11:11 8th Gate 2 Activation

Arbaline's 8th Gate 2 Gallery: The Activation

Here is another page of pictures from the 8th Gate Part 2 Master Cylinder of the 11:11 Doorway in Peru and Bolivia. The first section showing our preparations can be viewed here. A 3rd page of pictures taken by Alanah can be viewed here.

Hotel Libertador lobby

1: Getting Ready: The morning of the Activation, we all dressed in white. Boxed breakfasts can be seen on a table to the left, and a table of water bottles above it.

Bus ride to Activation site

2: Bus Ride: We took three busses from our hotel to the Activation site, leaving early in the morning.

Hydrofoils on Lake Titicaca

3: Boat Ride: At Juli, Peru we then embarked on a set of high speed hydrofoils to cross Lake Titicaca! A view inside the large boat at the far end of the cluster can be seen here. These boats reminded us of those used during the evacuation of Atlantis (see Solara's book The Legend of Altazar for more about this event).

Isla de la Luna arrival

4: Isla de la Luna: Disembarking from the first boat to arrive at Isla de la Luna (Island of the Moon) on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.

Climb up Isla de la Luna

5: Luna Climb: Climbing stairs on Isla de la Luna to the first site of the Activation.

Activation site grounds

6: Luna Activation Site: The ancient temple of Iņak Uyu was the site of the 8th Gate 2 Activation. People are wearing their colored pareos for the Elements Dance.

Anchor Group reading

7: Anchor Reading: One of the first things we did was read out loud each of the Anchor Groups around the world, connecting with and expanding our One Being to merge with them.

Andes from Isla de la Luna

8: Bolivian Andes: The beautiful snow covered Bolivian Andes seen across Lake Titicaca from the Isla de la Luna Activation site. The highest peak here is Illampu, rising 20,892 feet (6368 meters) above sea level.

Isla de la Luna group

9: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow: Part way through the Activation, our group expanded into two, with half leaving to Isla del Sol (Island of Sun). Here those staying on Isla de la Luna say farewell to those leaving. A banner view of this group can be seen here.

Table of abundance

10: Activation Lunch: Lunch on Isla de la Luna consisted of this long table of traditional local food, including corn, potatoes, and broccoli.

Isla del Sol arrival

11: Isla del Sol: Those who went to Isla del Sol took hydrofoils again (which can be seen in the background) to near the island, then transferred to these flat bottom boats to actually reach shore. It was required to wear life vests on the second boats, where an image inside one can be seen here.

Climb up Isla del Sol

12: Sol Climb: Climbing a somewhat longer and steeper path among white rocks on Isla del Sol to the second site of the Activation.

Activation site grounds

13: Sol Activation Site: The site of the 8th Gate 2 Activation on top of Isla del Sol. Notice the Aymara local on the horizon in the background.

Moon over Isla del Sol

14: Moon and Sun: The almost full Moon can be seen rising above Isla del Sol on the return trip from the island. The Moon and Sun energies are truly unified and balanced. :-)

Lotus Dance boat

15: Lotus Dance Boat: Upon returning to Copacabana, Bolivia, the groups from both islands did the Lotus Dance in a circle around this white boat. Notice the rising Moon in the upper left.

8th Gate 2 sunset

16: Activation Sunset: Alanah before the sunset on Activation day. This unedited photo features an interesting rainbow line of light across her face!

Moon on Lake Titicaca

17: Double Moon: Alanah sends you Pure Heart Love next to the Moon reflecting off Lake Titicaca. A closer view of the Moon and its reflection in the water as seen from our hotel room is here.

Sharing experiences

18: Sharing: The day after the Activation, we shared our experiences. Indigo was the second speaker, and mentioned how there's a little over two years between 8th Gate Part 2 and the 11th and final 11:11 Gate on 11/11/11.

Picture of a picture

19: Pictures Within Pictures: Many people took pictures and videos during 8th Gate Part 2. Here's a picture being taken of a picture being taken. ;-)

Solara's birthday cake

20: Solara's Birthday: Solara's birthday was on the Activation day itself! Here she's blown out the candles on her cake. :-) Note 8th Gate 2 took place on the 16th anniversary of the 2nd Gate Activation in 1993.

Heart shaped balloons

21: Field of Hearts: Our last day in Peru, people decorated this plant with 15 pink heart shaped balloons. :-) A close up view of the hearts on a table can be seen here.

Thanking Solara

22: Appreciation: The evening after the Activation we showed our appreciation to Solara and our One Being in general. She followed a path lined with reeds and love to the door of our conference room. This was planned by Anastra, who always does something special like this after each Master Cylinder. :-)

Lotus World Love

23: Lotus World: Inside the room were paper lotuses on reed Dragon boats, each lotus containing colorful heart and star shaped confetti. This heart/star confetti was originally used on the tables at Alanah and Arbaline's wedding in 2007, so was already charged with True Love energy. :-) A close up view looking down on the lotuses can be seen here.

Sharing Lotus Love

24: Lotus Sharing: Solara and Annu lovingly handed a Lotus to each person, after which we walked around sharing Lotus Love with each other. :-)

11:11 8th Gate 2 group photo

25: Our One Being: Here's 45 people of the 8th Gate 2 Master Cylinder. Pure Heart True Love to the Core! :-)

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