, but before you venture into astrally exploring the realm of this element, I am going to teach you about some of the preconditions that make the astral exploration a lot easier.

It is of great advantage if your set up an energy field of the element outside yourself before you begin with the practice of astral exploration of the realm of the element. The center of this elementary energy field outside yourself (the outer elementary realm) is your working table, or altar. The altar has on it implements that help you connect easier with the element that you are working with. The more objects you have on the altar that connect with the elementary realm, the easier the connection with the element will be. This is especially imealms with the fire element. When you explore the other realms, it is good for you to go back and practice the previously experienced realms over again. This is a very good practice, because you will open up new characteristics of the elementary realm every time you enter it.


The Workspace Outside Yourself

A traditional magical law says that repeated use of a magical utensil will tie specific energies to it. These energies will then be available whenever the utensil is part of your magical set up. With the utensil, therefore, there is no longer a need to actively and consciously draw the energies that the utensil represents. The utensil becomes a focal point for the energies that it represents. Its presence alone will ensure the drawing of the energies from the realms that the utensil represents. In other words, the utensil becomes a structural link with the realm that it represents. This means that your conscious and active mind is free for other things that are not routine whenever you use a utensil. This is the reason why magicians use many utensils in their ceremonies.

For the same reason it is to your advantage to establish an outer workspace when you practice with energies of a higher order such as the elements. The outer workspace as a whole will take on the aspect of being a complex utensil. It is a focal point for the energies that you are going to draw in your work.

In your work with the elements you arrange the outer workspace with the specific symbols that connect with the elements. The type arrangement that you choose will determine how easy it will be for you to draw the specific elementary energy

Protective Measures

Protective measures are good for any kind of magical work that evokes energies of a higher order. Explorations of the elemental realms are no exception. The main reason for protective measures in elementary work is that these energies may become too strong for you to handle when you are unprotected. With the protective measures you prevent the energies that you call from taking over after you have triggered them.

One of the most common practices of protection is the tracing of a circle around oneself. Of course it is not the circle in itself that protects but the intent that you project into this circle. Therefore, just tracing a circle will do nothing. You need to trace the circle and charge it with the idea of protection. You may set up such a circle by laying out a rope in circular fashion around yourself. Take a rope between 20 and 30 ft length. This gives you a circle between 6 and 10 ft diameter. After you have put the circular rope on the floor or ground, you imagine a sphere around yourself with the circle marking the position of this sphere. Project life energy into this sphere together with the visualization of the protective qualities that this circle has. You find more details about protective practices in my course "magic of the future" which is the first scientific approach to magic ever.

At a later date, when you will be grounded in your experience of Oneness, the outer circle will be unnecessary, because your Oneness with the Divine makes you the ruler of the energies of a higher order. At that point you will be fully protected by reason of your authority.


The Altar

For your work in this lesson, i.e., to explore the realm of the fire element, it will be good that you use symbolic representations of the fire element. You put these utensils onto your table, or altar, which you place outside your protective circle.

First you draw on the table a truing. This triangle confines the space where helpful fire elementals may materialize. Charge the triangle with the idea of retaining the elemental energies that may manifest in it. Then put objects into this triangle that represent the energies with which you are going to connect, in our case energies from the realms of the fire element. The simplest thing that symbolizes fire is a burning candle. You may also add a small triangle as the geometric shape that symbolizes the fire element and a wand. The wand represents your will. As you know your will is the manifestation of the fire element within yourself. Your will connects with the causal plane, which too is a representation of the fire element. If you are familiar with the Judeo-Christian Cabalah you may add the Hebrew letter YOD.

You keep in your mind the awareness that this your outer realm will draw energies from the cosmic realms of the fire element as soon as you light the candle. When you light the candle you may speak out something to the effect of drawing energies from the realms of the fire element such as "I am lighting this candle. Its flame will bring the energies of fire into this space." A very powerful method is to establish a custom tailored mantra that will instantly draw fire energies into your realm. This mantra will be an individual one for you. You can establish this mantra with a mantra generator, a new device that I have invented. You may purchase the mantra generator from HSCTI, P.O. Box 666033, Marietta, GA 30066.

The next thing you do is building up power in your outer realm. See yourself drawing fire energy from the universe and projecting it into the triangle. Do this practice as follows: Have your left arm stretched out away from the triangle, palm up. The right arm points toward the triangle. Breathe slowly and consciously. Knowledge of breathing techniques such as yoga is an advantage. While you inhale, visualize fire energy from the universe enter your body through the palm of your right hand. While you exhale, you project this energy into the triangle. You may give this energy a red color. Project more and more red into the triangle as you keep breathing. Proceed until you feel good about the amount of fire energy that you have accumulated in the triangle. You know that an accumulation of fire energy in the triangle will enhance your experience of the fire element and the realms of the will.

The Workspace Within Yourself

Now that you have established the outer realm, you proceed to establish a space within yourself where you can work with the elements and experience their astral realms. This is your inner realm of the elements. You will gradually expand this inner realm to be your inner realm of Oneness.

With your imagination you set up an inner realm that has if for your purposes. You need to feel good in this inner workspace. First you give this realm an outer form. You may imagine yourself being in a clearing in the woods, a beach, a temple, a mountain pear, a cave, of anything else that you like. You may change the looks of your inner realm at any time.

Next you imagine your realm being surrounded by a protective sphere, or bubble. This bubble will stay around you wherever you move in your inner realm.

Astral Travel

What you do next is to explore the various realms within. These realms connect with the astral planes. Your sphere of protection will be very useful when you start travelling in this realm.

In this inner workspace you are aware that you are the ruler of your energetic universe. You know that from this workspace you can reach the astral dimension of any energetic form, or realm, of the universe. Once you have estaer comes to you. This may be sounds, touch, visions, thoughts, etc. Your memory is stronger and this will help you recall most of these experiences so that you can write them down after you will have removed yourself from this realm. Some students like to interact with fire elementals, or Salamanders. This type interaction may take the form of a conversation, of a telepathic communication, or anything else.

The main purpose of this experience of astrally travelling through the elemental realm of fire is to get a good understanding of it. Once you have extensively explored that realm, you may connect with it whenever you want to do so. This experience takes the function of being like a utensil. However, this utensil does not have a material object as its focal point like other magical utensils. It is anchored within the realm of your inner workspace. Your access to the fire is a flaming triangle or whatever other shape you like to use. Gradually you will establish many such anchors, or gates, within your inner workspace. In this lesson you will learn to establish gates for the four elemental realms. If you study other forms of magic, you may open up realms to the various energetic hierarchies: the Runes, the planetary spheres, the realm of various groups of entities, mythological realms such as Christian saints, Voodoo deities, Egyptian gods, Tibetan deities, etc.

You may leave this realm whenever you feel a need or whenever you want to do so. For the first time, your astral travel in the realm of fire (or any other element) should not exceed 15 minutes. Gradually you may extend the time of your exploration to one hour. You need to know that it is not important how long you stay in a specific elemental realm, but it is the intensity of experience that counts.

While you explore your inner realm astrally, you do this with the awareness that it is connected with your outer realm and that both are connected with the cosmic realm of the element.

Practice: Being one with the will

After you have explored the realm of fire you proceed with the practice that follows. In this practice you need not establish your outer realm. If you do decide to make an outer realm, do it in a simple manner: Set a candle and the elemental triangle on your altar.

Next you establish your inner realm. You imagine yourself being there inside a circle (bubble) that surrounds you. This is your circle of protection. In front of yourself you see a flaming triangle that is the gateway to the elemental realm of the fire. The triangle also represents the fire element and your will. Inside the triangle you see fire in its many forms, like transparencies one within the other. You may see some of the fire spirits, or salamanders. You know that fire connects with your will and with the world of emanation. You are aware of your strength and that you are the dominating force of the energies of fire that are in your universe.

Now you repeat to yourself for six times:

I am all will.

Each time that you repeat, you focus on the fire in your inner realm.

Next you say one time:

I am one.

Again then you repeat for six times "I am all will," then once "I am one." Keep repeating for five to ten minutes. Think the words slowly and attentively.

End the exercise with a brief meditation. In this meditation wait for things to manifest in your experience: feelings, visions, etc.

Practice, Lesson II:

  • 1. Establish you realms of action.
  • 2. Practice being One with the Will at least nine times
  • 3. If you have a Welz Chi Generator®, set it at a frequency of 3.5 and carry the transfer disk on you while practicing.
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