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By Rudolf John Gorsleben

English Translation by
Karl Hans Welz

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This classic work of Rune Magic and folk related ideas was first published in 1930. Many called it "The Bible of Armanism", and rightfully so.

In fact, its contents are so controversial that some DEMOCRACIES IN EUROPE, including Germany, decided to BAN this extraordinary document of folk-related spirituality, which is as much an introduction to GERMANIC RELIGION as it contains exceedingly valuable instructions for the Rune magician.

Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit is A MUST-READ for every serious Rune Magician. Before you start reading the huge section that specifically deals with Runic practice, Gorsleben introduces you to his views of how Rune wisdom, Germanic religion and folk-related customs could survive more than a millennium of the most ruthless, brutal and systematic suppression by the Church. Even if, like the translator, you do not agree with many of Gorsleben's folk related views, in the more than 700 pages of Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit, you certainly will find a treasure chest of precious Rune Wisdom that contains extremely powerful information, which you cannot find anywhere else.

I have translated this book 2000 - 2002.  Now you can have this gigantic work of Germanic wisdom on CD in .pdf format (Acrobat Reader), for you to print a copy or read it on your computer screen.

This publication contains another feature that's exciting: For the benefit of German-speaking readers, I have been including, a facing page facsimile of the original 1930 edition. This is complete with all of Gorsleben's original illustrations, pictures and diagrams.

Each Section is numbered in a special Runic numbering system (also as a tribute to the Armanen Futhork).

You can get CD with the complete Translation of RUDOLF JOHN GORSLEBEN'S HOCH-ZEIT der MENSCHHEIT for $39.00. Inside U.S. includes shipping and handling.

You can get CD with the complete Translation of RUDOLF JOHN GORSLEBEN'S HOCH-ZEIT der MENSCHHEIT for Outside U.S. $49.00, includes shipping and handling.

- A collector's item