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Magick and Radionics: Two different approaches, same Common Functioning Principle!

We made it clear above that practically all effective methods to act at a distance, including magick and radionics, have the same CFP! Therefore, you can view the diagrams below in the light of all of these methods.
In fact, some experts in radionics refer to the radionics device as being the "Voodoo Doll" of the modern age. They naturally are more in line with an exact understanding of the processes involved in radionics than they may originally have suspected - or wished!

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Magick and Radionics are perfectly interchangeable!

A radionics device establishes non-fleeting /stable structural links (contrary to the brain, which has the characteristic of "moving around") and so do magickal objects, talismans or sigils!

Therefore a radionics device can also be undertstood as a universal magickal sigil. In fact, it is a relatively simple device that you can use to establish structural links, and it holds these structures longer than our brain would. The advantage of the radionics device over the magickal sigil is its infinite flexibility. The seasoned magician prefers a combination of the two: the magickal sigil to make use of energies that people have used successfully over and over again and the radionics device for the purpose of fine-tuning these energies and adjusting them to the specific purpose of the operation. The Power Radionics™ Programs combine the two in a most effective way.

Naturally the most important factors required for the success of a radionics operation or magickal operation are the amount of life force used for the operation and the sophistication and adaptiveness of the envisioned trend energies. That's why I highly recommend RAD 2400 HD for all your magickal work (see the diagrams above).

It is obvious by now that the radionics device is a tool to establish equivalent structural links that connect to any desired target, trend, or both.

The advantage of the Power Radionics™ device over the methods of traditional magick, such as sigils, oils, dolls, etc., is the obvious fact of its incredible flexibility. Sigils, oils, etc., are designed for one thing and one thing only, while you can set up the radionics device for any purpose.

Actually, many practitioners of magick like to use magickal sigils in connection with radionic settings. This way they can tie into well-established energy patterns (the magickal sigil), which they modify for a specific purpose with the radionics device.

Radionics, Life Force, and Magick (to sum it all up)

1. Radionics is based on equivalent structural links. You can study "Magick of the Future" to gain more insights about structural links.

2. The radionic settings (rates) that you establish with the stick pad, pendulum, or any other method, establish structural links either to a target and to a trend. Life Force connects the two. The rates are structural representations (abstractions) of the specific action upon the target and of the target. One link reduces the connection with specific trend energy to near-zero. The other link reduces the connection to the target to near-zero. The result is that the connection between trend energy and target is reduced to near-zero. The stronger the field of life force, the stronger is the connection between trend energy and target.

3. For Life energy transfer,

4. Therefore, the strength of the transfer and the speed with which the desired effect takes place depends in the main on the strength of the life force field that surrounds the radionics device and the magickal operation! This is an important fact of which most radionics practitioners are unaware. What they know is that some people are more "gifted" than others. We know that the person who is capable of generating life energies and directing it (consciously or non-consciously) to the radionics device is more powerful than the person who simply sets the rates.

5. In a magickal sense, the radionics device is a universal sigil. Its rate determines the nature and the effect of a magickal energy, thought form or "entity" such as an angel, deva, spirit, or genius.

6. With an adequate and continuous supply of life force, the radionics device is superior to most traditional magickal operations and it is certainly more flexible and much easier to manage.

7. Ideally you can ensure a continuous supply of life force with a Chi Generator® or with a system of Chi Generators® (such as the RAD 5 and the ATG 12 or three RAD 2400 HD's)

8. The astrological zodiac constitutes a natural radionics device of cosmic proportions. Its "rates" are set by planetary positions. There is nothing on this planet to which there is no structural link to this large radionics system. It is the life force of the Solar system (the universe) that provides the structural transfer of astrological energies that are responsible for trends. The nature of this device can give us insights into the laws of time itself !!!

9. You can design any astrological chart, put it in the radionics device and establish a rate that represents the energies of this chart. The rate that you establish this way either represents a person who has this specific horoscope or a transit, or both. Ideally, of course, you can use the ATG 12 Astro Trend Generating System, a specially built system of Chi Generators® to generate any trend of your liking! For this purpose it is irrelevant whether or not astrology works as a divinatory system.

10. When the radionics rate represents a person, you can use it to act upon him or her at a distance. In this case, it is good to have an additional structural connection such as the name of the person in question, a photo, etc. A second radionics device or a second setting such as the two settings of the RAD 2400 HD will establish an astrological transit or any other trend energy that you send to help this person.

NOTE: Besides the hyper space approach (distance is a result of structural difference) there exist several theories that attempt to describe the mind-boggling effects of radionics, astrology, and magick. These theories cover a wide range of speculation such as a holographic approach, frequencies, "soft" electrons, lots of "ethers," morphic fields, "quantum" assumptions, inner planes and higher planes. None of them can explain, as we did, in EASY terms some of the key functions of radionics nor did they lead to new basic facts or to significant new technology. Of a theory to be of use, I expect that it is as simple as possible, that it is comprehensive, and that it leads effortlessly to new basic facts and to new technology.  Our approach did this already - and almost immediately.

Magick is action that uses life force and structural links. Seen in this context, radionics is magick that uses technological devices (such as computer programs and black boxes) as universal structural links that you can tune to any desired trend and/or target.

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