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The effects of life force technology can be demonstrated by standardized scientific methods
Important: Sometimes, in the course of your work, you will be introduced to words and techniques that may or may not cause subconscious fears and doubts.  One of these words is “magick”. Actually, what some people call “magick” is nothing but action at a distance that you can achieve with the help of structural links and life force, i.e., it is functionally identical with radionics. You will learn more about structural links later!  It is a well-known fact that such fears and doubts were originally implanted by the same people who used such methods extensively towards their own selfish ends. Ignorance was always the safest method to dominate large parts of the population! So we decided to use the word “magick” and other, similar words, sometimes, whenever it is the best one to describe what’s happening when you work to achieve positive permanent solutions.
In 1992, HSCTI started the marketing of orgone technology.  By now, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are beneficiaries of this extraordinary new technology

Life Force and Action at a Distance
Life Force Technology Past and Present

One of the main characteristics of a living organism is its interaction with its environment.  The higher the organism, the more differentiated this interaction.  Naturally, a higher living organism uses a multitude of methods of interacting with its environment.  Some of these methods are by "direct contact".  Examples of this type contact are the perceptions by our "five senses".

It has been well established that contacts other than those which we call "direct" are essential for higher life forms and that there is strong reason to accept the fact that interaction at a distance is essential for life itself.

We know by now that the use of methods of interaction with the environment that are based on the use of life force and its laws is as old as humankind.  In fact, such interaction that is based on life force is a basic characteristic of all life that we know of.

Therefore, humans have been using Life Force for many purposes throughout history.  In fact this use of life force, chi energy, or orgone, was always the result of practical experience.  Being one of the first technologies of humankind, it naturally became part of humans' religious belief systems, very similar to the use of fire, the making of metals and natural phenomena. 
In times past, most of the time the practical application of life force was linked closely to the religious creed of the culture where it was used.  Moreover, whenever an application of life force was successful, such success was then considered to be proof of the religious belief system of the practitioner.

The Chinese called it Chi.  Based on their knowledge of life force, they developed Tai Chi, Chi Gong and related methods.

In India, life force was called prana.  It was the basis of many practices, religious and other, such as pranayama, which was the control of life force with the help of breathing exercises.

In many other cultures, the use of life force took a central part in healing methods and especially in shamanic, "magickal" and other religious methods of action at a distance.

In more recent times, European scientists began to examine life force and, based on this newly acquired knowledge, they began to derive scientific methods of accumulating and using it.  Some two hundred years ago, Baron Karl von Reichenbach had more than hundred "sensitive people" observe the phenomena and effects of life force.  Reichenbach called this energy "Od".  Franz Anton Mesmer likewise became aware of it and he called it "animal magnetism".  He built the first devices that accumulated life force:  oaken barrels that he filled with iron filings.  With this, he used the method of alternating layers of metallic and organic matter, with the organic matter being on the outside, hundred and fifty years before Wilhelm Reich.  About one hundred years after Franz Anton Mesmer, a scientist with the name of Korschelt built life force accumulating devices.  He used the word "solar ether" for life force.

Wilhelm Reich showed that life force, which he called "orgone energy", is a primordial cosmic energy.  It is universally present and it can be demonstrated visually, thermically, electroscopically and by means of Geiger-Mueller counters.  He went on to build effective orgone accumulators and cloud busting devices.  Furthermore, he developed the to that point most extensive theory of life force.  In the living organism: Chi-Energy, Bio-Energy, Life Energy, Od.

In 1992, Karl Hans Welz invented an orgone accumulating material that is extremely effective if compared to Reich's alternating layers of organic and metallic materials. He called it orgonite®.  He also invented the orgone generator®, a device that generates life force rather than merely acumulating it as did the devices from Reich, Korschelt and Mesmer.  In fact, this orgone generator produces orgone much more massively than anything that a mere orgone accumulator can collect from the surroundings.  This life force generator, or Welz Chi Generator has many other advantages over the orgone accumulating devices that we will discuss later.  Karl Hans Welz developed also the most extensive and comprehensive theory concerning life force and its applications. 

In the following, you will find the basic principles of this new theory of life force and many methods of its applications and technologies, including methods of action at a distance.


How it Works ...

Methods of Action at a Distance
      and their Common Functioning Principles (CFP)

Magick is action that makes use of
structural links and life force

(Karl Hans Welz, "Magick of the Future")

The three basic factors of any successful action at a distance, such as radionics and magick, are:

The Trend-Link (representing the planned effect),
he Target-Link (representing the subject of the operation), and
Life Force!

An operation at a distance that neglects any one of these three basic factors is doomed to fail, regardless of intent, traditionalist connection, spiritual training, and what not! That, and only that, is the reason why some methods do not work, even if the would-be practitioner followed all instructions meticulously.

The Trend-Link

Trend-Links are radionic settings (“rates”), precision frequencies, symbols, sigils, frequency patterns, symbolic objects, devices, magickal incenses, oils, herbs, or any other structural representations. They have one thing in common: they establish a connection with a desired effect (they "symbolize" the effect), or with the desired solution of a challenge. Sometimes, such trend-links can refer to energies of a more metaphysical classification such as the effects ascribed to planets, elements, etc., all of which represent desired change, or effect. Being representatives of desires, the trend-links are sometimes viewed as modulators of life force (orgone, chi), so that the projected life force field gives inclination to a specific action. The Filters that you can use with your equipment are typical Trend-Links.

Many traditional esoteric schools teach the preparation of trend-links (“utensils”) of a very complex nature, requiring much concentration and elaborate work, especially when the problem to solve is a complicated one.  One of the purposes of this practice is the generation of thought-forms that are attached to the objects.  Naturally, using the Welz Chi Generator or one of our Orgone Radionics Devices (the RAD series) and/or the Power Radionics Program
1. optimizes the effect of the trend link,
2. generates the correct thought form and
3. supplies it with life force.
Such a Chi-energy-boosted thought form, of course, is a living abstraction that follows subtle cybernetics towards achieving a goal, or solution. Therefore, powering up trends with the Welz Chi Generator makes the traditional methods of involved crafting of complicated trend links unnecessary and obsolete.  

The Target-Link

The Target-Link (often also called “psychic link”) is an object, symbol, radionic setting, etc., that connects with the target of your operation.  This target can be another person or you. It can also be an entity consisting of several persons such as a business.  Naturally, the target-link causes a direct flow of life force (with an attached effect) to the target that it represents.  The diagram that you find on the test for life force transfer is such a target-link.  It connects with a Welz Chi Generator in our laboratories.  Some practitioners use hair, clothing, photos, etc., of persons that they target.   A radionic setting (“rate”) that you establish while focusing on the target of your operation is a “frozen abstraction” that serves as a very effective link that lasts as long as the setting remains.

Important! Both, the target-link and the trend-link are structural representations of either trends (desired change) or targets of your action. In fact, whenever you focus mentally on a person, location, desired effect, etc., your brain establishes a structural link.  Naturally, such focusing can be a big challenge for you: namely that you cannot keep your focus with one and the same thing at all times.  This is so, because “moving around” is one of the characteristics of our brain. Long time ago, therefore, practitioners developed methods to “freeze” these structural links.  Objects that are prepared with the intent to connect to a specific target, or trend, are such links.  Of recent, the radionics device with its “abstract” settings (“rates”) turned out to be an ideal tool for this purpose.  More traditional and very effective tools are esoteric and archetypal symbols that (like the setting of radionics rates) have been made with a special intent in mind.  Because of the processes of abstraction and focusing that are involved, we label these symbols, radionic rates and objects “equivalent structural links” as compared to the more obvious “near-identical” or “similar structural links”.

The Importance of Life Force (Chi energy, prana, orgone, mana, Od, animal magnetism, etc.)

The characteristics and function of structural links are easy to understand. For life force, distance is result of structural differences.  To explain the mechanisms that cause life force to join a target with a trend, especially with structural links that are abstractions such as the settings of the radionics device or magickal sigils, requires knowledge of the characteristics of life force.  Such understanding is still more important for an understanding of thought forms, how they develop and why they can continue to activate a previously set trend in a target (person) after the original operation (radionics or any other action at a distance) has been discontinued.

Traditional operators knew about this (with the exception of radionics) for thousands of years and they based their work on such knowledge. This knowledge resulted from their practical experience.   They knew well that the operations that they powered with life force yielded much better results.

The radionics device of the traditional kind, on the other hand, sometimes did not bring such an effect, mostly because of a lack of the necessary life force.  The average radionics practitioner simply does not know of the importance of life force for his or her success.  Typically, such a traditional radionics device remains turned on until the effect materializes.

With the invention of the Welz Chi Generator and the introduction of life force boosted radionics (Power Radionics), this situation changed dramatically, of course!  A radionics operator who works with a Power-Radionics device (life force boosted radionics device) can now operate like a traditional practitioner, shaman or magician:  Set the radionics device (or the radionics program) and run it for an hour or two.  Then turn the device off and wait for the success of the operation.  You can repeat several times in intervals of one or more days.  With the Welz Chi Generator, you can naturally turn every radionics device into a Power Radionics device and you can turn any radionics program into a Power Radionics Program !!!

In the following, we will explain to you in simple terms how radionics works so that you know why the technology of Power Radionics (life force boosted radionics) is way ahead of traditional radionics.

With our equipment, i.e., the Welz Chi Generators, we have conducted double blind experiments.  We have demonstrated that equivalent structural links (abstractions such as arbitrarily set rates in a radionics device, or archetypal symbols) allow transfer of life force as effectively as near-identical links do.

On the other hand, traditional practitioners could have told us the same thing all along thousands of years ago!  All their work and experience have been based on the principle of life force transfer at any distance.  They had the experience; therefore, they needed no experimental proof.

Of life force we know that

(1) it flows freely without significant loss of energy between identical structures, and
(2) it follows the principle of negative entropy, i.e., from the weaker potential to the stronger one until the stronger potential is saturated.

The second characteristic of life force can establish linkage if the connection is not exactly identical, even to the point of being pure abstractions (such as radionics settings, or “rates”, symbols, mantras, thoughts, or objects) that were established with the human brain while focusing on trend or target.  Life force automatically searches out the final target for which such an “abstraction” has been established originally with help of the human brain or any other connecting process.  This process is similar to heat traveling the “path of least resistance” (“preferring,” so to say, heat conducting materials) when following the law of entropy from higher potential to lower potential until a balance (equal potential) between the two is reached.  The settings of the radionics device, then, would compare to ducts in a heating system.

On the typical radionics device, then, one link connects with the trend while the other link connects with the target.  Both links being in the same place (the device), a connection builds between trend and target.  With this connection between trend and target achieved, the trend energy will define actions of the target person.  With additional mental targeting (intent), i.e., the use of trend energies of a more complex nature, such a connection can also take the aspect of a thought form.  This means that, using abstractions and corresponding settings, you can achieve permanence after the original setup of the radionics device is discontinued.  The same principle certainly is also valid for magick and any other action at a distance!

Naturally, you need sufficient life force, ideally from a Welz Chi Generator, to power up such a thought form and to keep it alive.  Repeating the operation will then re-charge it.  This procedure is certainly more efficient than leaving the traditional radionics device (which can easily be outperformed by people who know how to harness life force) turned on until the goal is achieved.  The Welz Chi Generator that is built into the Power Radionics device and/or connected with the Power Radionics Program assures rapid results and the development of powerful thought forms.  While middle of the line devices are great for personal use, the HD devices assure massive supply of life force for multiple radionics operations as well as for complex and difficult situations.

By now it is obvious that the natural characteristics of life force make radionics possible.  For persons who are unaware of its basic functions (negative entropy and structural transfer), life force appears to be a “medium” that is “modulated” by trend energies which it then “carries” to the target.  That assumption is as primitive as the assumption of some practitioners who kill chicken in order to “feed” their spirit servants with life force.  On the other hand of the spectrum, you have the radionics pratitioners who staunchly deny any connection of radionics with magick, and who for some religious or other reasons are in denial of the obvious fact that radionics and magick operate according to the same CFP (common functional principle).

Experienced traditional practitioners of all times in history knew very well this simple fact:  No action at a distance, no magick, without life force!  Life Force carries the secret of positive permanent change and mind control at a distance.  Therefore, Life Force is the fuel of all action at a distance, including the comparably recent radionics!

The challenge that traditional practitioners faced, then, was to have access to large amounts of life force (many of them called it “psychic power”), to do effective work.  Their methods to generate life force have been as varied as the cultures and religions into which they were born. Some of the more advanced practitioners always knew how to draw life energy from the universe around them, while the majority of practitioners used an array of other methods, such as generating life force in one’s own body (tai chi), generating it by means of strong emotions, and by having groups dance or walk in circles.  Some traditions such as Voodoo and Santeria are still practicing animal sacrifice to cause strong releases of life force.

It is obvious by now that the capability to generate massive amounts of life force makes action at a distance, including radionics, easy for any person!   This certainly has been one of the reasons, why many shamans, priests, and other professionals of the past and of the present decided to guard their powerful secrets like precious gems!  Under no circumstances did they want to lose their very lucrative incomes.

In the course of our life force research, additional characteristics of life force became obvious.  Wilhelm Reich and others after him demonstrated the existence of DOR, or deadly orgone.  This is a form of life force that, according to Reich, has “turned stale”.  In our days, this type energy is often connected with strong electromagnetic pollution such as under fluorescent lights.  Many persons feel strangely weakened, even sick, under such conditions.

DOR originates also under certain natural conditions.  Of course, such natural DOR eventually transforms back into healthy orgone, because of the impact of the living pulse of natural orgone that is ubiquitous on our planet.  In artificial conditions however, such as under continuous impact of electromagnetic pollution, such transformation is counteracted continuously with the generation of new DOR, in which case the weakening and depressing atmosphere remains.

The person who is familiar with the traditional orgone accumulators (an orgone accumulator passively draws orgone from the surrounding atmosphere while the Welz Chi Generator generates massive amounts of orgone energy) knows that such devices can “foul up” with DOR in an atmosphere with deadly orgone (DOR) present.  Reich found that out the hard way in his famous “Oranur Experiment”.

The Welz Chi Generator, with its massive and continuous supply of pulsed orgone can supply any atmosphere that contains DOR with pulsating life force.  Therefore it naturally transforms DOR back into healthy pulsating orgone even when large amounts of DOR are present.   For instance, if an orgone generator (continuously emitting orgone that pulsates naturally) is running next to any one of our DOR generators (another invention by Karl Hans Welz), their life-threatening and massive emanations of DOR are instantly transformed into healthy orgone.   In fact, any orgone accumulating device (orgone accumulator, orgone shooter, orgone blanket and the like) that has fouled up in such an atmosphere of DOR can be restored to its original accumulating function rapidly when put next to a Welz Chi Generator for a few minutes.

Note: Of recent, there are devices on the market, which passively attract orgone.  In fact, these devices are orgone accumulators, which their manufacturers falsely try to market as “orgone generators”.   The difference to the traditional orgone accumulator is that they have additional features such as crystals; some of them are built in the shape of pyramids, and the like.

Structural Links and Life Force (to sum it all up)

The preceding theory of life force and action at a distance is solely based on the proven characteristics of structural linkage and negative entropy of life force.  Therefore it makes certainly more sense when it comes to explaining the amazing results of shamanistic work, magick, radionics and other methods often referred to as “spiritual” than practically all explanations of our days that use unproven concepts such as non-measurable “frequencies”, various “ethers”, “higher planes”, specific assumed “morphogenetic fields”, anthropomorphic “spirits” and the like. Karl Hans Welz's principal approach in establishing any mapping, or theory, is to
Keep it simple!

Give this perhaps “unorthodox” theory that is naturally based on experiments and functional thinking a chance and you will soon notice that many phenomena that were “unexplainable” up to now will be explained in very easy terms!

Use this theory when working with radionics, magick, or any other method such as motivational techniques and self-improvement, and you will notice an almost immediate, perhaps unexpected, increase of flexibility, capability and action at a distance.

Magick and Radionics: Two different approaches,
same Common Functioning Principle (CFP)!

We made it clear previously that practically all effective methods to act at a distance, including shamanic work, magick and radionics, have the same CFP!  Therefore, you can view the diagrams below in the light of of these methods.  They are certainly valid for all of them!

In fact, some experts in radionics refer to the radionics device as the “Voodoo Doll” of the modern age.  They naturally are more in line with an exact understanding of the processes involved in radionics than they may originally have suspected - or wished!

Study the diagrams below carefully!

This is the diagram of a typical magickal operation that lacks the supply of life force, usually because the operator is unaware of the importance of life force.  Some life force is drawn from the surroundings or the operator. Results are possible.   This type operation has a high rate of failure!
The same magickal operation as above, as performed by a knowledgeable magician who supplies the operation with life force, either his own using various practices or by killing ("sacrificing") a chicken or other animal.  Good results!
Same magickal operation, with a continuous supply of massive amounts of life force from a Welz Chi Generator!   The continuous supply of life force keeps the projected trend energies going.  Results can come fast.  Success can be possible also in situations where everything else seems to fail!
Reliable Results!
"Traditional" radionics device.  The radionics operator has no idea of the importance of life force.  The transfer is possible because of the relatively weak life force field surrounding the device and the fact that the device is set till results show - or the operator gives up. Highly Unreliable!  For a skilled magician it is easy to interfere with this type operation!
Traditional radionics device that is boosted by a Chi Generator.  The massive supply of life force ensures fast action, Highly Successful!
Diagram of the RAD 2400 HD Orgone Radionics Device with separate Trend- and Target settings as well as a Heavy Duty Welz Chi Generator. More precision and direction. Results can come fast. Success can be possible also in very difficult situations where everything else seems to fail!

The Power Radionics Program goes beyond mere trend- and target settings by including basic action, alternative target (can be used for grounding in case of repercussion) and trend in the environment.   It is digitally connected with a Welz Chi Generator for powerful action! Extremely Flexible and Successful!

Magick and Radionics are perfectly interchangeable!

A radionics device establishes non-fleeting and stable structural links (contrary to the brain, which has the characteristic of "moving around") and so do magical objects, or sigils!

Therefore, a radionics device may also be called a “universal magical sigil”. It is a technological device that establishes structural links and holds these structures longer than our brain would.  The advantage of the radionics device over the magickal sigil is its infinite flexibility!   The seasoned magician always prefers a combination of the two: the magickal sigil to make use of energies that people have used successfully over and over again and the radionics device for the purpose of fine-tuning these energies and adjusting them to the specific purpose of the operation.   This way they can tie into well-established energy patterns (the magickal sigil), which they modify for a specific purpose with the radionics device. The Power Radionics Program combines the two in a most effective way!

The most important factor required for the success of a radionics operation is not the specific make-up of the device that you use to establish equivalent structural links; it is the amount of life force used for the operation and the sophistication and adaptability of the envisioned trend energies, ideally as an "independently acting" thought form.  That's exactly why the RAD 2400 HD is ideal for all your magickal work (see the diagrams above!!!).

It is obvious by now that the radionics device is the ideal tool to establish equivalent structural links that connect to any desired target, trend, or to both.

The advantage of the radionics device or power radionics program from HSCTI over the methods of traditional magick, such as sigils, oils, dolls, etc., is the obvious fact of its incredible flexibility.  Sigils, oils, etc., are designed for one thing and one thing only. The radionics device naturally can be set up for any purpose.

Actually, many practitioners of magick like to use magickal sigils in connection with radionic settings.  This way they can tie into well-established energy patterns (the magickal sigil), which they modify for a specific purpose with the radionics device.

Magick is action that uses life force and structural links. Seen under this aspect, radionics is magick that uses technological devices (including computer programs) as universal structural links that you can tune to any desired trend and/or target.

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