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Amethyst Rune Staves
This exquisite set of 18 hand crafted tumbled amethyst Runes of the Armanen Futhork is a great tool to use for your Rune readings! Included is a hard copy of the Rune Reading Course. Price: $99.00 per set.
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Crystal Rune Staves
Being the Natural Image of the World Crystal, this exquisite set of 18 hand crafted crystal Runes of the Armanen Futhork is the power basis for your Runic ceremonial setup. The crystal points measure between 1 1/2 and 2 inches in length. Price: $129.00 per set.
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The Rune Master Radionics Program
This extraordinary program boasts a numeric system with the base 18 on its radionic tuners. The 18, of course, connect with the creative energies of the universe. This gives additional power to your radionic setup. 6 stations: Basic action, main target, alternative target, main trend, trend in the environment, and grounding. Price: $199.00.
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The Rune Reading Course
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Thor's Hammer and the Rune Radionics Program

Magick of the Future
This extraordinary course is an introduction to a novel scientific approach to all work that has the objective of effective self-help, motivation, visualization, success, and trend management. As such, the course is excellent as an introduction to the technologies involved in successful trend management and a good basis for successful practice with the orgone generators and radionics devices! "Magic of the Future" shows that what we call visualization techniques, motivational work, trend management, shamanic practice or magical-religious practices are technologies based on hard-core exact science. Magic of the Future helps you master this exciting new technology in a matter of weeks! Click on the icon!

Rune Magick !!!

This extraordinary spiritual technology is your personal gate to the powers of creation !!!

Using the creative powers of the Runes for your spiritual and psychic development you can certainly gain control of love, money, business, sports, status, and life itself.

Harness the powers of Rune Yoga to control the flow of life force for stamina, endurance, and mental and physical energy.
The Basic Rune Course leads you on your path to become a Rune Master.
The Rune Reading Course is an introduction to the divinatory power of the Runes!
Therefore there is a lot more to Runes than giving readings!
Contents of the Book

What are Runes?
The Symbolism of the Runes
Properties of Esoteric Symbolisms
The Path of Initiation
The 18 Sacred Futhork Runes as an Esoteric Symbolism
Odin's Sune Song and the Magical Poem
Rune Keywords, Meanings, and Correlations
Healing with Runes
Invocative and Evocative Processes
The Rune Realms
Preliminary Practice
Sounds of Runes, or Rune Mantras
Rune Readings and Rune Staves
The Rune Reading Ceremonial
Divinatory Meanings of the Runes
Sample Reading
Crystals and the Runes
A Final Note


Up to this point, you have learned to use the sounds of the Rune names in your Rune practice. If you are a student of the 0rder, then you may have the tape on Rune mantras. If you do not have it, then you are limited to using the names as mantras. However, there is much more to the singing of Runes than the singing of their names.

If you compare the Runes to colors of the spectrum, then the various intonations of the Runes would give you the many shades and hues of a sub spectrum for every Rune. Experience will tell you how to use these slightly different shades of Rune energies, and which sound connects with which specific bundle of energies of the Rune Realms of Creation.

Even that gentle hint should make it clear that what lies before you is an extensive amount of Rune practice, and only consistent and preferably daily practice will lead to a mastery of the many shades and sub-shades of the Rune spectrum. At the beginning, exercise the Runes, one at a time, with a specific sounding of the name. It is useful, you will find, to recite the Song of the Rune before practicing ifs mantras.

Next you introduce variations:

a) Change pitch and loudness of sound. Hold the same pitch, increase power of voice, and then decrease again. Then change pitch from low to high, and back to low. Practice with high pitch alone, and then with low. Get the feel of the differences. Find as many combinations as possible.
b) Practice with the hand positions changing them from close together fingered positions to the extended finger positions.
c) Do it again with the palms down positions and the palms up positions.
d) Hear the sound of the Rune with your inner ear and visualize the symbol with your inner eye while inhaling. This will be easy after you have practiced establishing your inner Rune Realm. Now it is different because you practice hearing the different pitches. By this means, you introduce the many hues of Rune sub-spectrums into your inner Rune Realm. This practice of visualizing while inhaling has especially strong effects on your chakras, if you project the appropriate Rune energies into those spiritual centers during the practice.
e) Change and vary the sounds of the Runes by substituting vowels, or diphthongs.
f) Next, focus on specific key-symbols of Runes, such as "root, healing" with UR, "projection, activity with THORN, etc.
g) Then include the body positions, changing from Rune to Rune, adjusting to the pitch, from which eventually a Rune dance develops. This will make you capable of drawing and modifying Rune energies more powerfully, and with more versatility than you can dream of as a beginner. Eventually, when you are a Rune master, you will develop your own background music for your practices.

About pronunciation

Vowels in Rune Mantras are the pure vowels:
a is pronounced as in f-a-ther
e is pronounced as in wh-e-y
i is pronounced as in ant-i-que
o is pronounced as in b-o-at
u is pronounced as in g-oo-se
You find the mantras in the section of the access keywords.

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