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For you this is experience of the creative energies of the universe !!!

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Therefore there is a lot more to Runes than giving readings and "Rune Stones"!


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Magick of the Future
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Published by Karl Hans WelzP.O. Box 1298, Woodstock, GA 30188

Welcome to a most fascinating discipline that enables you to harnesses energies from the realms of creation by means of utilizing SHAPES. The shapes which you are going to use are based on the ancient Runes. They serve as triggers which give you access to energies of creation. Students and practitioners of Rune Yoga have the goal of achieving a balance of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, which is at the basis of perfect health; they use Rune Yoga as a gateway to their chakras and to deep mystical experiences; and they learn the power to project Light energy. Students of Rune Yoga are encouraged to practice in groups. Unlike in conventional Yoga systems, where students practice individually, Rune Yoga knows of practices that are based on group-interaction. In such interaction, each individual is assigned a specific function within the group-position as a whole. Consequently, the group-position will always be of a qualitatively (and most times also quantitatively) higher order than the mere sum total of the energies which each individual would draw. This important characteristic makes Rune Yoga an excellent tool to build groups for joint practice of Runic ceremonials. To achieve the benefits of Rune Yoga, the student utilizes many different types of shapes. Rune Yoga constitutes a unique combination of body- and hand positions (shapes of the body), controlled breathing techniques (rhythmic shapes), Rune Mantras (shapes of sound), focus on specific symbols or groups of symbols (Runic shapes, geometrical or graphic outlines which may be visualized), a meditative awareness of realms within (a link between shapes and worlds of experience), runic sound pitches (again shapes of sound) and ceremonial settings. Ceremonial settings constitute a link between shapes and objective energies of the realms of creation as well as to defined Higher Order Energy Complexes (HOEC's).In this course, you will advance in Rune Yoga by means of practicical experience. Ideally you should practice with a group. If you cannot practice with a group, it will be beneficial for you to imagine that you practice within a group. In this case ayou can take various positions within this group. This is not unlike playing with "invisible playmates", or thought forms. Such practice will make it easier for you to practice with a real group whenever you have such an opportunity. It will also enhance tremendously some of the effects of Rune Yoga over what you would achieve when simply practicing with the consciousness of being an individual. With practice, you will increasingly penetrate the intricacies of the discipline of Rune Yoga, much of which is in creative realms beyond purely logical thinking. Therefore, I will give only as much theoretical knowledge as is absolutely necessary.

You find the meanings of runes in the Basic Rune Course.In addition to the meanings of Runes that you find in the Basic Rune Course, there are additional meanings, or functions, of Runes. These are meanings that are of key importance for your practice of Rune Yoga. It will be good for you to memorize these meanings well:

FA is an ENERGIZING Rune. It is used to DRAW LIFE ENERGIES, and also to PROJECT them. It relates to 'fire". Often perceived as warm to hot, and red or orange. Sometimes also "blue fire".

UR is CALMING and HEALING. It gives STRENGTH, and it is used to accumulate life energies. Often perceived warm, steady, green, growing.


OS is a function of ACCEPTING and receiving, focus of ODIC (or Orgone) ENERGIES.

RIT is ROTATING and DANCING. Ceremonial rhythms and structures.

KA is STRENGTH and POWER. Release of sexual energies. Projection of power. STRENGTH and POWER. Release of sexual energies. Project ion of power.

HAGAL is BALANCING in all directions, crystallizing. "Taking care of the universe".

NOD is KARRMIC STRUCTURING. The lever to shift karma.

IS is function of the spine, i.e., the system of CHAKRAS as a whole. Emotional calmness achieved as a result of calming down thoughts. ANTENNA TO DRAW energies.

AR is mental energy, RELEASING of the past and refraining, energy of the Sun.

SIG is SUDDEN EFFORT, or sudden impact. Lightning-like strike, Victory, Impact.

TYR is ACTION OF THE HIGHER SELF. Odin gets rid of illusions amid attachments.

BAR is sleep, withdrawal, deepest meditations, TOTAL CALMNESS, empty chaos from which life sprouts eternally.

LAF is law of LIFE FUNCTIONING. Nature. MAN is PHYSICAL STRENGTH energized by spirit, drawing from above, levitation (reaching above).

YR is DRAWING FROM THE ROOTS. Awareness of roots-eternal. (MAN and YR together form the world crystal of HAGAL)

EH is balance of life streams. Balance of sexual energies. MALE - FEMALE BALANCE (EH and NOD together form the world crystal of HAGAL)

GIBOR is the dance of life forces, dance of lives around the universal structure of HAGAL.. MOVEMENT, COMPLETION.

PRACTICE 1. If you have already an altar for Runic practice, set up your Crystal Runes, or Rune Staves. Light one candle. If you are at the beginning of Runic practice, keep the ceremonial setting (see the third lesson for more details) as simple as possible, yet already present. Simply light a candle as a focal point, and be aware that the candle represents Light. Symbolically it links you with the realms of creation. 2. The group practices a short meditation, approximately 3 to 5 minutes. Students of Rune Magic may establish their inner Rune Realm, and join all individual realms to one. Say, with a ceremonial attitude: "May the power of the Runes
Lead us to a greater understanding
Of the universe and ourselves.
May the power of the Runes
Further our path to Oneness
With the Universe.
4. Everybody standing in a circle, body position of MAN 5. Chant MAN 3 times. 6. Sit down, meditate a for a few minutes. Then share experiences, or, if you practice by yourself, write in a diary. You have just practiced Rune Yoga: A body position and the chanting of a mantra in a ceremonial setting. Perhaps also the focus on the graphic shape of MAN. Some first-time students may have felt a very strong energy flow. MAN is a good introduction in Runic practice. ,This is so, because it tunes into spiritual realms. Next, let's draw energies to energize ourselves: as individuals and as a group. 7. Again, everybody stand up, in a circle. All take the body position Of FA. The hands are pointing toward the center of the circle.
First, chant FA three times, then breathe slowly while you are still aware of the chanting:
inhale four seconds,
hold your breath two seconds,
exhale four seconds,
again hold for two seconds.
As you inhale, feel the energies of FA flow through your palms into your body. Practice for one to three minutes, then sit down and meditate. Share experiences. In this practice we added another element to our practice. We practiced with the same Rune, but we added a breathing rhythm, combined with a focus on the body, which is to be energized by FA. 8. Instead of FA practice with MAN the same way as above. Again, meditate and share experiences. 9. Everybody stands in a circle, and we form the body position of FA. We chant FA three times, then we change into the breathing rhythm. This time, as we inhale, we draw FA into the body through an imaginary gate in the area of the solar plexus.. As we exhale, we draw the energies of FA from the Solar plexus and project it into the area of the third eye. In addition, during inhalation and exhalation, we mentally chant FA. KNOW that this process will continue as long as we stay in the position of FA. Then sit down and meditate. In this practice we added the focus on specific areas of the body. In addition, we started "training" our subconscious to continue a process of focusing (or magical action) even when we are no longer consciously attached to this process. This way we can ensure continuity. 10. Practice MAN the same way. 11. Now, instead of standing in a circle, participants form the Rune FA. It may help to outline FA on the floor (with a string). Four or more participants are needed for this exercise. If there are less people, then we have to imagine others. Then, we proceed as in 7. Meditate and share. Then swap positions in the Rune and compare experiences. Next, practice MAN the same way. 12. To end the practice, we ground the energies. Grounding after practice is essential, because it sends back any surplus energies. To ground, we stand in position of IS and we visualize all energies drain through our bodies into the ground, in a similar way as water goes down the drain. With this visualization in mind, we chant IS three times. It will be good to practice the above exercises two to four times before you begin with the second lesson and send your progress report to receive your third lesson. You may practice other body positions. May the power of the Runes
Bring you in contact with the realms of spirit
and energize body, mind, and aura.