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Welcome to Walter's Maze Mansion! :-)

The computer can make creating and solving Mazes much easier. In addition to hand made Mazes, I've created many with the assistance of the computer. A few are quite large, and some have been published in various sources.

Maze Graphics

Here is a gallery of Maze graphics. Unless otherwise specified, all of these were created circa 1990 on a old TRS-80 Color Computer. They're either designed by hand on the computer, 100% computer generated using one of several Maze generation programs I've written, or in most cases a mixture of the two. Some of these images were originally shared on the Usenet group

Links - Maze Program Downloads

Links to downloadable Maze creation programs or algorithm files.

Links - Other Maze Downloads

Links to other Maze related downloads such as game levels or algorithm files.

Links - Maze Creation

Links to sites allowing dynamic creation of random Mazes, where often you can interactively solve them too.

Links - Maze Solving

Links to sites containing static Mazes, in which you can interactively solve them online in your browser.

Links - Maze Picture Galleries

Links to sites containing static Maze pictures.

Links - Dead Ends

Links that no longer work. These sites are still listed for history and in the hope they will someday work again.

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