Hampton Court Hedge Maze

My Life Size Labyrinths

Maze graphics or online Mazes in virtual reality are cool, but nothing can equal the mystery and majesty of having your physical body surrounded by a life size Maze or Labyrinth in real reality. Here are some life size unicursal Labyrinths and Maze puzzles I've made in various media:

My Life Size Sand Labyrinths

One of the best media in which to create a life size Labyrinths and Mazes is sand on the beach. They of course only last half a day or so until the tide comes in:

Life Size Mazes

A few images of life size Mazes I've personally visited:

Life Size Corn Mazes

One of the most common types of life size Maze is the cornfield Maze. Here are a some images of life size corn Mazes I've visited:

More Life Size Mazes

The life size Mazes in this section I haven't visited:

World's Largest Maze

So what is the largest Maze in the world? In the 2005 Special 50th Anniversary Edition of the Guinness Book of World Records we have:

The world's largest Maze as listed in the 2001 Guinness Book of World Records is the Pineapple Garden Maze at Dole Plantation. Before that, in the 1997 Guinness Book of World Records, we had:

Before that, in the 1987 Guinness Book of World Records, we had:

I've made a few of my own attempts at largest Mazes:

Life Size Maze Links

A selection of links about cornfield and other life size Mazes in the physical world around us:

Labyrinth Links

A selection of links about unicursal Labyrinths and their use in spiritual growth:

Dead End Links

A selection of dead links. These sites are still listed for history and in the hope they will someday work again.

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