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The SYMBOLISM of the 18 Sacred Futhork Runes gives you ACCESS TO THE REALMS OF CREATION. THEREFORE...

If you are a PRACTICING PSYCHIC who uses psychic capabilities to help others, Runic practice will add an invaluable new dimension to your profession.

If you are an ASTROLOGER, READER, or COUNSELOR, Runic practice can bring you beyond the status of a mere bystander. No longer are you limited to just telling your clients what trends are in store for them and, perhaps, how they may adjust. Now you can actively work on your clients' destinies and help straighten out their lives. This added capability ensures repeat business and higher fees.

If you are a LECTURER or TEACHER of metaphysics or if you study to become one, the knowledge of Runic practice will add to your classes. Especially the teaching of Rune Yoga is very rewarding, since its effects will be felt immediately by the majority of your students.

If you are SEEKING ENLIGHTENMENT, Runes are one of the fastest and safest ways to deep mystical experiences, to insights in the workings of the universe and to experience of Oneness.

If you want to achieve your FULLEST POTENTIAL AS A HUMAN BEING, Runic practice gives you access to the realms of creation. Runic practice is your gateway to your chakras and to your inherent psychic powers.

Chances are, you may find a few more reasons yourself.

I am looking forward to hearing from you

Karl Hans Welz
Grand Rune Master
The Knights of Runes

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