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Making Difficult Mazes

Most of this site deals with the technical aspects of Mazes. However Mazes have a human side to them as well. Making a difficult Maze is more than just making the Maze large in size (although that certainly helps. :-) Here are other things that increase the difficulty of a Maze:

Making Quality Mazes

Just because a Maze is difficult doesn't necessarily mean it's a good Maze. Sometimes the most fun Mazes are relatively easy, where in fact a Maze that's too challenging may just cause frustration. Here are some elements that can increase the fun of a life size Maze. Some of these can also be applied to Mazes on paper:

Life Size Solving Techniques

So you've entered life size Maze! Here are a few tricks on how to effectively solve one:

Solution Notation

Here's a way to simply describe the solution path to a Maze. This notation I use is based on standard characters, meaning it can be easily sent to others through e-mail, shouted to others verbally, or even sent to a person via a mobile device. (The last two are good if one person is lost inside a Maze, and a person looking down on them from above or who knows it by heart, wants to tell them the fastest way to get to the exit.)

Maze Formulas

There are a number of mathematical formulas that apply to things in Mazes. Formulas involve variables which represent the number of things in a Maze. First, below are defined several primitive variables for some simple things found in Mazes: Now here are more advanced variables for things in Mazes, which can be calculated if you know the values of certain primitive variables above, or other advanced variables:

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