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Therefore there is a lot more to Runes than giving readings and "Rune Stones"!


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Letter of Instructions # 7

The Rune HAGAL  

by Karl Hans Welz


This letter of instructions is very important for you.  It is the first lesson of your knighthood.  In this lesson, you will learn to draw energies from the world crystal.  The symbolism of the Rune HAGAL points to the world crystal.  HAG-ALL means to take care of the universe.  You will also learn to project these energies for healing, purification, chakra development, chakra balancing, and for many other purposes.

HAGAL, the Rune of the world crystal, stands at the beginning of the second group of Runes of the Sacred Futhork.  Now, after you have been knighted, you are ready to reach into the realms of creation-eternal, to draw Runic energies, and to project these energies to any point in your universe, or into the universe of another person, for creative change.

In the preceding lessons -- especially UR and THORN -- you have learned to work in this direction.  Now you have the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of this work and to deepen your understanding of the processes involved.  Now is the time for you to work with one partner or with a small group.  As a Knight, you may start your own castle and practice group work with Runes there.

HAGAL symbolizes that which comes from the universe.  It is the symbol of creative force that takes care of the workings of the universe in the process of Creation-Eternal.  It is HAGAL -- which is often referred to as “Mother of the Runes” -- that allows you to have access to the creative forces of the universe, to which you are reaching out in your quest for reaching your Higher Self and to becoming ONE with the Divine.  With HAGAL you have the key of being the Architect of the worlds.  Symbolizing the world crystal, (look at the shape of the Rune!) HAGAL is the focal point upon which all Runes converge and from which you can reach all other Runes.  In this respect the Rune GIBOR is kin to HAGAL!

Continuous creation means continuous change.  HAGAL is the Rune of the worlds.  Around the center of HAGAL the worlds are whirling.  HAGAL symbolizes one aspect of the chakra of the crown of the head as well as it symbolizes one aspect of the root chakra.  There are two more Runes that have a similar symbolic connection with both chakras:  FA, the Rune of original fire (kundalini) and BAR.  Bar is the Rune of birth.  Likewise it is the Rune of being born again in the spirit.  BAR symbolizes the mystical death that comes after the decision to sacrifice the old ego to become one with the Divine.  FA is male-fiery while BAR is female-watery.  HAGAL unifies the two, center and periphery, into an ever-present balance of phenomena that emanate from the world-crystal. Understanding of this relation between these three Runes is one of the keys to your chakras.

HAGAL is the Rune of the tree of life.  It symbolizes the union of several couples of Runes.  First EH and NOD, then YR and MAN, and finally AR-KA (the couple that generates EH) with NOD.  HAGAL is the Rune that can bring you in contact with your spiritual guide, with guidance, or with the Higher Self.  It symbolizes the union of fire with water, of spirit with matter, of creation with chaos, of tree with root.  HAGAL is always ready to reach out for a still higher union:  the unification with your Higher Self and awareness, full awareness, and presence, conscious presence, of the Divine spark within you.  HAGAL is the Rune of atonement of karmic debts.  This is so, because there are no longer karmic restrictions once unification, or spirit-matter, are conscious.  With HAGAL you reach out by means of union.  Experience HAGAL in a ceremonial setting -- as described in the lesson RIT -- and you will gain significant insights that will lead you to very important breakthroughs.


One of the most important tasks of the Knight of Runes is to help those in need.  This help is important, for it helps overcome old karma.  Furthermore it creates new and positive karma for you.

When there is talk about projecting energies, many people think immediately about sending Light, more precisely, white light.  When you transfer energy you may project white light or you may project colors.  Colored light is specific energy for specific purposes.  White light is indiscriminate, because it contains all the colors of the spectrum.

Sending Rune energies compares to sending light.  With runes you send dynamized energies from the realms of creation.  Runes, specific Runes, are capable of making your projection of energy specific to the help that is needed.  Such projection is not indiscriminate as would  be the case with white Light.  Runes dynamize the energies that you project and they give them their specific colors and hues of colors.  The Runic system may be compared to a multi dimensional spectrum of energies.  This spectrum is of a much greater complexity than a simple rainbow.  The Runic symbolism of the Futhork teaches us the many "colors" of this energetic spectrum.

The beneficial effects of transfer of energy for help, healing, purification, etc., go beyond mere tangible effects.  Using Runes to help others, to heal, to purify, to draw good circumstances, to help spiritual insights and to help develop chakras, is a form of gratitude to your Creator within or an acknowledgment of your Creator-You!  It is a sacred task to use the talents with which your Creator entrusted you.  To project Runes to help others, therefore, is an expression of your service to the Divine.  It is your opportunity to erase negative karma.

HAGAL connects and combines the inner and outer Rune realms with the realms of Creation.  Meditate on the shape of HAGAL, and soon you will be aware of its function.  In every practice of transfer of Runic energies (or Light dynamized by Runes), you should be aware of these very important dimensions of HAGAL.

The KNIGHT, or leader of the castle, will practice transfer of Runes on other persons.  Members of the Order may practice before they are knighted, but we suggest that they be under guidance of a Knight, or Rune Master, when they do so.


We strongly suggest that you follow the exact procedure of transfer of Rune energies.  Later, as a Rune Master, you may create your own ways and ceremonials to project Runes.  The following methods have been proven to be very effective.  Even complete newcomers are capable of FEELING Runic energies most of the time, provided they truly open up to them and have no karmic blockages.  You will FEEL the flow of Runic streams.  Later, you will be capable of actually seeing these energies, provided you follow our instructions.  Consequently your control of Runic energies will increase dramatically as will your skill of transferring them and of selecting the correct Runes for every specific purpose.


1.  Set up your outer Rune realm.  In case the outer Rune realm is a permanent set up, which is the case in a lodge facility, then each person who enters the circle of the outer Rune realm has to tune into this Rune realm.  Each person has to become aware of this realm and to acknowledge it.

2.  Be aware of your inner Rune realm and get in touch with it.  To develop this inner Rune realm is not an absolute necessity for the person who is going to receive Runic energies.  For the Knight who projects energy, establishing the inner Rune Realm is a must.

3.  The person(s) who project Runic energies develop a magical force field and strengthen their capability to draw and to project Runes.

4.  The person(s) who are going to accept Runic energies get themselves ready to accept Runes and their benefits.

5.  After this preparation, Runes are projected and received.

6.  Optional:  Projection on chakras, kidney (for purification), magnetic treatment to cleanse and purify the aura, chakras, and physical body.

7.  End of the ceremony, thanking and grounding of surplus energies.


You need:  18 Rune Staves (you may improvise with 18 cardboard tablets that have the Runes drawn on them), table with white tablecloth, or altar.  Candles, Incense burner, Frankincense or specially blended Runic incense.  Candles should be of green color, when for healing.  Pure bees wax candles are better.

Rune Staves:  You may order a set that is ready-made, or, as an improvisation, you may draw the 18 Runes on 18 tablets of cardboard.  Crystal Rune Staves are of great power!

Now you determine the area where you intend to perform the transfer of Runic energies (or any other Runic work).  The number of people participating and considerations of comfort will determine how large the circle will be within which everybody will be:  the person(s) who transfer and the person(s) who receive Runic energies.

You do not need to trace a circle on the floor as in other magical practices.  In Runic work the circle is be determined by the Runes that you lay on the floor, in circular arrangement, as shown in the lesson of RIT.

The only furniture allowed inside the circle is the little altar (a small card table may suffice), chairs, pillows, blankets, or whatever else is desirable for the comfort of the participants.

Needless to say, cigarette smoke does not belong in the room where transfer of Runic energies is performed, especially when for healing!

Once you determined the outline of the circle, you begin to lay out the Runes.  Start at the left side of the North point of the circle (Ideally North) with FA, go around counterclockwise -- like the zodiac -- and end with GIBOR.  As an option, the altar may be placed at the center of the circle.

With the 18 Runes around you, you have set up an energy field with all its component shades and colors.  From this field you can draw energy at will.

It is the Runic symbolism at work.  Now, each Rune that you draw contains this symbolism and it will work in tune with the Runic symbolism as a whole.  This circle is your temple.

Next, you charge the Runes of the circle.  With this action, you raise the power potential of the circle.  You can charge the Runes in several ways.  You will learn these methods in the course of your studies.  For now, we teach you one method.

You proceed as follows:  With a magical wand, your index finger, or a power rod, you point at FA.  Sing the mantra of the Rune, then mentally project energy into the Rune Stave of FA, then sing the stanza of FA of the magical poem  "I know the songs . . . " and feel the energy flow back into you!

Proceed like this with every Rune, until you reach YR, the EH and GIBOR.

Charging the outer Rune Realm can be done by more than one person.  In this case, the celebrating Knight would point at the Rune and charge it, another Knight will recite the appropriate stanza, while all others chant the mantra of the Rune.

Now, the outer Rune realm is established.

Every person who enters the circle at a later time, has to tune into this outer Rune Realm.  This is done by either looking at each Rune, or by pointing at it, chanting mentally the mantra of the Rune.  Beginners may be assisted by Rune Masters.


After entering the circle and tuning into the outer Rune Realm, each participant has to meditatively establish the inner Rune Realm.  The only exceptions are persons who are not members, but who enter to receive Runic energy.  However, it would be good if a Knight or Rune Master helps these persons establish the inner Rune Realm regardless, so the energies projected at them will be strongly enhanced due to the fact that they have established a strong base for reception of those energies.

You tune best into the inner Rune Realm by a silent meditation and proceeding as taught in the first lessons.  If a group as a whole enters the circle at the same time, then a tape may be played which helps enter the inner Rune realm, or a Knight of Rune Master may guide the meditation.

You should be aware that your inner Rune Realm is in constant contact with the outer Rune Realm and that both are linked to the Rune Realms of Creation.  Imagine and visualize this with all your strength.  This way you create a powerful flow of Runic energies.


This following practice needs only be performed by persons who are going to project Runic energies.

1. Body Position of MAN
 Look at the stave of MAN
 Visualize MAN
 Chant the mantra of MAN
 Prayer:  Power of MAN, release in me the power of the Divine.

2. Body Position of FA
 Look at the stave of FA
 Visualize FA
 Chant the mantra of FA
 Prayer:  All Creating Power of FA which is born of the Divine Fire act through me and help me create!

3. Body Position of UR
 Look at the stave of UR
 Visualize UR
 Chant the mantra of UR
 Prayer:  UR, Power of origin, Power of the Roots of all Beings, Increase my powers of healing and of being aware of the causes.

4. Body Position of THORN
 Look at the stave of THORN
 Visualize THORN
 Chant the mantra of THORN
 Prayer:  Streams of cosmic energies are revolving within me.  Cosmic energies radiate wherever I direct them responsibly.

5 Body Position of IS
 Look at the stave of IS
 Visualize IS
 Chant the mantra of IS
 Prayer:  One with the Will of the universe, I am master of myself and master of my universe, filled with power and harmony.  I am a radiating and forceful field of willpower.  My will is ruler.

6 Body Position of MAN
 Look at the stave of MAN
 Visualize MAN
 Chant the mantra of MAN
 Prayer:  Cosmic powers of Creation stream to me.

7. Body Position of HAGAL
 Look at the stave of HAGAL
 Visualize HAGAL
 Chant the mantra of HAGAL
 Prayer:  Cosmic powers of Creation stream to me.

8. Body Position of IS (arms down)
 Look at the stave of IS
 Visualize IS
 Chant the mantra of IS
 Prayer:  Cosmic powers of Creation stream to me.

9. Body Position of IS (arms up)
 Look at the stave of IS
 Visualize IS
 Chant the mantra of IS
 Prayer:  Self-Aware, I am antenna.  I am drawing energies and power from the original realms of creation.

10. Body Position of UR
 Look at the stave of UR
 Visualize UR
 Chant the mantra of UR
 Prayer:  I draw the power from the deepest depths; I draw from the spheres of the Earth; I draw from the realms of Origin-Eternal; I draw from the roots of All-Mother.

11. Body Position of MAN
 Look at the stave of MAN
 Visualize MAN
 Chant the mantra of MAN
 Prayer:  Self-Aware I draw the power from the highest heights, I draw from cosmic realms, I draw from the spiritual realms of All-Father.


The person who will project Runic energies:

Body position of FA
Look at the stave of FA, then at the person to whom you project.
Visualize FA
Chant the mantra of FA
Prayer:  By the Power of FA, the spiritual, astral, and etheric Light flows into you.  Odic energy gives you strength on all levels and purifies you.

The person who will receive:

Body position of OTHIL (OS)
Look at the stave of OS
Visualize OS
Chant the mantra of OS (or OTHIL)
Prayer:  Knowing of the help from OS, I am open to the influx of Odic energy, power, and light, which will permeate me and help me on all levels.


Odic energy that is projected is a wholeness of spiritual, astral, mental, and etheric Light.  This Light is dynamized by one or more Runes, which then give it its specific color, shade, and effect.

In general, you draw the Odic energy with one hand, and then you project it to the other person with your other hand.  When drawing, see or feel with your strongest possible imagination the energy of a specific Rune, or Odic energy, flow into your body through the hand that poses the rune.  In general you draw while inhaling.  While inhaling and drawing, mentally chant the Rune Mantra.  When projecting, see or feel with your strongest possible imagination the Rune energy flow through the projecting hand in the other person, or into the part of the body the other person where you intend to direct Odic energy.

I recommend to begin your projecting with the Rune Fa into the center between the eyebrows of the receiving person (the third eye, or ajna chakra).  Besides strengthening on all levels, this method also helps develop the third eye and it leads to development of psychic abilities that are connected with the awakening of the chakras.  This method also helps purify chakras and to balance them, especially the chakras in which much of our karma is stored.

Later, you may project other Runes through the Ajna chakra.  You proceed as follows:
First chant the Rune aloud.  Repeat three times.  Then point your right (or left) hand toward the eye chakra.  Either project with your palm or, better yet, with the fingers in focus.  In either case, keep a distance of three to six inches from the point to which you project.  The other hand should be lifted up.  It acts as an antenna that draws the Runic energies.  The hand position of the Rune will enhance the draw.  Feel the energies flow through this hand and arm into your body, from there into your other arm, hand, and then into the other person.  While inhaling, mentally chant the mantra of the Rune and imagine the energies flow into your body.  While exhaling, imagine those energies flow through your other hand into the third eye of your partner.

Proceed this way approximately for five minutes.  Then proceed in the same manner pointing at the heart chakra, then Solar plexus, three to five minutes each.

If you intend to heal, then draw and project the Rune UR (hand position) upon whatever part of the body which you want to benefit from Runic energies.  Especially the kidneys are very receptive to this special kind of purification.

In a later lesson, you will learn to use Runes for purification and strengthening of the aura.  This special process requires the knowledge of using magnetic passes.


Persons who projected:

"Powers of the Runes
Thank you for your energy
Flow back to the
Sacred Realms of Creation."

Position of IS.  Strongly imagine that all surplus energy is grounded by flowing through your body into the ground.  Both, persons who projected and persons who received, chant IS.  Then:

"We thank our Creator for this experience and for the opportunity to use the tools of Creation."


1.  Copy the Song of HAGAL in your book of ceremonials (if time allows).
2.  Murmur the Song of HAGAL
3.  Practice HAGAL meditatively
4.  Practice transfer of energy, if you have the opportunity.


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