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Therefore there is a lot more to Runes than giving readings and "Rune Stones"!


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Welcome to the sixth letter of instructions of Rune Yoga. While in letter #4 you focused on yourself by balancing your chakras, this sixth letter introduces you to practices of awakening and developing your chakras.

If you want to know more about the chakras, or spiritual centres, in your body, I suggest that you read "Theories of the chakras" by Hiroshi Motoyama, Ledbetters classic book on the chakras, or others.

While the typical exercises to awaken chakras are are rather lengthy processes, Runic practice allows us to get results at a rather rapid rate, especially when the work is done within the framework and structure of group practices. Considering the amazing results that have been achieved in group practices, it is truly amazing that so little group dynamics are used in traditional chakra work.

The use of energies from the realms of creation, the Runes, in awakening and developing your chakras is of great benefit. Not only are those spiritual—psychic processes speeded up, but Runes also provide the chakras with an added sensitivity which is in line with the general charactreristics of the Rune.

In principle every Rune can be used for every chakra. However, some Runes may show more affinity with some specific chakras:

FA is great for the root chakra at the base of the spine, or for the crown chakra. FA may also be used for the eye chakra, especially in those instances where the eye chakra is used to "draw" Kundalini.

UR works well with the spleen chakra and with the eye chakra. Of course, UR may be used anywhere where strengthening or calming are indicated.

THORN is kin to the solar plexus and the the throat chakra. It is good to project energies of any chakra.

OS, on the other hand is good to receive energies into the chakras, and it is kin to the heart chakra.

RIT works well with the throat chakra and solar plexus. It it kin to the "rotating energies" of the chakras. It is

ceremonial projection

KA relates to the eye chakra and to the spleen chakra (magical capabilities that are attributed to the spleen).

HAGAL relates to all chakras, to the chakras as a group of seven, it has also a balancing effect on the chakras. HAGPL, projected on the crown chakra, awakens the whole system, while balancing the chakras from the crown down, one after the other. The effect of techniques connected with this practice is very powerful, capable of eliminating many blockages which individuals are subjected to. Once connected with the crown chakra, it develops pulsating streams between crown and root chakras, encompassing all other chakras.

NOD relates to the eye and spleen chakras. It can be used to release karmic structures which are locked up in the chakras, and therefore can be a powerful catalyst in the development of any chakra. For those initiates (Rune Masters) who are more advanced in Runic practice, NOD is a key to reworking karmic structures.

IS, again, is very universal. It aligns the spine, and can function as an "axis" that connect all chakras, as well as it can serve as an "axis" that connects all chakras of a group. Is has affinities with the throat chakra and solar plexus.

AR relates to the heart chakra, a "stable heat" and the "Solar fires" within.

SIG works with the throat chakra and solar plexus.

TYR is related to the eye and spleen chakras. It adds spirit of self—sacrifice for a purpose.

BAR has an overall calming effect, it is ideal to put chakras to rest, to bring them to an absolute calm which, in itself, gives the purity of an environment from which new action may develop: action which is unencumbered by things taken over from happenings before. BAR relates to the crown chakra and the root chakra, from both of which BAR’s absolute calm can spread best.

LAF is the power of law of life, natural spiritual law, as expressed by the recognizing third eye (eye chakra) and the magically active spleen chakra.

MAN is spiritual power: projected through the solar plexus and throat chakra. MAN draws spiritual power "from the crowns of the world tree" through the spine, down through the crown chakra, empowering all chakras all the way down to the root chakra.

YR, on the other hand, draws the energy of the roots of the world tree through the root chakra all the way into manifestation in the realms of spirit. Needless to say, YR has a strong affinity with the heart chakra, where all the forces come to a rest, ready to radiate outward in rays of energy which is not confined by space—time or any other dimensional limitations.

EH relates to the solar plexus and throat chakra. It unifies opposites into one whole which is essentially more than the sum total of its components. The crown is the roots, and in this union, crown and roots are a new, essentially more evolved, being, with its gravitational center in the heart chakra. EH and NOD unify into HAGAL which, in turn, is the "mother" of all Runes.

GIBOR is all in to the eye chakra and to the spleen chakra. It is the world crystal in motion, which encompasses all chakras and all Runes.

The above are but a few hints which can be the basis for years of practice and spiritual experience. It shows one of the many strata of a Runic symbolism which transcends the typical structures of symbolisms as we know it. It shows how the world crystal, expressed by the hexagon with the three inscribed diameters, relates to the chakras. Once you understand those relations, then you know why Runes are such a powerful help in developing your chakras.

Now, let’s continue with


This practice is set up for a group. You may practice by yourself, of course, but you will learn of the importance of group work: perhaps an incentive to either join a group or to create a group by giving classes of Rune Yoga. In general, the better the setting, the stronger will be the group energies or personally generated energies. Therefore, it is advisable to follow accurately the instructions given.

1. Setting of the outer Realm. The outer realm is the space within which you are working. It is your temple. The set up of your outer realm symbolizes the universe upon which you intend to operate. Be sure that you will not be disturbed in your work. Be sure the room in which you are working is clean. You need an altar. A table may do. Arrange your ceremonial utensils as shown in the picture. Leave enough space for the candles and Rune staves which you use for the ceremonial. You may set a circle of Rune Staves around the table, large enough so you can move in this circle. For this type energy work, crystal staves are much better than wooden staves. Have the Runes EH and GIBOR on the left and right sides of the table, or altar. Have the Runes which you need for your ceremonial removed from the circle, and set it on the table in the space where you have the center of operations. Set the cup with water or wine on the table, the incense burner, one altar candle, Thor’s Hammer, and the Rune dagger.

Now, you are ready to set up the space within which you are going to work: your inner and outer Rune Realms. First, tune into each Rune in the circle, singing the stanza of the magical poem for each Rune. You may, instead, listen to the tape which establishes your inner Rune Realm, and connect each Rune of your inner Rune Realm with the corresponding Rune Stave in your outer Rune Realm.

2. Protective circle: Next, you take the Rune dagger or power rod. First you trace the circle of Rune Staves around the table, then you draw the HAGAL Rune in all four directions, beginning with North (the position of the FA Rune), next West (position of RIT), South (position of IS), then East, position of BAR. Each time you draw the Hagal Rune in the air, do so with the strongest possible imagination of protection and Oneness with the universe.

Next, all participants stand up, with the imagination of cleansing, they position first MAN three times, then AR. Put the dagger back to the side of the incense burner.

3. Light Altar Candle and say:

"Powers of the Light
Eternal in the universe,
Penetrate darkness!
Sacred Flame, shine!
Bring Light to the night!

All around darkness
All around night
I amidst the Light
Darkness had merged
With the Light!

Original fire of FA
Burning since the beginning
Of times
Light Force of AR
Born in the Sun
At the beginning of the worlds
Give Light to the seeker!"

4. Light Incense and say:
"May the power of the Runes
Lead us to a greater understanding
Of the Universe and Ourselves!"

5. Hold both hands over cup with water (or wine which is thinned with water). Be aware of the purpose of your ceremonial. Project the visualization of the result wine or water, if the purpose of the ceremonial is to you personally. Otherwise know that the water symbolizes emotional strength. Project energy water or wine. Then drink part of it.

6. Look at Thor’s Hammer and be aware of your capability to draw and project energies.

Now you finished all preparation and you are ready for your chakra practice.

7. Participants in circle. Focus on your crown chakra.
Body Position of HAGAL.
Chant HAGAL three times.
Position of HAGAL.
While inhaling, chant HAGAL. At the same
time, feel energy come into your crown chakra.

8. Now, focus on your eye chakra. Body Position of FA. Chant FA three times. Hand Position of FA. While inhaling, chant FA mentally. At the same time, feel energy come into your eye chakra. Repeat nine times. Meditate briefly (two to three minutes) and share experiences.

9. Pair up. One person proceeds as outlined above (8). The other person draws FA with the left hand and, with the right hand, projects the energies of FA into the eye chakra of the partner (see practices of projecting in lesson #2).

10. Practice the same with other Runes and with other chakras.

11. Two or more persons project one (or more) Runes into one chakras of a person. This should only be done only under supervision of a initiated Rune Master who may ground the energies when need arises.

12. (only under supervision of a initiated Rune Master who may ground the energies when need arises) Participants of the group form a Rune. Person who receives is outside the structure of the group Rune (or may be part of it). Energies are projected on receiving person. Meditate and share experiences. Give all participants a chance to receive Runic energies.

Note: If you are a group, you may set up a calendar and a plan to work with all chakras.

13. Whenever you are ready to end the ceremony, you say:

"Powers of the Runes
Thank you for your energy
Flow back to the
Realms of Creation!"

14. Imagine, or visualize, the Rune energies grounding, flowing into the ground, like water flows down a drain, or seeps into sandy soil.

15. Extinguish the flame of the Altar candle.

16. Extinguish the incense burner.

17. Chant IS three times, again with the imagination of grounding.

18. Remove all utensils.

It will be good to practice the above exercises two to four times before you begin with the seventh lesson and send your progress report to receive your eighth lesson.

May the power of the Runes
Bring you in contact with the realms of creation
And energize, awaken, and develop your chakras.