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Magick and Structural Links

Magickal practice became possible because of the characteristic of life force to transfer at any distance. As you can find out in the course "Magick of the Future" (free on the net), traditional magickal methods of every kind are technologies that require life force to function, and so do all methods related to it that sprung up recently, such as treasure mapping, creative visualization, radionics, etc. In other words, the practitioner who is aware of the crucial function of life force (chi, orgone) and of its laws, can harness it systematically and consciously in order to achieve the envisioned success faster and more reliably.

Therefore Life-Force-Boosted Magick is a technology that is based on exact science with precisely formulated principles.

In the course "Magick of the Future" you can learn the principles of this science and you will find out that there is a common functioning principle (CFP) to all methods of action at a distance that we can label as "magickal," including the more recent ones, namely that all these methods are based on the use of Life Force (orgone, chi energy, prana, etc.) and Structural Links.

What are Structural Links?

Structural Links are established by objects (= structures) that are either identical (see the test below) or equivalent (such as magickal sigils, radionic rates, Reiki symbols, and other things representing abstractions) in nature. Identical or equivalent structures allow life force transfer from one point to another without significant loss of energy.

Yes, you did read correctly:

With the help of identical or equivalent structural links life force can be transferred at any distance without significant loss of energy!

Get the Evidence Now: Click Here and Test the Transfer of Life Force at any Distance!

This exciting test most certainly will be a surprise for you!

Before you continue to gain a deeper understanding of the amazing new technology of Chi-Generator® boosted Power Magick and its many uses, perform this experiment. This certainly will provide you with the evidence that you wanted !!!

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