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Letter of Instructions # 14

The Rune LAF

by Karl Hans Welz  

Welcome to the Rune LAF!

 Welcome to LAF, the fourteenth Rune of the Sacred Futhork.  With this Rune you will have the opportunity to enter the realms of original law, or the law of life.  LAF is also the Rune of the original water, or the water of life.

 There seems to be a consensus that the water of life is some mythological "fountain of youth."  Many adventurers tried to discover this fountain of youth.  I have to point out that there is something deeper in the meaning of this symbol.  To come to a deeper understanding of this term, you need to first come to grips with the symbolic meaning of water.

 When there is talk of water in educated esoteric circles, there is often a reference to both the water element and its realm and to the astral realms.  The astral realms are the sphere of manifestation for most energies of a higher order, or entities, before they can descend into the material realms.  The descent into the material realms can only happen with the help of a material being such as a human.  Even entities that are not purely astral, but much more complex, need the astral plane as a gate to enter the material plane.

 In this context it is good that you meditate over the stanza of LAF:
A Fourteenth I sing
To all the assembled people
And I name the Divine Names
For no one knows the names
Of all Albes and Ases
As well as I do.

 Clearly there is reference to names.  An old magical idea is that once you know the name of an entity you have it under your control, a name being a structural link to an energy field.  The references to Light beings (Albes, or elves) and gods (Ases or Aesir) are obvious.  LAF, then, is a way to control the beings of the finer densities BEFORE they descend into the material plane.  Compare this way to the path that many a channeler takes, namely to let an astral entity enter his or her body (materialize) without knowing how to control it, without having the will to control it, often even without knowing its true name and without ever finding out the true name of that entity.

 There is more to that concept of the water.  Water has a clear reference to the etheric level on the material plane where an entity manifests.  This is life energy.  Life energy has other names such as prana, chi, orgone, or animal magnetism.  I have been able to photograph many entities when I supplied them with an adequate amount of life energy from the Chi generators that I invented.  For these photographs I did not need a special camera, but a simple Polaroid camera was sufficient!  This goes hand in hand with the Voodoo concept that you need to feed the entity that you have do the work.  The feeding technique is always a way to set free sufficient amounts of life energy.

 The water of life, therefore, is the magnetic fluid on the etheric plane.  This matter of a fine density has many names such as prana, chi, orgone, mana, and animal magnetism.  The ancients clearly recognized that life emanates from prana.  Wilhelm Reich brought scientific proof of this important fact.  The same energy is also good for rejuvenation.  Therefore the concept of the "fountain of youth" is not too far away from reality.  However, closer examination of this energy proves that the famous fountain of youth is actually within ourselves.  The orgone energy ocean that surrounds us is the inexhaustible source of life energy.  To find the fountain of youth means to discover for ourselves the practices that help us harness life energies.  This fountain of youth helps us keep in good shape throughout the period of our life.

About Eternal Life

 As long as mankind existed there have been glib talkers who claimed that they found the secret not only to eternal youth, but also to eternal life.  As a matter of convenience, they generally used concepts of the metaphysical trends that were accepted at the time by most of their targets, then they modified the concepts for their purpose.  There is something else that helps these hucksters.  Aging people are jealous of the younger generation.  This jealousy is often on a non-conscious level.  As a consequence they may go one of two routes.  They either tend to buy into a doomsday cult that claims that the end is near (you youngsters cannot enjoy life that long any more, because the end is near, ha ha ha haaa!) or they fall for the promise of eternal life.  A simple analysis of a history of both of these trends can quickly convince any thinking person what these claims are worth.  Both trends exist at least as long as we can follow history.  Neither trend ever kept what they promised.  We know that the world still exists and we know of nobody that lived eternally.  In our days only one group is rivaling the Witnesses of Jehovah in the amount of ludicrous false doomsday prophesies.  This group are the New Agers.  For years I had the fallacious thought that this group might be a bit more sophisticated than religious fanatics.  This seems not to be the case.  Quite "au contraire"!

 A word to those who dream of eternal life:  it does make sense to live a healthy life that will naturally extend the life time and its quality.  To extend life beyond that point is of little use.  This would compare to keep yourself from going to sleep.  The average life span of the human animal has its root in the genetic code.  This genetic trait of the average life span (or of aging) has evolved because the average life span of the human being is optimal for survival of the species.  It is the result of an evolutionary process that established a perfect balance between the human species and its environment.  None of the eternal life hucksters have talked about gene changing ... yet!  Mr. Cheapak Dopra comes close!

 The evolved living being knows that there is no death, but only a continuous transformation.  Consequently fear of death is a tragic illusion.  The dream of extending one's life span forever compares well to the wish of the little child to stay awake forever!  Both behaviors are the mark of childish ignorance.  Both behaviors prove to be unhealthy in the long run.

 This does not mean that we should not benefit from the waters of life, or the fountain of youth.  This gift allows us to live our lives to the fullest as healthy and vigorous human beings.

Eternal Life Energy
at the Roots of the Universe

 Modern researchers have demonstrated that life energy is not just something that acts independently of the electromagnetic ocean of the universe.  There is no life energy that may be conceived as opposing or existing besides electromagnetic energies.  Both etheric energies are part of the same phenomenon:  the etheric level which is part of the material plane.  Light and Life are a manifestation of opposites that come forth from chaos.  Both forms of energy set up universes according to their specific characteristics.  The time-space continuum is the mark of light energy, while the magical universe is the mark of life energy.  That is the reason for the importance of life energy in magical work.  It is life energy that makes magical work possible.  It is life energy that it at the root of sending magical energy to a target that is thousands of miles away.  It is life energy that allows energies of a higher order (entities) to manifest in the material planes.  Entities can only have effect if they manifest at these planes.  That is the law of magic that the Rune LAF teaches us.  It is the law of the water of life.  It is the law of the famous fountain of youth that is within ourselves.

The Hierarchies of Entities

 I have talked about energies of a higher order, or entities.  LAF teaches us the names of these entities.  In this aspect, LAF is the gate that opens for us the gates to the spheres where the deities dwell.  If we learn to name the names of the entities, we can learn their characters, what they can do for us, and how we can establish contact with them so that they perform work for us.

 In some instances it is useful to regard entities, or deities, as energies of a higher order.  You have learned about the four planes that correspond to the four elements.  The material plane relates to the fire element or to consciousness.  It is the plane where things manifest.  Of the material plane we divide into the dense material plane and into the etheric plane.  We may see the dense material plane as a plane where the etheric forms are "frozen, so to say."  The etheric plane contains the two energy forms, light energy (the electromagnetic spectrum) and life energy (orgone, chi, prana, etc.).  Etheric and dense materials are to extremes of the material plane.  Nothing that we know in the material plane is totally "dense" or structured, and nothing is totally structure-less or form-less.  The astral plane relates to our emotions.  Astral energies are energies in the state of formation.  After this the mental plane follows.  It is the plane where ideas and mental images form.  Our thinking is perception of mental forms.  Energies that connect with the mental plane can manifest and they have the characteristic of being able to personify.  Therefore we perceive these energies as entities:  gods, angels, devas, ... you name it.  The fourth plane connects with the will.  It is the causal plane.  This plane contains what we may call the Divine spark or the Divine impulse.  In this plane the impulse of manifestation emerges.

 Some of the traditional magicians claim that the astral plane has space but no time and that the mental plane has time but no space.  This model reflects the work that we can do when connecting with the respective planes.

 We need to keep in mind that we always connect with all four planes.  Traditional magicians call this a four-polarity.  Many entities have no four fold polarity, but they live as thought forms with an emotional body, bi-polar.  They need four polar beings to manifest.

 For this reason I prefer the label "Higher Order Energies" (HOE's) for entities rather than gods, spirits, angels, etc.  This label clarifies better the relation that these entities have with us.

 In each one of the planes, the Runes represent the least structured end.  In the material plane they represent near-unstructured light and life energies.  In the astral plane they represent near un-shaped astral beings, or emotions.  In the mental plane Runes represent thoughts in the process of forming, and in the causal plane they represent the impulse in the process of forming.  Runes are closest to the chaotic state.  Other energies such as the zodiacal forces, gods, angels, etc., are much more defined.

 The Rune LAF takes a position that allows us to define the deities that we decide to call "by its name."  Therefore LAF allows us to know the names of the Albes and Ases, of light beings and gods.  LAF is true love that creates by interacting life energies (the water of life or the fountain of youth) with chaos.

About Evocation

 An important part of the metaphysical process that leads to self actualization is the capability to use and direct the energies of the universe.  This includes the conscious contact with the HOE's, deities, devas, genii, etc.  These energies have the capability to appear as persons.  This is why we perceive them as spirits.  These energies, or spirits, are classified into hierarchies that reflect their action, their strength, and their importance in relation to us.  There are many ways to classify these spirits.

 The earliest methods of this kind reflect in the many mythologies that humans have created.  Each mythology connects with the reality of the worlds of entities, or energies of a higher order.  Although all of the mythologies are very useful, we have to dismiss the claims of some of them that they are the only acceptable "truth."  Such claims block the progress of the individual, which in some of the above cases is in the interest of the ruling classes that push one and one only mythology.

 Hierarchies, then, are models that we make to put some order into the many energies of a higher order.  The entities result from our focus on specific ranges of these energies.  Since they are models, we can custom tailor them to any mythology.  Several excellent classifications, or hierarchies of entities, connects with the reality of astrological structures.  These astrological hierarchies have all the marks of true symbolisms.  This is so because in a true symbolism the position of each entity in relation to all other is of crucial importance:  If you know the structure of a true symbolism and the meaning of one of its basic elements you can deduce the meanings of all other elements of the symbolism.

 The hierarchies that were derived from the astrological system are the cabalistic system and the system of spherical magic.

 The process of evoking an entity is the following:  You zero-in on one specific spirit.  You do this with the spirit's "name," symbol (sigil), etc.  Then you give the command that the spirit manifests on the conscious-material plane.  The spirit can only manifest if you give it the appropriate atmosphere, i.e., if you provide it with the material substance to materialize.  This substance is life energy.

 LAF is the Rune that gives you the flexibility in choosing the appropriate hierarchy and spirit for your evocation.  LAF gives you also the means to actually create an infinite amount of hierarchies of devas, angels, etc., that fit exactly your needs.  This you find in the part of the stanza of LAF that says "for no one knows the names of all the Albes and Ases as well as I do!"

 To recognize and experience the structures and hierarchies of "divine" beings and their mutual relationships is theology.  Theology is a Greek word that means knowledge of the gods.  The skill to interact with these beings and to put them to work is theurgy, or the command over gods.  The next step is to actually create these hierarchies.  We call this process theogenesis.  Theogenesis means the creation of gods.

 A prerequisite for successful theogenesis is a command over the forces of creation.  The Runes are a set of creative energies that we can command.  Theogenesis is at the root of the most powerful practices in metaphysical and magical work.

The Power to Change

 In your normal conscious state you live under a specific set of limitations.  At some point you are unwilling to accept some of these limitations.  To overcome them while in this normal conscious state is very difficult:  How can you overcome limitations from a state that contains the same limitations?  The whole thing is like a catch-22 situation:  You try to overcome limitations while employing the same limitations that you try to overcome.  If you alter your state of consciousness, you are no longer exposed to the "old" limitations.  In such an altered state other limitations may be valid, but they do not interfere with your envisioned process of change.  Therefore change becomes possible.

 The Rune LAF connects with the universe and its basic laws.  Therefore you can use LAF to create alternate universes.  These alternate universes have their own laws and limitations.  The limitations differ from the limitations of the "normal" universe.  Change becomes possible.  In this respect the Rune LAF is the gate of very powerful technologies of change.

Practice -- The Rune LAF

1.  Practice LAF as outlined in previous lessons.  Give special attention to body postures and hand positions.
2.  Invoke LAF and experience the symbolic meaning of the fountain of youth and the water of life.
3.  Tune meditatively into the Divine hierarchies.  First tune into Divine hierarchies of your own religious background, then explore other religions.
4.  Setting of the Chi Generator®:  7 Hz