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Talisman Lesson I

Your first talisman !

In this lesson you will make your first talisman. As a result you will realize that making talismans is not so difficult after all. The talisman that you are going to make, of course, cannot be compared yet with those powerful objects that you will be capable of making after you will have learned the many intricacies of talismanology in this course.

The talisman that I have chosen for you has been used and known for at least 2000 years. It is the famous SATOR AREPO talisman that has been appreciated by many people because of its power which is expressed in its symbolism. In a later course (in preparation), I will teach you the art of making and designing letter squares. Then you will be able of fully appreciating the genius who was the first to design this talisman.

The talisman has five rows of letters:


The arrangement of these letters obviously indicates a reversal: In this quality, it can work as a reflector that protects the person carrying the talismans against malicious attacks of any kind. The process is quite simple: It beams back any negative energies to its source. Consequently, the attacker sees his/her own meanness coming from the person who carries this talisman, gets afraid and quits. The same beaming back quality is responsible for this talisman being cherished as a bringer of love. In the arrangement of the letters the law of karma is symbolized. Therefore, the talisman is capable to modify karma. The words are LATIN, and of LATIN origin. I have seen a couple of "explanations" of this talisman that were based on Hebrew letters and cabbalistic principles, each of which tried to prove some point, usually the legitimacy (and claims of antiquity) of the metaphysical group or magical lodge from which such mental contortions sprung.

SATOR, in Latin, means "the one who sows, and it goes on with "on the plough, keeps the wheels rolling with his/her works. In this karmic respect, the talisman contains a deep spiritual symbolism of coming increasingly in tune with one's own cosmic mission, of one's cosmic responsibilities, and of becoming increasingly a "mouthpiece" and teacher of cosmic law. There are additional hidden meanings in this talisman, and the structure and arrangement of letters is very noteworthy. This talisman is at the beginning of many metaphysical systems, since it represents the "as above so below". It allows rapid progress and penetration of mystical secrets and at the same time avoiding the many pitfalls that are often connected with too rapid a progress. Therefore I like to recommend this talisman to any beginner in the wide field of magickal technologies.

The structures of this talisman represent the interaction between the astral planes and the material planes. Therefore it is an excellent intensifier of wishes, thoughts, etc. Many students reported the occurrence of slight telepathic capabilities when carrying this talisman and an overall increase of psychic abilities. This talisman is also known to be excellent in getting rid of any kind of haunting, spooking, or similar problems.

Instructions for making your first talsiman

The following instructions are as simple as they can be. As you proceed, I explain to you each one of the steps taken. If you follow each step exactly, you will end up with a very fine talisman that will be well worth being tested over an extended period of time. The following steps have to be followed
1. Procuring the materials
2. Setting up your workspace
3. Preparing the materials
4. Choosing the time
5. Preparing yourself
6. Making the talisman
7. Charging the talisman

1. The Materials

The materials that you need for your first talisman are a clean, new, sheet of paper, a ruler, a candle, and a new pen or pencil. The paper should have no lines on it. You may also choose for parchment or some parchtone paper. It is important for the things to be new, because this allows you to proceed without much preparation of the materials.

2. The Workspace

When you make the talisman, be sure that you are in a quiet place and that you will not be disturbed. To draw the talisman, you need a table. There should be no clutter of any kind of the table. Ideally, you may put a white tablecloth on it, or green, which is the color of the planet Venus. Put the candle on the table, your paper, ruler, and pen.

3. Preparing the materials

Before a talisman is made from any material, it is good to clear the materials as well as the utensils of any energy that may interfere with the energies of the talisman. At a later point, you will know very detailed procedures of "de-oding", or cleaning of the materials. Right now you simply project the thought of clearing into the paper which is in front of you, and then, piece by piece, into all other utensils.

4. Choosing the Time

Choosing the right time for making a talisman is a science in itself for some people. Many of the best talismanologists have an astrologer do this task for them. Which time you choose for making the talisman depends largely on the purpose of the talisman. The talismanologist then sees that the field of planetary energies surrounding his/her place is such that it enhances the work. In general this means that the planetary energies are in good supportive harmony with the purposes of the talisman. The SATOR AREPO talisman is a very general one. You can make it practically at any time. If you have some ideas about the waning Moon, New moon, or other astrological times, you may take care not to make the talisman at those times. If you have no preconceived ideas concerning these times, it is o.k. to make the talisman at any time which seems good to you.

5. Preparing Yourself

At the determined time of making the talisman, you bring yourself in a mental state that is helping you in making the talisman. This is best done by entering a meditative state. Ideal is a state of cosmic consciousness, or of being ONE with the Divine. You find this course for free on the net. It will be very useful if you take this course besides your course in talismans, because it will be an important factor in making very powerful talismans as you progress in this course. This course will also give you more insights in the workings of the universe, especially in the elemental realms and the various planes of existence.

For the beginning, bring yourself in a meditative state, in which you are aware of what you are going to do. Draw positive energy from the universe and know that you are getting stronger and stronger in projecting energies. A Chi Generator® on your workplace not only boosts your personal energy, but it also supplies the magickal operation with an unlimited supply of life force. As a result you will need very little if any of your own energies and the talisman will be more powerful and effective.

6. Making the Talisman

Now you finally come to the actual work of making the talisman. First you light the candle. Be aware that this symbolizes the energies of LIGHT and that you are going to charge the talisman with this Divine LIGHT.

Next focus on the candle and meditate briefly in silence, perhaps one to three minutes.

Then you draw the square in which you will draw the letters, approximately 2 x 2 inches, and the lines that separate rows and columns. Finally you draw the letters in the square. You may complete by drawing a circle around the square.

After you have finished drawing, cut out the square to the size you like. Leave some margin around the talisman.

7. Charging the Talisman

Now the talisman is finished. However, for it to be more than a mere piece of paper with some strange symbols on it, it will be necessary that you charge it appropriately. You do the charging by projecting energy into the lines and letters of the talisman, one by one. Follow their outline. You may use your pen and point it at the lines and letters as you charge (without touching, of course). Imagine energy flowing through your hand into the pen and from there into the lines and letters. With your imaginative eye, or inner eye, see the energy build up on the talisman.

From time to time hold the talisman some 2 to 3 inches in front of your forehead. You may notice some tingling which gets stronger as the talisman is increasingly charged. I f you don' t get this feeling, don't get discouraged. You will find same other methods of checking the talisman. Simply keep charging till you feel good about the charge. Now the talisman is ready for use.

Stand up, and be aware that this is the end of your work. You may wrap the talisman in paper and put it in your pocket. I recommend that you put the talisman away from yourself during the night and that you disconnect yourself mentally from it. For this purpose it is useful to put the talisman in a glass jar. You put the talisman in the same place when you decide that you do not want it. This is especially important at a later time, when you have several talismans to choose from.

Checking the Talisman

For those among you who are familiar with meditative practices, it will be good to tune into the talisman while in a meditative state. The procedure to follow is that you hold the talisman in your hand while you bring yourself in a meditative state. Wait for any feelings, insights, ideas, visions, etc., which may come. Write them down in a diary for future reference. In the coming lesson, you will be taught some of the most important elements of talismanology: the symbolisms that are used on planetary talismans.

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